Water Run

Everybody likes water games especially Water Run as you race on water You can collect gems for point and lightning power-ups for speed boost. Try not to slow down and not to hit obstacles because you will lose speed. This is a game that feels like the real thing! Race against your opponents and win the race to become a champion water runner.

Water Wars

Blast your way to the finish-line in this demolition race of the Water Wars!

Water Supply

In Water Supply, the aim of the game is to place the pipes in such a way that it will complete the flow of the water from the start point to the end point. Complete these tasks as quickly as possible so you can gain the maximum profits for each project. Do you have what it takes to stop the leaks? Pipes at the ready...go!

Water Mania

Have you ever wanted to be a fire fighter? Well now you are the best fire fighter in town and everyone needs your help. Put out all the fires on each level and save your friends. There is a limited supply of water so the strategy game is to solve the puzzle before the game is over. Put out every flame by blasting it with the water hose!

Warfare Transporter

In time of war it seems like transport is a very profitable thing. You can earn money in a dangerous way by transporting cargo with your ship from one port to another. Just stay focused because the water and the sky are full of dangers. Enemy submarines will try to sink your ship while enemy aircraft will try to bomb your deck. You can defend yourself by dropping mines to destroy the submarines and by shooting at the planes. Try to stay alive until you reach your destination and make high scores by killing your enemies. Good luck!

Upstream Kayak

kayak battle one trick at a time! Paddle your way to the finish line before time runs out. Pick up fruit and perform tricks for extra points and turbo speed. If you flip the kayak, you'll lose a life. But don't worry: you have 10 lives to live before it's game over!

Twiddle Stix

Navigate your constantly rotating stick toward the finish line! Your window of opportunity to pass through the tight spaces upon the water is but a narrow one, so timing and accuracy are key! Twiddle Stix is a creative new type of action-based puzzle game that adds new levels of challenge to old classics.

Tubin On Lake Tyler

This is a Boating Game where you are sitting in a inflated tyre tube and being pulled by a motor boat. You have to try and collect as many stars as you can to maximise your score. Avoid bumping into the buoys and rocks or else you'll fall into the water and that'll be game over. Do remember to make big jumps and collect the big stars for extra points.

Tobby and Kiki

Another game in the Toshiba series of Tobby Flash games is Tobby and Kiki. An evil dog has kidnapped Tobby's fiance Kiki and tied her to a rocket ready to take off, you need to extinguish the burning wick with your hose before it is too late. Use your mouse to control your character and click your mouse to turn on the hose! The longer you hold on to your left mouse button, the longer the stream! Enjoy the game!

The Vessels

Use the principle of communicating vessels to fill main to the red line level.

The Lost Warrior

The lost Warrior is a shooting game in which you have to defend your land from colonizers. They will come in great number so always be on the move to avoid their shots. The main objective is to secure the beach by killing anybody who comes from the sea. You can chose from a couple of guns but the ammo is limited for the big guns, your pistol being the only one with infinite ammo. After you kill a number of enemies you move to the next stage which will be more challenging. Be careful and try not to die because you have got just 3 lives.


The objective of the game is to defend your water supply (the one that looks like a moat) from the tars. These bugs are made of sticky dark tar and will attempt to pollute your water supply. Can you prevent them from approaching by using your garden seeds as a defense will you do whatever it takes to protect the source.

Tall Ships

Tall Ships is an against the clock Sailing Boat Racing Game that requires you to participate in a race over the Atlantic, choose the best route by where to sail, avoiding all the hazards, e.g. rocks, ice bergs, thunder storms, giant wales, land masses etc...and get to the designated ports as quick as you can. Remember to collect various flags in the time given in order to win.


Swoopa is an underwater based game, drag the little seal around with your mouse and eat the required number of fish in every level before the time runs out, you must avoid the red mines emerging from the bottom of the game screen. However, you can collect the green power ups falling from above to gain extra speed and power.


Submined is a simple submarine game in which you have to destroy mines by firing torpedo`s in them to move to the next level. Is a very simple task but you must be careful because you have just five torpedoes and the water pressure pulls the torpedoes up. You must fire accurate and hope that your torpedoes hits the mines. You have a radar in the bottom right of the screen which helps you locate the mines which you have to destroy. By holding the mouse click you increase torpedo firing speed. Have fun and destroy them all.

Sub Commander

Navigate your submarine through the dark and treacherous ocean. Similar to the addicting helicopter games, you power your submarine while avoiding the landscape and bombs. Collect extra health and power-ups for points and added speed. Dodge the objects from the overhead boats and you may yet make it to shore.

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