Raiden X

Based on the side-scrolling arcade shooter Raiden, Raiden X is a simple yet challenging game. Moving your fighter jet with the arrow keys, shoot out air-level enemies with the machine gun (Z-key) and drop bombs on the tanks below (X-key). Grab power-ups to help you face the vast army that outnumbers you!

Radar Chronicles: Episode 1

This is a platform/shooter based game with really simple controls. Help Radar track down the mysterious criminal Shine in the first episode in the Radar Chronicles series. Shoot, jump and break your way through 4 fun levels. While your going through the levels collect the coins scattered around as you will receive more points.

Race in the asteroids

Dodge asteroids with your X-SpaceShip. Watch your fuel reserves and collect devastating bombs and race in space. Watch as you fly asteroids hurt, Dodge asteroids with your X-SpaceShip. Watch your fuel reserves and collect devastating bombs and race in space. Movement : Arrow Keys Mega Bomb : Space Bar

Planet X

Planet X is a Spaceship Flying Game where you have to guide the little space shuttle around the caves of a desolate planet, and collect all the escape pods to complete each level. Avoid the blasting volcanoes and avoid crashing into anything. Keep an eye on your shield and fuel though and try to keep them topped up as sometimes its hard to find new fueling stations.

Planet Smash

Planet Smash is a classic game in which you have to face the enemies that invade our space. The main objective for you is to shoot down as many enemy ships as you can. Notice that the invaders come in waves and in groups. In your way you can collect power ups for weapons in order to make the life a hell for the invaders. The single problem is that the power ups keep changing attributes after a few seconds so you must time your moves. Destroy all the invaders and protect the galaxy.

Planet Racer

This is a one on one drag racing game based in space. You will be given a small sum of money and a basic car, You will go from planet to planet to challenge others to a race. First race all the not to experienced drivers before moving onto the professionals. You will get paid for every race you win. Before you begin a race you can go to the shop and garage to upgrade your vehicle. You can buy better tyres, nitrus, fix your damage etc. This is one of the best RACING GAMES in the universe.

Planet Platformer 2

Planet Platformer 2 is a space adventure reminiscent of St Exupéry's the Little Prince, and takes place on very small planets. Collect all the stars and dodge obstacles on very, very small planets.Use the arrow keys to move and jump. Time your moves right to avoid the downsides of gravity! Be smart, and above all..

Planet Gobbler

Planet Gobbler is a simple game. The objective is to guide a Gobbler (big mouth) through the solar system and make him swallow all the planets. You must swallow only the planet shown at the bottom of the game screen. Finish all the planets in each level to proceed to the next level. As you progress through the levels the number of planets will increase making the game harder to play.

Planet Escape

The researchers spacecraft landed on another planet, there are many dangerous monsters here. They have been threatening the life of the researcher. To be able to escape from the planet, the researcher must repair spaceship, Assemble the parts and prevent the monster attacks by shooting the heck out of them with your guns.

Orbox C

Bounce orbox from block to block to get to the exit or complete other missions. Excellent puzzle game when you want some mind challenge! Move in 4 directions. What's the catch? Orbox will keep move untill it hits the wall. Sounds simple? It starts simple but every level will be more difficult and intresting!

Orbox B

The aim of this game is to move a blinking square through a maze like zone in space and reach the exit in each level to proceed further in the game. But remember that the square must be supported by a solid block or else it will keep moving and escape out of the game screen, that means you have to restart the level again. You will also find some other obstacles like bombs, sensors, etc as you proceed further in the game. Use them to your advantage and try to solve all the brain teasing levels to win the game.

Orbital Decay

Orbital Decay is an Action Packed Strategy Game where you pilot the ship called "Radiant Star". Hordes of enemy ships will try to hijack your ship, so prepare to battle by buying and upgrading weapons, turrets and drones. As the story progresses through its many chapters, you will meet even fiercer enemies, so buckle up!

My Love Space Fashion

My Love Space Fashion is a girls dress up game. You can choose from 12 outfits from outer space to dress the model. To select the outfit you 'd like to try on, simply click the outfit as it will show on the model. You can try as many outfits as you feel like to get the look you want. Once you get your outfit right, its time to use the accessories to perfect the look.

Monster Truck In Space

Get behind the wheels of a modified Monster truck specially prepared for space. Test and improve your driving skills on some of the hardest lands a car has ever been. Your mission is to explore a dead planet and make it safe to the finish. There was a war long ago on the planet and there are still mines and bombs active. So use your canon and shoot your way throw all obstacles and all the objects in way. Good luck and have fun!


Monochrome is a Shooting Game set in outer space. You take control of your spacecraft and fight your way through 70 levels of action. Each level has multiple waves of enemies looking to gun you down, but you can use your skill to avoid their fire and destroy them using your weapons. Each enemy killed will reward you with money which you can use to upgrade your ship with a choice of up to 21 weapons. Conserve your lives though as there will be a boss fight every 10 levels!

Missile Warning

This is a Survival Game, set sometime in the future, Missile Warning is a game in which you must defend your city from invading aliens and falling missiles for as long as possible otherwise they will blow your city into oblivion. As the levels go on the difficulty will increase, so you will need a high amount of agility and speed to survive until the end.

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