Harvey Tumblestump

Play as Harvey Tumblestump and make your way through the dingy caves with only a torch to guide you in this exciting and challenging platforming adventure.Swim,jump,watch out for spikes up ahead and shoot the annoying bats in this two-dimensional,heart-stopping,nerve challenging, Indiana Jones- styled game.


Collect the apple crop. Using the bracket for the direction of apples in the basket. Rods can be dragged and rotated by building one way to apples.

Harvest Day

Harvest Day is a fast paced elimination game. Find 2 or more fruits of the same kind next to each other, and click them to remove them from the board before time runs out. When there are no more similar fruits adjacent to each other, you have completed the level. If the timer runs out and there is still an available move, that you have not spotted the game will end.

Harvest Dash

An isometric styled game with multiple ending story. Manage your farm then harvest as many fruits as you can within 20 days to buy a new car and bring orphanage children to Safari Park depends on your final budget. Some Features : 1. 6 kinds of fruit (5 earth fruits (they are real fruit eventhough not all people have ever seen them : Apple, PineApple, Strawberry, Miracle Berry, and Kiwano (African Horned Cucumber)) and 1 fictional fruit (fruit of Nibiru planet) - you can unlock it after Mr.professor show it to you at the end of your first 20 days). Each of them has unique price so the player can implement many different strategies. 2. 2 kinds of pest with each unique ability 3. 8 kinds of upgrade 4. 7 kinds of achievement (see it on main menu) 5. 5 kinds of car with different price at the ending story

Harlem Shake Game

In this Harlem Shake game, weíre going to turn the house upside down. Click your mouse to shake away in secret, but prepare yourselves, because youíre about to see some seriously weird stuff. A flying dolphin angel, a superhero dog on a bike, a turkey with a vase on its head...and so much more! Wait, what is Lilou doing dancing on top of a cow!? Donít let the helmet man catch you dancing or itíll all be over in this free dancing game. Ready? Get set...do the Harlem Shake!

Happy Square Blocks

This game tests your ability to manage placing these smiling blue boxes in strategic positions for you to reach the cookies. Your aim is to connect brown boxes with your blue boxes and reach the golden cookies where the brown boxes loved to eat. Each level poses different challenges, there are spikes, moving obstacles and many more!

Happy Valentines Day HS

Happy Valentines Day HS is a point and click hidden objects game. Stars are hidden everywhere in the valentine related pictures. Find them and hit it. Unwanted clicks will reduce target time. Your goal is to hit all the stars before the timer runs out each time you miss it will take 20 seconds of your time.

Happy Pleated Skirt Cutie

Lily likes to dress up in pleated skirts. She owns a lot of beautiful pleated skirts. Every time she walks along the road and through field, she feels like walking on the stage. Now help her to dress-up in a beautiful way in preparation for your big date so you can go out with her, remember to show your friends her beautiful outfit!

Happy Pancake

In this tasty treat of a game, you need to match up your pancake with the pancake on the right. Simple, huh?! Did we mention there are no guidelines to follow, and you need to eye it up the best you can? Oh, and we'll judge you on miss, bad, good, excellent, or perfect! So try to place the pancake decoration as accurate a possible!

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays is a delivery game, you are Santa and must deliver presents to the sleeping children when the 'zzz' appears on their house, you will have to work quickly as you are on a timer. The houses will go a darker color when you have successfully visited them. Be careful though, avoid the vehicles and dogs as they will keep you from delivering your gifts.

Happy Garden Dressup

Happy Garden Dressup gives you the chance to create a beautiful garden with lots of colorful flowers. Have fun in this creative game! Use your imagination and design a garden that will leave you breathless. This creative game is for everyone. A fun game for children and adults too. Show us what you can do and create a beautiful garden by yourself.

Happy Builder

The title of "Builder of the Year" is up for grabs! Using the mouse to grab the different parts of each building, you'll have to put together increasingly complex creations in record time. Being the best isn't easy -- you'll have to place each piece with both speed and precision if you want to beat this action-based puzzle game!


Hapland is a point and click Puzzle Game where you have to decide by yourself how to reach your goal. The game-play consists of clicking the mouse to trigger events within the world of Hapland. Events may require clicking things multiple times, and some events may involve a bit of timing. Little stick figures will react to your actions and sometimes be killed in the process. Figure out the sequence of events to finish the puzzle! You will need to use the RESET button many times.

Hapland 2

The second and more challenging version of the popular interactive game Hapland. Try your best to solve this puzzle by clicking on stuff on the screen and to the stickman exit the level. You need to click objects on the screen in sequence to finish the level. Figure out this puzzle by trial and error or just cheat and find the game guide. Have fun!

Hanna In A Chopper

Take flying to a new extreme in this black and orange themed helicopter platformer. Using only the keyboard, maneuver Hanna in her helicopter to reach the flag. With 21 levels of intense flight, you'll have a ton of fun gathering all the achievements to prove her skills to the other pilots. Complete all the levels, or take the quickest path: Your choice!


Guess a word by filling in the blanks. Each incorrect guess brings you closer to being hanged.

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