Dynasty Street


Infiltrate the Dynasty Street base of the opposing Red Stick-men. Battle your way to the core, destroy it and escape. Use the left and right arrow keys to move, hold shift to run, press down to crouch. Press Z to punch and X to kick. You can do jumping attacks by pressing up + Z or X. Adrenaline boosts your damage and you can also pick up power-ups along the way!


A slick action packed stick combat game. Tons of gore, weapons and sticks to chop to pieces. There are about 35 moves and 10 power-ups that you can use and many modes of play. Also take the tutorial to learn all the basics before you start the actual mission. Being a member of the Black Gang you have been selected to infiltrate into the base of the opposing Reds, code named Dynasty Street, using our latest technology. The area is heavily guarded and infiltrating it will not be easy. When you reach the Core plant the EM charge on the central mainframe of the complex, which will take out all their electrical hardware. Making it easy for us to make an attack on the base which will be a guaranteed success. Once you have planted the EM charge, an exit is located just outside the core entrance which you have to blow open to escape out. Controls: Move Left Left Arrow Key Move Right Right Arrow Key Jump Up Arrow Key Crouch Down Arrow Key Run Shift Key + Arrow Keys Punch Z Key Kick X Key Perform Action Space Bar Drop Item D Key


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