Penguin Diner

Penguin Diner is a business management game. As Penny The Penguin you need to run the diner and serve as many Penguins as you can to earn more cash. Remember to keep all the customers happy or you may lose their money! The more happy customers you serve, the more money you get, allowing you to buy upgrades to help you along. Serve customers quickly, making them happy and keep them coming back for more.

Penguin Care

Help Sue look after these penguins in the newest care game around. Help her Clean, Feed and keep her penguin extremely CUTE!!!

Pengu Blox

The Penguins are having fun on the ice box. Some of the ice box has fish in it. Match the ice box and destroy them to clear the path for the penguin and the fish to reach the ground. Enjoy the game fun addicting puzzle game and score as highest as possible.


Pendulums is a platform game where your character can jump amazingly high, Your objective is to jump from one moving platform to another and collect Inca treasure as you go. Use the portals to boost you higher in the temple. You will encounter mystical beings that can be destroyed by hitting them from below, but there are also deadly golden arrows and traps to avoid.


Your aim is to help the Pendekar fighter make his way through the village and reach the end. You have to confront numerous enemy fighters along the way to proceed further. If you run out of health, you'll lose a life. So be careful and proceed ahead by killing the entire hostile enemy, if you are struck by an enemy you will drop your weapon. Pick up weapons that you find along the way and try to use them wisely.

Pencak Silat

This is a Martial Arts Fighting Game. An international tournament is open to the greatest Pencak Silat fighting warriors from all over the world. In this game you have to prove you are the best by defeating all your opponents and win the championship tittle. Try to knock out your opponents by hitting space bar to attack. To achieve a higher score try pressing space bar several times for multiple attacks.

Pencak Silat Defenders Of Motherland

Pancak Silat is an Indonesian Martial Arts Fighting Game. The international tournament is open to the greatest Pencak Silat warriors from all over the world. You have to prove yourself by defeating all your opponents and grabbing the championship tittle. Keep an eye on your stamina and step backward for a while to recharge it. Try pressing the attack button several times for multiple attacks.

Penalty Shootout 2012

Penalty time is pressure timeŚcan you kick your team to the finals?This soccer game is deadlocked...and that means it's penalty shootout time. Use your mouse to time and aim your shot as the striker. When goalkeeping, click the gloves to block the shot. Time it right, and don't succumb to pressure!

Penalty Shootout 2010

Welcome to Penalty Shootout 2010! Do you have the skills to go all the way to World Cup glory? Now includes optional vuvuzela sounds! Select your favourite national team and step up to the penalty spot! Not only do you get to test your penalty-taking skills, but you can also play as the goalkeeper! Score a goal and watch the camera flashes!

Penalty Shoot Out

The object of Penalty Shoot Out is to score maximum number of goals and accumulate points. The game starts in practice mode, you then will move on to the World Cup Mode. The game has five levels to complete all of which complete when you score five goals. To score a goal, aim with the cross on the football and click the mouse. You can adjust the strength of your shot by holding the left mouse button. The longer you hold it the more powerful your shot is. But look out, the more power you put in the less precise is your shot! How many goals can you get in this penalty shooter football game?

Penalty Fever

In Penalty Fever, your objective is try to kick the soccer ball and get it into the goal. Then switch and defend your goal. Choose from some of the best teams in the world, from Real Madrid to Chelsea and from Bayern to Manchester United! You need to be very quick when defending, keep your hand at the ready and test your ball skills.


The 90th minute has passed and the match is at a draw. You and your team now have to take part in the dreaded penalty shootout! Can you keep your composure and win the trophy as you conclude the match? Choose your players carefully and strike as many goals as you can in this addictive sports game! Are your feet good enough?

Pegote Ball

Your aim in Pegote Ball is to keep the ball in the air, balancing it on the little jelly-mans' head or feet using your soccer skills. You have to be very accurate clicking on the ball, because if you miss the ball you lose a life. Try to do as many back to back combos etc in order to gain the maximum number of points.

Pegasus Care

In a magical land you come across a Pegasus and its friends playing in an enchanted meadow. In return for any wish of your dreams, you will need need to look after these creatures to help them stay healthy and clean. Clean their mane and buff their hooves, and help them to collect magical gems. They'll even let you dress them up.

Pedal To The Metal

Magnetic racing takes a new spin in Pedal to the Metal! Choose between 3 tracks to race against one opponent at a time, out of a pool of 5 challengers. Before a race in the pit, you'll have the chance to tune your car. Provide more stability around a turn? Sacrifice speed. Gain speed to increase the gap? Sacrifice grip control for the corners. Get the perfect mix and show Rico your the fastest driver around!

Pearl Diver

In this Diving Water Sports Game, your aim is to find the pearls hidden in the sea. This is free diving so first you must fill your lungs with oxygen before making your dive. Keep an eye on your oxygen level and also the killer sharks and other creatures of the sea. Collect as many pearls and other treasures from the sea bed as you can before making your way back to the surface.

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