Jet Pac

Jet Pac is a Space based collection game. You are a rocket ship pilot. Your are stuck on an alien planet. Your mission control is sending you the rocket in pieces. To escape the planet you must first assemble your rocket and then fill it with fuel. You have a jet pack and can fly around to pickup the various rocket parts and jet fuel. Make sure you avoid and shoot the various comets flying around with your lazer gun. Once the rocket is fully asembled, board it to fly to the next level.

Ion swarm

Control a cloud of blue particles in a simple relaxing game. Fight the dark matter and try to survive as long as you can! You need to collect and fight off all the dark matter and white matter, relaxing game but if you like you can play it for a score and see how you match up to others who have done the same.


Invaders is an exciting shooting game that incorporates running and shooting elements. Control the bionic main character to eliminate all of the alien's bots invading planet Earth. Unlock all of the weapons to compete for the high score across three different levels. Featuring 15 different weapons that can be unlocked during the gameplay.

Indirect Assault 2

In Indirect Assault 2, you have to use your huge swinging chain ball to eliminate all the enemy space craft. If they hit you you're going to lose a lot of life very quickly, so try to master swinging and avoiding! Pick up boosters and power-ups to ensure your supremacy! The more you move in one direction, the more you can get your chain to swing!


Ichi, a great space shooting game! Your goal is to shoot as many enemies as possible through various exciting levels to score maximum points. Difficulty will keep on increasing as you proceed to higher levels. Don't forget to pick up power-ups and bonus ammo on the way! Every time you reach 100,000 points you get an extra life! Laser blast'em all! Have fun!


After billions of years, the universe is getting overcrowded. Many races, including Terrans, have to leave their home galaxies to explore the space and compete for valuable resources. Growing conflicts eventually lead to the unavoidable outbreak of intergalactic war. Hyperpath is a fast thinking strategy game, with amazing graphics in unique style. Take on the role of the commander and go to a battle with unknown races from distant corners of the universe. Develop skills of your fleet and lead your army to the victory. There is only one place on the podium.

Hyper Sphere

Hyper Sphere is a top down game with 20 levels, you must guide a glass sphere around a path suspended in space. The aim is to collect all the power crystals needed to destroy a virus. There are hazards along each level that you must deal with, like Turret guns, Plasma guns, Droids, Homing missiles and spider mines.

Hungry Space

Its a crazy Alien eat Alien world out there. Aliens are out to get you and devour you alive! Eat the aliens that are smaller than you but don't get eaten by the ones bigger than you! Use the arrow keys to move around space and be careful of the gigantic aliens that are out to eat you or they'll gobble you up in an instant.

Heidi One

Heidi One is a space based shooting game. The aim is to fly an advanced spaceship armed with plasma guns and missiles. Wipe out the enemy forces from each sector to proceed to the next. You'll earn power-ups and gold for shooting down each enemy. Use the gold to upgrade your shields and buy missiles.

Hedgehog Launch

Hedgehog Launch is a fun game to play. You have to launch your hedgehog as far as you can but you also will have a rocket pack which will help you propel further to gain maximum distance. The further you go the more money you earn. You can fly in any direction not just up for earning money, you can buy upgrades with the money you earn.

Head Space

Microscopic aliens have reached our planet Earth, and they need your help! Dodge and blow up rain drops as they fall. Fight strange bosses with tricky tactics for killing you. Enjoy the three-dimensional video graphics in the background. Keep your eyes open for aliens walking in the streets of London!

Gravity Launch

The aim of the game is simple; launch your rocket ship to five different space missions. Adjust your ship's thrust and take-off angle using the lever and dial on the control panel. Then, click the red Launch button to launch your ship. Keep trying until you've docked with all the stations in orbit. For extra accuracy, you can type your numbers into the controls. Make sure you press the Enter key after you type. Experiment with different settings and learn how the force of gravity can pull an object toward the Earth and moon. Complete all five missions and you're a super space navigator!

Go Green Go

Go Green Go is an exciting platform game, in which your goal is to land your UFO space ship accurately on the destination platform in every level after passing through dangerous rocky caves. After every level you will receive a password, so you don't need to play the previous levels over again and again. Use skill, patience and good timing to master this wonderful game! Have Fun!

Glow Shooter

In Glow Shooter, galactic invaders from planet Ludos are determined to take over the Earth which means of total destruction. Get rid of these unwanted guests by dealing with the many waves of enemy ships and defeat the final boss to save the earth, make sure your careful as the enemies come at you very quickly! Move your ship by using your arrow keys or W,A,S,D and position your target using your mouse and then press space bar to release a bomb. Shoot the green and red glowing boxes for extra points and power-ups. Defeat those enemies!

Geometric Retro Shooter

You are the only one who can safe the universe from the evil 5 space lords. Start with a little ship and upgrade it into a strong one.

Gamma Bros

In Gamma Bros, a new twist an classic arcade game, the objective of the game is to stay alive and to destroy as many enemy spacecraft as humanly possible. Take control of a UFO and try to collect the coins and power-ups that the aliens drop to help you finish the game. Try to avoid collisions and try to master shooting in all directions.

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