Mahjong 3D


Mahjong 3D is a variation of the classic board game from the Far East. In this version, the game is played in three dimensions.Your task is to remove all tiles from the board by matching pairs of tiles with identical symbols. Remember that you can only select tiles that are free. After three correct matches, you will have the chance to increase the points multiplier by removing pairs of tiles highlighted in a pattern. Try not to make mistakes, because wrong matches result in negative points. Complete the game before the time runs up to get bonus points.


1. Controls: - Left click your mouse to select or deselect a tile, 2. Game rules: - Your task is to remove all tiles from the board, - Select two tiles with identical symbols to remove them, - You can not remove a tile that touches any three other tiles, of which two are placed on opposite sides of the tile, - After three correct matches all tiles with the same symbol will be highlighted, - Remove a pair of highlighted tiles in order to increase the points multiplier, - Points are deducted for trying to remove tiles with unmatched symbols, - Get a bonus for removing all tiles before the time runs up, 3. Game end: - The game ends when you remove all tiles, or when the time runs up.


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