Your name is Ezzy. You are a metamorf from the planet Kastella-6. You can turn into anything around you. After the crash on this weird planet you've lost your girlfriend Smoorfy. Play that fun adventure/puzzle game and pass all of the levels in order to complete it and find your girlfriend. The instructions are in the game.

Stardust I: The Fall of Man

Man was not prepared for life in the stars. In the not so distant future Earth is no more and the scattered remnants of mankind is forced to struggle to survive. With limited resources and technology, the decisions you make will determine the survival of ALL living things.

Space Rover

Your space ship has crashed and you must meet the demands of your long term partner and therefore you must use the space truck to deliver the goods, you must deliver all of the precious stones to the partner on time in order to progress to the next levels, don't be late on deliver it, the experiment can be failed if you late of deliver.

Space Escape

In Space Escape you must guide your space ship through the space maze safely by avoiding all the obstacles and traps. You have to reach the flashing yellow square before the time runs out to proceed to the next level. There are plenty of extra points, time bonuses and power-ups for you along the way. Be wise in collecting the power-ups as some are useful and some are not.

My! Invasion

My! Invasion is a defense shooting game. You need to shoot down the alien space ships before they destroy Earth, you only have one life to do this. Use the walls to bounce your shots behind the aliens to avoid their shields and take them from behind. There is a limited supply of special thunder and lightning weapons that will help you kill the enemy quicker, so do not waste them.

Mars Adventures Curiosity Racing

Welcome to the second Mars adventure of the Curiosity rover. This time you'll have to race other spaceships from Mars like the star troopers, star warriors, galactic battlestars and stargazers. So race yourself to victory and become the number 1 spaceship on Mars. But be careful, don't drive too hard as this will make the rover less accurate in its steering.

Lander X

Lander X is Physics based Space Ship Flying Game. Planet Generica, is being invaded by aliens and you are the only hope to save the planet. The aim of the game is to fly a rocket space ship. Launch, keep control and land on the appropriate landing pads. Each mission will show you the objective of that mission. Be careful, the gravity will always try to pull you toward the planet and crash you. You have unlimited fuel to use and burn.


Invaders is an exciting shooting game that incorporates running and shooting elements. Control the bionic main character to eliminate all of the alien's bots invading planet Earth. Unlock all of the weapons to compete for the high score across three different levels. Featuring 15 different weapons that can be unlocked during the gameplay.

Dr Lee Fantasy Carnage

In Dr Lee's Fantasy Carnage, play the role of Dr Lee in this excellent run and gun, alience shoot 'em up game. Shoot the aliens and their carriers to unlock new guns and ammo and cause extreme amounts of carnage. Survive the many waves of enemies now!

Click Defense Green Danger

In a faraway universe, where alien race ruled the world, the evil emperor engaged into war against every single planet there is! That means, your tiny peaceful planet is under a serious alien-invasion threat! Prepare your click defense and use deadly lasers to zap your alien enemies! Click and blast every enemy to your nation

Blob Lander

Blob Lander is a Space Ship Landing Game. All of Blobs friends have been lost in space and you have to fly out and save them. You have to be very careful as you control your space ship and avoid crashing into the walls and also avoid all the alien creatures along the way. Collect special keys to open doors and also precious fuel and shield power-ups to keep you going.

Bermuda Triangle

Very few people have made it out of the Bermuda Triangle! Navigate your way to safety in your less-than-sturdy aeroplane. Dodge several alien UFOs as you try to stay clear of the waters beneath. If you crash into a UFO, it's all over! Similar to the popular helicopter flash game, you power your aeroplane vertically as it flies through the air.

Be Alien

Come and join our hero Be Gamer in his new adventure. Be Gamer was teleported to some strange planet. Aliens captured him and now he needs to find a way out. There are many unexpectable situations and a lot of things to break . Will you help him out to get through to spaceship so he can leave home ?


You have to lead a mission where, by directing a rocket, you should to rescue the astronauts who get lost in the outer space. Beware the asteroid and angry aliens, to not fail at your important mission. You can change rocket speed but remember the less fuel you use the more stars will you get. Good luck for you and save them all !!!


Take control of The Starside Federation's brightest, Daniel "Astroman" Briggs, as you blast through the universe in search for falling stars. Try to collect all the ribbons, or battle your friends head to head! Asteroids fall and fall. You have to kick slide, and hold your ground for the massive mayhem that follows.

Alien vs Robots

A cool action shooting game with 15 challenging levels. You control the alien in his flying saucer and you have to take down the enemy robots. Collect diamonds and upgrade your weapons. There are 9 powerful weapons and 4 special powers you can use to create more destruction. Arm the alien with guns in the inventory screen. Are you skilled enough to unlock all 24 achievements?

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