Cube Mayhem

Cube Mayhem is a puzzle game where the objective is to guide a cube to the exit by placing a variety of command tiles at the right locations.

Cube Field

Cube Field is a arcade game where you fly your jet through a huge field of cubes, avoiding any colissions. The game has very basic but colorful graphics. There are unlimited levels and the aim is to survive for the longest time possible. Though the game is already quite fast paced, the speed of your jet still gradually increases as you keep playing.

Cube Attack

Destroy the cubes before they fall down the cliff! Click two or more similarly colored cubes to destroy them. You can also blow up boxes of TNT to destroy large chunks. Have fun! Use your mouse to click three or more similarly colored cubes to destroy them. You can also blow up boxes of TNT to destroy large chunks.

Crystalite Block Buster

Crystalite Block Buster is a manic clicking game. You must click the blocks in numerical order 1,2,3 etc. and fire them off into space, sounds easy? the blocks are flying all over the place! just remember orange, blue, green in that order, that might help a bit. Oh and keep an eye out for a special bonus that flies up.

Crushing Cars

Drive your large construction truck over smaller vehicles as you crush them & reach the end.

Crush Thine Enemies

Launch your spiked ball as far as possible in this distance game. Upgrade as you squish more enemies

Crush the Castle

In Crush the Castle, the King has ordered you to crush all resistance in order for his kingdom to survive. Crush castle after castle by wiping out all of it's inhabitants with a powerful Trebuchet and an arsenal of 8 different projectiles. Time your shots carefully by clicking once to launch the projectile and a second time to release it! Now it's time to crush them Castles.

Crusader Tank

In Crusader Tank you drive your tank through the fields of war to destroy the Black Cult's army and highly advanced machinery...you are the only hope! Use your artillery to take out enemy stations and oncoming tanks. Do you have what it takes? Hint: always keep moving to avoid the enemy's projectiles and avoid becoming a sitting duck! Keep shooting, you have infinite ammo!


Crumbled brings you a new dimension to the puzzle genre! Use your mouse to draw lines and then roll your ball to the flag to complete the level! Don't get hit by obstacles and don't fall to your death! To get inside a circle roll about it and to get out of a circle jump about it! Can you get to the end?

Cruel Balls

It's time to take aim against those castle-dwelling boxes! Aiming your cannon toward the distant and well-guarded enemies, practice your precision and skill as you do your best to blow up the defenses. Try out a huge variety of different weapons as you pass each challenge. Similar to Angry Birds, you'll have to use your wits, skills, and explosives.

Crow In Hell 2

Crow in Hell is a skill based Puzzle game where you play as a crow. The crow is trapped in the caves and tunnels of hell. The aim is to get the crow out of hell alive. To do this, the crow needs to collect the various keys scattered around in each level. The caves of hell are a very dangerous place for a bird with big wings. They are often small, tight and full of traps. Traps like falling rocks from the ceiling and mechanical moving parts. The most difficuilt part of the game is controlling the Crow as it loses a life every time it touches the traps or the walls of the caves.. As you travel through the game, do not forget to look in every area of the game for keys otherwise you will not be able to escape.


Crossword is Word Game. Every game is different. You must fill in the blank squares by deducing which letters go where in the blank squares. Click a square, then choose a letter to enter, if you change your mind you can either choose a different letter or hit the blank bar at the bottom. The game proceeds to a harder level until you complete all five.

Crossword Puzzle

Crossword Puzzle is a Word based Puzzle Game. The aim of the game is to fill in all the empty spaces with words. To get a hint which word is missing, position your mouse over an empty space. When you click with the left mouse you switch to editing mode. Now you can write the word. If you make a spelling mistake you can either re-select the word or use the arrow keys to move the cursor. If you are stuck you can use the "Check Answer" button on the bottom. It will reveal a letter but it will deduct you some points. When the cross word is completed, you will be rewarded for all correct words.

Crimson Room

The Crimson Room is a brain teaser flash game where you wake up in a red room with a headache and can't remember a thing or even where you are. The object of the game is to unlock the door and get out of the room, however in order to do this using your mouse you have to find a variety of objects to help you with your quest!


This a very realistic 3D Cricket Match Simulator. You first pick your own team and the team you want to play against. Then you play as the batting team. You can play full 15 overs or until you lose your teams 10 wickets (whichever comes first). The balls will be bowled at various speeds, lengths and positions and it's up to you to choose the appropriate batting stroke to hit the ball. A small indicator will appear at the bottom of the screen to help you choose the correct shot. Try and hit the correct key just before the ball bounces.

Cricket Game

Cricket is a wonderful past-time that all will get to experience! The big game is coming up, and your star scorer needs some practice! Using your mouse, control your bat and aim where to place your shot. Go for the highest score you can, but don't get greedy! Hit any balls out of bounds, let a ball past you or hit the stumps and it will automatically end your session!

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