Jungle Shooter

Shoot down a fruity bounty with a little help from your pets!

Jungle Defender

Jungle Defender is a defense shooting game, where you need to defend your hut from an attack of wild monkeys. There are different stages so between levels you will have a chance to upgrade your defences, repair your hut, or buy better weapons. So, make sure your shots are quick and accurate to earn yourself more cash.

Jump 'n Gun - Full Version

A challenging platformer with oldschool pixelart and music. You are able to double jump and collect coins and gems though out the game and ammo for your gun to kill your foes. Earn a highscore at the end. Jump ââ

Joes Last Stand

You are Joe and you make your last stand in front of the invading flock that is trying to destroy your crop. The objective of the game is to shoot zombie sheep through the night until the sun comes up. Do your best to keep them at bay with your guns. You can buy more guns and stronger ammunition as you earn points. As the days pass the invading flock is much stronger and faster so be careful and shoot quick. Always watch out for your ammo count and don`t start the next level without buying ammo.

Island Defense

Defend your little island from the enemy paratroopers for as long as you can. You have the power to control the wind! So, make the enemies fall in the sea and perish. Use your weapons on the enemies and kill them before they reach the island. The scissor tool will let you cut their parachute cords! Try to survive for as long as you can.

Iron Snail

When mankind loses hope and terror reigns freely, a hero, Iron Snail will emerge from the darkness! You're Iron Snail, mankind's one and only hope, a terrorist worst nightmare. A Terrorist group by the name of Dead Source has taken hostages and you are assigned to rescue them. This is a priority one mission so you must follow your missions briefings and kill how instructed, action games have never been so tense.


In Intrusion, you play as a soldier who has crash landed in hostile territory. Your mission is simple. Survive and kill all hostile enemies. Shoot your enemies and avoid being shot yourself. do you have the shooting skills to beat the game and rid the hostile planet of creatures which threaten your survival?


Ever wanted to be a robot? Ever wanted to be a firefighter? We'll this is the game for you! Battle fires as a little cute robot who's job is to extinguish fires around the city! But beware to keep your eyes on the water meter, or it could mean doom for the little cute robot and the rest of the city!

In The Hunt

In the Hunt is a 2D shoot'em up side-scrolling. The company Dark Anarchy threatens to destroy the most important cities of the world. Your mission will be to protect the world and save people. Aboard a submarine war, destroy all enemy fleets in the air, under the water everywhere! In the Hunt is playable alone or two players.

In Deep

Sailing on the high seas, you are suddenly attacked by giant shark! Fight for your life or become shark food!


Ichi, a great space shooting game! Your goal is to shoot as many enemies as possible through various exciting levels to score maximum points. Difficulty will keep on increasing as you proceed to higher levels. Don't forget to pick up power-ups and bonus ammo on the way! Every time you reach 100,000 points you get an extra life! Laser blast'em all! Have fun!

I Need Air

I Need Air! The title explains it all! IN this Puzzle Game you have to rescue the men trapped underwater by shooting at their shackles and setting them free before they drown. Once the chains are broken the men will go up for much needed air. But wait! You have to also move and clear their path to get up to the surface. You must hurry up as they are running out of breath!

I Am Ultra Killer Of Zombies

The name just about says it all. In this top-down action survival shooter, you've crashed in the middle of nowhere and you'll need to defend yourself against the onslaught of malicious and hungry zombies. Collect cogs to build new and more powerful weapons. Use any spare moments you have to find shelter and do some repairs

Hyro Tanks

Bring out the tanks! In Hyro Tank, take control of your commanding tank. Destroy the enemy at all costs, no questions asked! Move your tank with W, A, S, and D. Control the position of your turret with the arrow keys. The spacebar shoots, while holding it down produces a longer shot. With nowhere to hide, will you be victorious, or wave the white flag in surrender?!

Hyper Sphere

Hyper Sphere is a top down game with 20 levels, you must guide a glass sphere around a path suspended in space. The aim is to collect all the power crystals needed to destroy a virus. There are hazards along each level that you must deal with, like Turret guns, Plasma guns, Droids, Homing missiles and spider mines.

Hybrid Fighter

Hybrid Fighter is a modern version of a classic arcade space shooting game. Where it differs though is some of the alien invaders drop power-ups. Shoot down the Alien fleet formations in order to proceed to the next level. You get different points for destroying different types of aliens. Shoot the alien UFO to gain bonus points.

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