Zoo Escape

Zoo Escape is a puzzel game where the farm animals are planning their escape! They have had enough! They can no longer deal with kids touching them, poking them, prodding them, screaming at them. They must get out or die trying in this physics escape game. It's your task to solve the puzzles on each level to allow the animals to roll to freedom. Use various objects in each level to grant freedom to each animal. Pumpkins, onions, bales of hay, carts, wheels, boxes and barrels can be used to help you free those animals.

Zoo Collapse

Make sure there is enough space in the zoo. Collapse the cages with identical animals to save space. Each cage should contain at least 2 identical blocks and you must collapse a certain amount of blocks to beat each level. As you progress through the levels there will be more types of blocks to collapse. You have a certain number of clicks to collapse the blocks needed to complete the level.

Zombie Impaler

Zombie Impaler is an Archery game that follows the ever-growing epidemic of Zombies that have risen from the dead within the confines of a small scenic village. Use your Bow and Arrow to eradicate the undead before they have a chance to escape. Aim for the head to boost your score. Make every shot count as the fate of the world rests on your Shoulders!

Zombie Demolisher

Throw big balls against zombie's and demolish their surroundings. Squash them zombies!


This is an awesome skill game, in which you have to control the spinning wheel and collect all the drums and stars in every level. After collecting all the stuff successfully in each level, locate the exit point. Also unlock the 6th level by collecting all the stars in the previous stages. Think you know a lot about gravity and physics? Think again! This game requires anticipation and precision! Can you collect all the stars?

Wish Totems Level Pack

Wish Totems Level Pack, the cute totems return! Sink the blue totems, save the red totems! Remove all of the totems from play, except the red ones. Wish Totems Level Pack has 24 new levels, a level editor and user levels. Can you sink all of the cute totems to finish in level in this cute physics based puzzle game?

Wire Skeleton

We're all skeletons on the inside! In Wire Skeleton, you get to manipulate a realistic skeleton in different ways, including walking, dancing, and more. Drag his joints to control him or set him into automatic movements. View the skeleton in different modes. Try out the incredibly realistic walking mode or the absurd dancing.

Winter Rider

If winter is here than is time to ride the snow. Winter Rider is all about racing on the snow and to finishing as fast as possible. Get your bike and pass over frozen cars and cabins and make it with style. Show your mad skills by driving on snow and unlock new bikes by passing levels. If you like bike games you will surly like Winter Rider a fun and challenging game in which a well balanced bike will help you cross the finish line.

Wake Up The Box

Mr. Boxhead has fallen asleep under the starry moonlit sky. The problem is, he's not supposed to be sleeping yet! Using only the wooden objects provided to you, you'll have to wake him up, no matter what it takes! A meter will judge how awake he is. With 20 levels to prove how smart you are, you'll have no problem staying awake for this game!

Wake The Royalty

A follow up to Wake Up The Box, the royal family has now fallen asleep, and the townsfolk have enlisted your services. By using physics, you'll need to place the objects given to you in order to wake all 3 of them up. 3 wake bars are on the screen to show you how far along you are. Can you wake them before the end of the 25th level?

Volt Connect

Volt is an environmental friendly electric particle. He likes to stay connected with his friends. Connect every Volt to his friends to pass each level. There are more types of Volts, one can fly, the other can roll, others can even jump. Use your cleverness and imagination and conect them all. Make sure you don't get them wet, as electricity and water don't get along very well.

Van Jellies

The aim of this game is to keep the plank in equilibrium by dropping slippery jellies on it and earning the highest score! Remember, use your skills and drop the jellies wisely, as you will lose the game if your plank exceeds its limit or remains empty for 3 seconds. This is a game of dexterity, logic, calculation and anticipation! Keep the plank balanced and beat the high score! Be careful now, the slightest error in judgement could cost you everything? How high a pile of jellies can YOU build?

Urban Truck 2

Urban Truck is back, and better than ever! Urban Truck 2 showcases new types of awesome trucks and even more levels that can test your ability as a truck driver! Collect the gold coins to earn points and get cool power-ups' like the upgrade that will increase the time! Perform awesome stunts and compete against your friends! Enjoy!

Uphill Rush

Try and survive through the tracks while maintaining the fastest times possible in Uphill Rush. Try to maintain speed whilst carefully maneuvering your bike and perform as many back flips as you can for more points and to activate the booster! Use the arrow keys to accelerate, space bar to jump and Z key for turbo! You can also receive a boost along your travels if you flip 3 times.

Uphill Rush 2

In Uphill Rush 2, your goal is to drive in one of the twelve available vehicles and perform spectacularly awesome stunts in the air!! Do you have what it takes to become the best stuntman in the world? Good luck, and above all, have fun!! Drivers, to your vehicles and start your super cool engines!!

Ultimate Canon Strike 2

After the first full out attack, you would have thought that most of the countries you dominated would of had enough, but oh no, you must go out and show the world that nobody messes with you, or your tank, this time you have new weapons and new, bigger, better, and stronger enemies to take out. have fun with our games

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