Santa Carnage

Christmas is coming and Santa is tired playing the nice guy. Every Christmas the Grinch and his gang are there to ruin the festive season. Now, he will take justice in his own hands. Solve all the 24 challenging levels in Santa Carnage. Shoot red and green rockets wisely. Blow up crates and take down these evil green guys.

Santa ATV 3d

Ride with you santa on a atv over Snow hills and as you try to win every race


Defend your sand castle from incoming invaders. If they land near the shores, they will take you out before you have chance to respond! Arc your shots with just the right power and make sure you sink every enemy vessel, tipping them over will not finish it! Upgrade your weapons before the next group arrive and own your sand!

Sand Board

Rush down the sand hill in Sand Board and go through all the gates, make sure you don't miss any gates so that you can get the best score possible. Jump off the ramps and perform aerial tricks, collect bonus gems get make extra points, and most importantly, complete the lap within the time limit in this epic snowboarding game.

Samurais Blood 2

Samurais Blood 2 is an action packed fighting game in which your Samurai is on a mission to take revenge on the evil Ninjas who murdered his grandfather. Help him confront all the evil assailants successfully and take his revenge, defeating their master. The basic controls are Z and X to attack, but look into the tutorial in the game to learn all of the advanced moves.

Samurai Warrior

Choose your Samurai and battle your way to victory. This game has good character design, various enemies and lots of moves. Use the arrow keys to move, Press 2 for a jump attack, Q for high kick, W for high punch, A for low kick, S for low punch. Make sure your opponent's power meter depletes before yours does! Good luck!

Samurai Jack in The Cavern Raid

In this Sword Fighting Adventure Game you must guide Samurai Jack through the cavern and find the keys. Once you have found them, use the keys to unlock cages with food inside of them, but watch out for enemies. As the game progresses you will have to actively defend yourself from a multitude of baddies, luckily you have your sword to put them in their place. Kill all the hostile bandits to progress further into the game and show no mercy!

Samurai Jack in Code Of The Samurai

Samurai Jack is back! Aku has created the worst possible dystopian world for Samurai Jack to have to clean up. Move through this action side-scrolling platformer as Samurai Jack cuts up the bad guys. Samurai Jack can use his sword as well as a variety of secret weapons, such as ninja stars, flaming arrows, and a mace!

Samurai Heart 2

The sequel of adventures of courageous samurai in the free online fighting game. The samuraiâ

Sam kissing 3

Sam again try to kiss his baby girlfriend in a Park. Help him to kiss her, without watching elders. kiss your girl and stop when the elders go to look at you a few levels and if your seen kissing you'll have your bum spanked by your mother and will have to try the level again keep kissing till you fill that bar to go onto the next level.

Salta Col

Salta Col is a jumping game like no other. Today there is only one male and female Salta col in existence but unfortunately they are worlds apart. You have to help the male reach the female through a series of caves in Badmilk or else the Salta col will become extinct. Make him jump through the levels, open the exit doors using the lever and move on to the next level. Avoid all the bushes and other obstacles along your way.

Salon Slacking

Sarah has just landed the perfect job within a local hairdressing salon helping to cut, dye and prepare customer's hair, but it is trickier than she thought. Will her customers like their new styles, or will Sarah's slacking get hairy? Help Sarah slack on her work whilst giving her customer's the perfect style!

Salad Ninja

In Salad Ninja, the angry chef now becomes a ninja and slices all vegetables in style! How many points can you score in this awesome slicing and dicing game? Avoid slicing rotten ingredients or you'll lose a life! But if you manage to slice the occasional chef's hat flying by, you'll be rewarded with a life! So be quick, and think quick!

Safes Rooms Escape

Safes Rooms Escape is a point and click/room escape game in which you need to try and escape from the house. Investigate many rooms with lots of clues and items to pick up. The clues will help you to open safes and more doors. so make sure you have a good look around each room and don't leave anything unturned.

Safari Slacking

The summer holidays are over but Sarah doesn't want to let go of the heat; so she's heading out to Africa to enjoy a wild safari! She's booked a tour guide and has been travelling around the Savannah looking at all the amazing animals... And now she really wants to get closer. Can she escape the boring lectures of her tour guide and sneak off to slack with the animals?

Safari Park Apeldoorn

In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion's stuck on top of a safari car! Balance the lion during sharp turns, help him lean to the side, and narrowly dodge the giraffes, trees, and other dangerous obstacles as he goes for a ride through the safari. Watch your balance meter on the bottom to be sure he doesn't fall off!

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