The title says it all! Test your tennis skills in this fun and addictive sports simulation game! Grab your racket and sweatband and prepare yourself for more and more difficult matches! Are you good enough to beat your opponents? Play through the tournament and prove you're worthy of winning the trophy!

Tennis Master

It's tennis time! Take control of the Master Lion and complete the bracket of some of tennis' most seasoned players! Increase your attributes in between matches to become the ultimate tennis player. Use the arrow keys (or WASD) to move, and the space-bar to hit the ball. Reign supremacy of your talents, and be the Tennis Master!

Tennis Game

Tennis game is a Tennis based Sports Game where you can play an Exhibition match against the computer to train yourself and then prepare to take part in the tournament. Select your player to begin with, each player has different skill levels. You've to play against a random opponent in the first round. Defeat your opponent to proceed to the next round. Win all the matches to grab the Championship Trophy!

Tennis Champions

In Tennis Champions, you get to challenge the world's best tennis players This game is split in to a three stage tournament. Master this addictive sports game, and become the grand tennis champion everyone will admire!! Be quick and show us who the real tennis player is in this awesome sports game.!

Table Tennis 2

Table Tennis 2 is a indoor sports game in which you must play against the computer and attempt to win all levels set out before you. Fast reactions and quick reflexes are a must as you must creatively hit the ball in such a way that your opponent fails to hit it back, if this happens you will score a point. Score 11 points to win the game and defeat your opponenet.


Go for gold in this explosive 3D game! Choose one of the Powerballs you will play with! Press left and right keys to move, every platform you hit will bounce you up! Get as far as you can! Score depends on your distance! You can get Bonus score +50 for every platform you jump over! Press Spacebar to start!

LL Table Tennis 2

New version of table tennis game. Play against a computer and complete all five levels. Move your paddle and try to win all matches. The game plays first to 10 wins at the end of each level you earn a score for how well you have done then at the end of all 5 levels you will earn a score to go up on the leader board.

Hand Ball

Handball is a Sports Game very similar to Squash. The game does take time to get the hang of but please be patient and keep on playing. The aim of the game is to bounce the ball against the wall and avoid missing the ball on your turn. A tip from us is to always look at the Shadow of the ball in order to never miss. There are lots of power-ups to collect in order to make the game easier and more interesting, Like a bigger ball, or giant hands or speedy shoes etc.


CrazyTennis takes you to the challenge to play three separate animals for two rounds each which totalls up to 6 rounds. Using your mouse for interactivity makes this game easy to learn and tough to put down. Use power strokes to return a ball back to the animal and score easy points. Show them who's boss.

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