The End Of The World

It is the end of the world as we know it. The earth will face destruction no matter what you do but you can delay the demise destruction of earth by shooting down all incoming asteroid. Hit the nuclear icon to trigger nuclear explosion and destroy all asteroid. How long can you last? High score available!

The Enchanted Cave

Choose your character and evolve him in the quest for The Enchanted Cave and make your way through several levels. Treasures and artifacts await to be discovered and monsters to be slain. Venture your hero in to the dungeon on different quest to become stronger and stronger. Upgrade your gear and the local shop or find unique artifacts that will boost your attributes. The story awaits, be the one who begins the starting chapter.

The Empires 2

In The Empires 2, your kingdom is under attack once again by a mighty foe, so it is down to you to build up your empire and defend your citizens from certain doom, death and destruction! Do you have what it takes to be the leader your citizens need in a time of crisis? Are you the leader your empire needs???

The Empire

The Empire is a highly strategic game. Your goal is to make sure you have a balanced army and defeat the enemy army by employing troops and using tactical manoeuvres. A strategy would be to put archers on hilltops so they can have a height advantage. Try to trick your opponents too with cavalry. Don't forget to build a cannon once in a while for good measure! Good Luck!

The Eggs Mystery

The Fox have been playing around mixing the eggs from the different hen houses of the region, We need your help to find those eggs in their correct order to bring calm to our beloved hens. Story, We need your help to solve a mystery that has been occurring in poultry in the region. we find it impossible to sleep by cacking of hens,

The Egg

Choose your favourite style of egg,from colourful to Rick Astley and other ridiculously funny designs. Move the objects around to help guide the dropped egg to the target! Use the trampolines and walls in your favour and collect the circles to complete the level, but know that walls only work in the direction that the arrow shows.

The Dominator Cup

The ultimate cricket championship is here! Bat your way to the top and unlock the best teams. This is a self play cricket game where you need to bowl and bat. The Dominator cup is all about tearing down the ranks. Your mission is to beat the best teams and move up the rank table to eventually win the Ultimate Cricket Championship!

The Dimension of Doooom!

Help Phineas and Ferb to break Dr Doofenshmirtz's cunning plans in the alternate dimension! This time they will not act alone, Candace and Perry the Platipus will help them on their way. Collect as many cogwheels as you can. Remember that the time is limited, so be quick!

The Despicable's Vs Aliens

Aliens are invading your planet in The Despicable's Vs Aliens and only you stand between them and total destruction. You don't have any bullets, but you do have hooligan children. Shoot the teens from your cannon to destroy the flying saucers and don't let any of them reach the end of the screen of it's game over!

The Dead Pirate's Chest

Pirates love the sea, rum and adventures. But most of all pirates love treasures, especially the legendary treasures of Menry Gorgon. Everyone, who searches for them will have to go through the wild jungles, forts and villages, find the grotto of the dead and fight with the eternal guards of the cursed treasure and Menry Gorgon himself!

The Dead Case

This is a Point and Click game where you have to do some detecive work. You have to solve the mystery of your own death and those in the town around you. Interact with other people and collect the items that you find, they might be useful later in the game. The items that you possess are shown in the inventory. This game is very big and challenging with an extensive story plot. Use the passwords that you get to continue the game from wherever you like.. Click on the edges of the screen to move around.

The Dark Queen

Black, the charming and mysterious colour, dark queen's night trip, choose what kind of black dress? Use your mouse to decide on which dress, shoes and accessories The Dark Queen should wear. You can even choose which style earrings and socks she can try on. Once you have decided on an outfit all that's left to do is choose a hairstyle, after that she's ready for her trip.

The Dark Age

When the sun sets, a whole new legion of enemies will begin to threaten the Light balance of the realm. It is your duty to take care of these dark warriors and keep them at bay. Each level holds a solid amount of zones to keep you going! Spend money on the stronger units and become victorious as a legend!

The Classroom

Want to look like the smartest kid in The Classroom? Well do what the smart kids do and CHEAT. Use your sneaky skills to look at your fellow pupil's work, and copy the answers down. Be careful though, your teacher's on the lookout, and you'll be in serious trouble if they catch you out! Keep track of their field of view, and you'll be well on your way to getting top marks in this clever skill game.

The Classroom 3

Cheat your way through middle school in this prequel to the classroom series.

The Chase

The chase is a high speed driving game where you have to weave through traffic to escape the police. The more distance you get the higher your score will be. In addition, you can multiply your score by how many cars you shunt. Arrow keys to move your car, Get as much distance as you can and shunting traffic multiplies your distance score

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