In this platform based game, you play the role of a mouse. Collect all the stars and cheese scattered around the levels. Avoid traps, big eyed slugs and other random creatures to beat each level. You can step on the monsters and hold the space bar to gain a jump boost. Use the left and right arrow keys to move your mouse.


Zombotron is a shooting game which takes place on a planet after a post-biological disaster. Your mission as a bio-robot, is to control the mysterious infestation of zombies now wandering the remains of the laboratories that were once there. Nobody knows where they came from, nobody knows how they survive. All we know is that they'll destroy everything in their path, and as a robot trying to retrieve lost information... you're in their path. So lock and load, keep an eye on your ammo count, and sharpshoot like never before to get your way through the drooling horde!

Zombies and Donuts

In this beautiful, arcade-style action puzzle, you will have to navigate the walls of a maze, grab donuts, and avoid zombies! A few people are taken hostage by the zombies on every map, so you'll have to grab them and lead them to the safety of the green zone. Don't let the hostages get eaten alive (or yourself, for that matter) or you'll lose the game!

Zombie Crypt

Zombie crypt is a platform / puzzle game where the players controls 2 characters. one with WASD and one with the arrow keys. Use both characters to find a way to kill all the zombies and reach the exit. Move Red Guy - Arrow Keys Down arrow to pick items or use items Move Green Guy - WASD S to pick items up or use items.


A challenging puzzle platformer game with some unique gameplay mechanics. Complete all 30 levels by collecting the crystals. Copy objects with the mouse and use it wisely to get to the crystals. Change color of the background and active blocks to remove the obstacles. Copy blocks on the same color blocks to remove them. Copy the player if there are multiple crystals. The +1 block gives you an extra copy. For grey crystals you must invert yourself. Also read the in game tutorial.


Zed is an android. But unlike other androids, he always had a very special dream to sport a space suit entirely made of gold. It's now up to you to guide Zed through ten levels and collect enough gold pieces to fulfill his dream.Your quest begins in the gold mines, deep down in the underworld, that's no place for babies!


In Zayo, an awesome hardcore shootíem up, the evil fat zombie lord has eaten enough bunnies for breakfast and now itís time he pays for his cruelties! Help Zayo the renegade killer bunny chase and defeat him once and for all. Explore the various levels, picking up new weapons along the way for increases firepower, and donít forget to pick up ammo on the way! Let's start a slaughter party!

Yoko Ruta

In Yoko Ruta, you are stuck in a maze and have to find the key that you can use to open the exit door in each level. But before that, you need to push barrels, climb ladders, and pick up things that will help you get that key. You can't jump or undo your actions unless you reset the whole game... so be careful... and get it right the first time! Think before you move, use your logic, and you will find your way out! Hint: the most obvious solution isnít always the correct one!

Wrath Of Anubis

Tomb hunting is always a dangerous endeavor, but with your previous experience, it shouldn't be too difficult. Once you enter, you find yourself in a central hub area, with many doors numbered. You'll need to collect all the coins and treasure chests from each wing of the maze. Can you collect 100% of items and escape alive?

Wrap Attack

It's Christmas in Wrap Attack and Doctor Zass hates this time of year. He has never received any presents from Santa. So this year, he kidnapped him! Doctor Zass brings all the toys to life and sets them free so this year nobody will receive presents from Santa. However a boy named Tommy finds Santa's lost wand. He decides to get the toys back and rescue Santa. Can you help save Christmas in this cute platformer?


This is an awesome skill game, in which you have to control the spinning wheel and collect all the drums and stars in every level. After collecting all the stuff successfully in each level, locate the exit point. Also unlock the 6th level by collecting all the stars in the previous stages. Think you know a lot about gravity and physics? Think again! This game requires anticipation and precision! Can you collect all the stars?

Vox Populi: Vox Dei (A Werewolf Thriller)

Play as a skilful werewolf hunter in this thrilling, violent action-stealth platformer. Lunge at werewolves and kill them with all your rage, but don't let them see you or they'll start shooting at you! Sometimes fists aren't the solution,especially when there is more than one werewolf in the same room.


Play as Mario's Shy Guy on stilts in this challenging side-scroller puzzle game. Avoid the fire, ghosts, and various monsters as you strategically move toward the end of each stage. Enemies come unpredictably from all directions. The music and graphics provide a dark ambiance to this addicting game.


Run and jump! Oh and sometimes slide!

Vex 2

Vex is back with bigger, larger and even harder levels. You can swim, slide, wall jump, use zip-lines, swing on poles, fire yourself out of cannons and even change the gravity to get through 11 of the best Vex stages yet! And don't forget to collect all the stars from each stage and gain all the achievements.

Vampire Boy

Vampire Boy is an adventure game, the aim of this game is to help little Villiam search the castle and find all the Halloween candy. If you collect 5 sweets shown by the meter at the top, you can hit space-bar to transform him into a bat for a very short time to fly and grab the treats from difficult positions. but don't collect candy when the meter is full as it will be wasted, Once all the candy is found the door will open to the next level.

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