Wrestling Legends

Wrestling Legends is the ultimate challenge for wrestling fans everywhere! Pick from four different fighters, each with their own moves and style to help you pummel your opponents into the ground until you earn your place in the pantheon of Wrestling Legends! Keep your eye on the enemy, though! Dodging their manoeuvres is essential to surviving the the match!

Sumo Slam

This is a Sumo Wrestling Game. The aim of the game is to push all the other sumo wrestlers out of the arena. Try not to get double teamed. There are alway 4 wrestlers in the arena to start. A tip is to first stay out of their way and let them throw each other out. Then when you see an opportunity push the last opponent out. it is also fun to play with one of your friends on the same computer in the Multiplayer Mode.

Nacho Wrestling

In Nacho Wrestling, your objective is to pin down your enemies in order to win the match. You can perform various cool moves to defeat your enemy. This game is like most wrestling games you may have played. The controls are simple but it takes a bit of strategy to win. So put your thinking cap on and get wrestling!

Backyard Brawl

This is an action packed fighting game tournament for the ICW title. Select a fighter and beat your opponents with chairs, sticks, trash cans etc. Use the arrow keys to move around, press A to use the weapon, S to punch and D to jump. Press the space bar to unleash a special attack when your meter is full! Have Fun!

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