My Love Space Fashion

My Love Space Fashion is a girls dress up game. You can choose from 12 outfits from outer space to dress the model. To select the outfit you 'd like to try on, simply click the outfit as it will show on the model. You can try as many outfits as you feel like to get the look you want. Once you get your outfit right, its time to use the accessories to perfect the look.

Monster Truck In Space

Get behind the wheels of a modified Monster truck specially prepared for space. Test and improve your driving skills on some of the hardest lands a car has ever been. Your mission is to explore a dead planet and make it safe to the finish. There was a war long ago on the planet and there are still mines and bombs active. So use your canon and shoot your way throw all obstacles and all the objects in way. Good luck and have fun!


Monochrome is a Shooting Game set in outer space. You take control of your spacecraft and fight your way through 70 levels of action. Each level has multiple waves of enemies looking to gun you down, but you can use your skill to avoid their fire and destroy them using your weapons. Each enemy killed will reward you with money which you can use to upgrade your ship with a choice of up to 21 weapons. Conserve your lives though as there will be a boss fight every 10 levels!

Missile Warning

This is a Survival Game, set sometime in the future, Missile Warning is a game in which you must defend your city from invading aliens and falling missiles for as long as possible otherwise they will blow your city into oblivion. As the levels go on the difficulty will increase, so you will need a high amount of agility and speed to survive until the end.

Mini Scientist

Find your rocket to power your spaceship in this point and click adventure.

Mars Patrol

Mars Patrol is a exploration based Shooting Game. The first human colony on planet mars is infected by a mechanical nano virus. The colony's defense systems are completely destroyed turning it against the colonists. The only option is to send a Mini Tank Robot to find and destroy the source of the virus.

Mars Expedition

Man is finally on Mars and Alien life form has been found. Your aim is to catch the minimum number of aliens to clear the stage using your grabber, while avoiding the falling meteorites in the process. Once all the aliens are caught, you will be taken to the next stage. Keep your eyes on the power meter and do note that you cannot move whilst using the grabber. Also if you get hit by meteorites a lot, your vehicle will explode.

Mars Adventures Curiosity Racing

Welcome to the second Mars adventure of the Curiosity rover. This time you'll have to race other spaceships from Mars like the star troopers, star warriors, galactic battlestars and stargazers. So race yourself to victory and become the number 1 spaceship on Mars. But be careful, don't drive too hard as this will make the rover less accurate in its steering.

Lost Dream Episode 1

Lost Dream is a point-and-click game where you need to escape the room. With beautiful graphics and powerful story you will have to find out what happened to you. First episode - Awake. Lost Dream game takes place in a fiction spot somewhere and your task is to figure out what happened to this station.

Linear Assault

Linear Assault is a shooting games where you fly across hostile territory and encounter numerous enemies along the way. The only way to survive and reach the other end is to destroy as many baddies as possible. At the end of each level you've to confront the "Boss of the level". Defeating the boss is quiet challenging and you may die many times before getting past.

Leave Me A Clone

Leave Me A Clone is an exciting puzzle platformer where the player creates clones, solves puzzles and avoids danger! The object of the game is to get to the end of the level using the least amount of clones possible. To open the portal to the next level you must collect at least 2 magical orbs within the level.

Lander X

Lander X is Physics based Space Ship Flying Game. Planet Generica, is being invaded by aliens and you are the only hope to save the planet. The aim of the game is to fly a rocket space ship. Launch, keep control and land on the appropriate landing pads. Each mission will show you the objective of that mission. Be careful, the gravity will always try to pull you toward the planet and crash you. You have unlimited fuel to use and burn.

Jet Pac

Jet Pac is a Space based collection game. You are a rocket ship pilot. Your are stuck on an alien planet. Your mission control is sending you the rocket in pieces. To escape the planet you must first assemble your rocket and then fill it with fuel. You have a jet pack and can fly around to pickup the various rocket parts and jet fuel. Make sure you avoid and shoot the various comets flying around with your lazer gun. Once the rocket is fully asembled, board it to fly to the next level.

Ion swarm

Control a cloud of blue particles in a simple relaxing game. Fight the dark matter and try to survive as long as you can! You need to collect and fight off all the dark matter and white matter, relaxing game but if you like you can play it for a score and see how you match up to others who have done the same.


Invaders is an exciting shooting game that incorporates running and shooting elements. Control the bionic main character to eliminate all of the alien's bots invading planet Earth. Unlock all of the weapons to compete for the high score across three different levels. Featuring 15 different weapons that can be unlocked during the gameplay.

Indirect Assault 2

In Indirect Assault 2, you have to use your huge swinging chain ball to eliminate all the enemy space craft. If they hit you you're going to lose a lot of life very quickly, so try to master swinging and avoiding! Pick up boosters and power-ups to ensure your supremacy! The more you move in one direction, the more you can get your chain to swing!

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