Jungle Shooter

Shoot down a fruity bounty with a little help from your pets!

Jungle Defender

Jungle Defender is a defense shooting game, where you need to defend your hut from an attack of wild monkeys. There are different stages so between levels you will have a chance to upgrade your defences, repair your hut, or buy better weapons. So, make sure your shots are quick and accurate to earn yourself more cash.

Journey to the East

Jump into battle in Journey to the East. try to survive by killing enemies from all over the globe. Visit countries around the world and fight with their warriors until you reach your destination. You gain experience and gold every time you fight so use them to buy new equipment to better battle your foes. It gets harder every time so always keep your equipment in top shape, you never know how the fight will do so best be prepared.


In this strategy game you have to prepare an army unit before launching an attack on the enemy castle. Command your army in the battlefield and try to reduce the enemy castle to a flaming pile of rubble. When you think you are ready, start the game! Plan your strategies carefully, and don't forget about the upgrades! Upgrading a building will improve the training of your units. Train infantry in the Barracks, and archers in the Fletchery. The enemy will fire arrows at you on aproach and throw boiling water on your men when they get near the castle.


Ever wanted to be a robot? Ever wanted to be a firefighter? We'll this is the game for you! Battle fires as a little cute robot who's job is to extinguish fires around the city! But beware to keep your eyes on the water meter, or it could mean doom for the little cute robot and the rest of the city!


Ready for some more Indestructo-Fun? Back for even more blasts, take on the Role of IndestructoTank pilot Dirk Danger and play through all new game modes!

Icy Gifts 2

Christmas is in danger because our dear Santa, along with his gifts, is frozen! Help save the Christmas by releasing Santa from the ice and collecting all the gifts. Gifts and coins can fetch you power ups and a wide variety of mines to create a more powerful explosion. The coins can also be traded to win rewards in the slot game. Unlock 45 levels to play the endless mode. So get set to save Santa on this fun filled Christmas game!

Ice Cream Maker

Summer is best spent in ice cream shops! That's why your little cafe is full of customers at every hour! Do you need a hand? I'm here to help you! Let's prepare the most delicious ice creams ever! I'll take the orders and you make the ice creams! Together we will provide the best service in this restaurant and it will carry our success to the top!

I am Flying To The Moon Game

Guide your rocket as you continue to upgrade to get higher in the sky in this distance game.

Hobo 3 Wanted

Classic moves return along with popping people in the face with eyeballs & tongue flicks.

Hidden Valley Ninja

Travel across the land in this action packed RPG. Level up and collect new weapons to defeat the shadow creatures. Fight 5 bosses, learn new skills and collect new weapons. You can perform quests and level up, while traveling across difficult terrain. Features an extensive upgrade system, various secret equipment that enhance gameplay.


Somebody's been feeding these zombies! They're fast and more aggressive than usual. Which is bad for you mortals, unless you're really, really good at zombie killing. In which case, Bon Appetit!

Hedgehog Launch

Hedgehog Launch is a fun game to play. You have to launch your hedgehog as far as you can but you also will have a rocket pack which will help you propel further to gain maximum distance. The further you go the more money you earn. You can fly in any direction not just up for earning money, you can buy upgrades with the money you earn.

Gunball 2 - Emperors Revenge

Shoot other balls as you grab their scrapes. Keep moving backwards to avoid damage.

Greedy Ghouls

Those ghouls are at it again! Defend yourself and your money tree while completing 30 tasks to succeed.

Free Fred

As a kid you had a best friend, you played everyday in the sea, oh, yeah, it was a dolphin. But, those days were over when some bad guys kidnapped your best friend and took him away... Now, you are older and you are going after those guys in order to save your friend. Can you win the fight? upgrade your ships and win!

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