Hold The Line

Hold the line is a stickman game where you have to hold the territory to keep approaching enemies. Use your arrow keys or W,A,S,D to move around in the game and toggle between weapons using your number keys 1-7, berserk mode is also available if you press space bar. You can level up your sand barricaded wall and keep your health high. In between rounds, you have the option to buy new weapons but each comes with a high price. Also don't forget your guns can overheat.


In a play off the famous "Hitman" games, you take action as a hitstick instead! Three levels of difficulty, on three separate maps makes this a replayable game for sure! Switch between your handgun and sniper depending on the distance. Don't be fooled, though. Not every enemy is as easy as it seems...

Hit Stick 4

Hit Stick 4 is a killer shooter game where you decide how to assassinate your targets. Disguise yourself and go undercover and use your stealth mode. Choose from several different weapons and become a professional hit man. Do you have what it takes to complete all levels and gain your professional contract.


Hapland is a point and click Puzzle Game where you have to decide by yourself how to reach your goal. The game-play consists of clicking the mouse to trigger events within the world of Hapland. Events may require clicking things multiple times, and some events may involve a bit of timing. Little stick figures will react to your actions and sometimes be killed in the process. Figure out the sequence of events to finish the puzzle! You will need to use the RESET button many times.

Hapland 2

The second and more challenging version of the popular interactive game Hapland. Try your best to solve this puzzle by clicking on stuff on the screen and to the stickman exit the level. You need to click objects on the screen in sequence to finish the level. Figure out this puzzle by trial and error or just cheat and find the game guide. Have fun!

Frantic Killer

Frantic Killer is a stickman style shooting game designed from a first person shooting perspective. The story begins: You are a Cop! one day, you were called to a bank robbery in progress and now your job is to go in and put a stop to it... Shoot anything that moves and don't waste your bullets. Accuracy is the key to achieving the highest scores!

Fight Man

This is one of the most advanced martial arts online game ever made. Set on an office desk, You are a bad ass mini stick man with kungfu skills better than Jackie Chan. Punching, kicking & blocking, fighting up to 6 bad guys at one time who are carrying knives, bats and sticks. There are several levels to complete in this feel good fighting game.

Experiment 51 Part 1

You've been trapped! These sticks are doing some crazy experiments on you.. Get out and kick their asses! Punch in some faces, steal guns and destroy them! There are some crazy weapons scattered throughout the labs so find something destructive and wreck all sticks that stand in your way!This stickman game will blow your mind! Adventure, shooting and blood.This is Experiment 51!

Electricman 2 HS

Take control of your stickman in the Tournament of Voltagen and use your combat skills to compete against others to become the most powerful being in the stickman universe. Use your fighting skills to rise to the top and unleash deadly attacks using your bullet-time attacks. Choose your difficulty and fight your way to the top in this fun fighting game

Dynasty Street

Infiltrate the Dynasty Street base of the opposing Red Stick-men. Battle your way to the core, destroy it and escape. Use the left and right arrow keys to move, hold shift to run, press down to crouch. Press Z to punch and X to kick. You can do jumping attacks by pressing up + Z or X. Adrenaline boosts your damage and you can also pick up power-ups along the way!

Double Wires

The objective is to get as far as you can without falling or touching the leftmost part of the play area. Try to figure out how to climb the tricky obstacles. Try to swing with rhythm. When in doubt, just keep clicking. It's a hard game to master which requires time and skill. Good luck and have fun completing it.

Demonic Defence 4

In Demonic Defense 4 your kingdom is being attacked by an army of highly equipped tanks and spaceships. Unfortunately the task has fallen on to you to stop their relentless onslaught and defend your castle. Kill all enemies before they reach the gates of your castle. Upgrade the castle and buy spells, runes and gold to protect your castle at all costs. Good Luck!.

Defend Your Castle

This is a Castle Defense Game where your kingdom is under siege! A massive army of invading marauders are trying to get into your castle! You will need both speed and agility to survive. Kill all the enemy soldiers before they reach the gates of the castle. Upgrade the castle, buy weapons and train archers to protect your castle at all costs. How do you kill the enemy units? Its simple! You just have to pick them up and throw them through the air! Gravity should take care of the rest!

Decorrupt the Deforesters!

In Decorrupt the Deforesters your mission in this arcade fighting game is to take on evil corporate developers who are trying to destroy the forest and cut down all the trees! Protect nature and do your part in saving the planet! With your fists of fury and awesome combos, destroy the greedy fat cats! Fight these soulless stick figures in free play or take on a boss in the campaign mode. Donít forget to eat the apples to replenish your health! Good Luck, and may the spirits of the forest empower you with the fury of the warrior and the swiftness of the Ninja!

Dawn of the Sniper Ninja

Enter the Dawn of the Sniper Ninja as you master your shuriken throwing skills up to perfection! Within the given time and with endless amount of shurikens, your objective is to protect your ninja clan by killing everything that is considered as enemy! Good luck becoming the best sniper ninja and have fun obtaining the highest score of your life!


Here comes the most intense shooter that will wipe out all pesky comicbook nerds. ComicBookMovie is about the journey of Brix the Stickguy who hates nerds who like light-hearted and generic movies. Join him as he fight his way through waves of enemies. Destroy all the annoying nerds once and for all. There are 12 intense levels with lots of weapons and upgrades and 6 challenging boss fights.

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