Obama Presidential Escape

Obama Presidential Escape is a Point and Click Game. You play as presidant Obama after he has been kidnapped and imprisoned. Your goal is to help him escape from the base where he is being held. Use the mouse to click on different objects to inspect and use them to solve the puzzles and escape from your prison.

Ninja Master

Take this young ninja on a dangerous but exciting mission with Ninja Master. You have to deliver the fake scroll to Burraku's castle and you must save the beautiful princess! You have to be careful on this journey, because you will have to deal with many difficulties! Make sure you stock up on the best weapons and items you can!

My Pet Protector

Develop your hero from teenage years to adulthood, find him work and send him to school. Explore locations around the world in search of adventure and treasure or simply study the humble arts of poetry and scholarship. After 4 years your hero will embark into the world on his own adventure.. Who knows what his destiny will be?

My Pet Protector 2

Choose your own adventure in this telling of an RPG quest! You need to rebuild your village, but are unsure of how to begin. The king will aid you, and the rest is up to you. Need to get a job? Want to explore some nearby areas? How about monster hunting? Decide the type of mother you had and father you had to initiate your journey. Each play-through will start different, but can all end the same: Hero, or nothing at all!


This is an MMORPG Game. It has Murloc from the World of Warcraft. The chief has summoned you to help the tribe in this critical situation when no other warriors come forward to help. You can walk around and stop by each person to speak to them. This helps you know more about your environment and mission. You have to defeat the enemies, gather items, purchase new weapons and skills, using the money earned in battle.

Mental Showtime

Escaping a mental facility, you've been estranged from your buddies, and trapped as a circus show freak! This is just not allowed! In this Point & Click adventure, you'll have one room to navigate out of. Not only will each click provide a different action, but you'll need to watch each characters moveset. Timing is the essential here...especially if you want to get out!

Maximum Band

Maximum Band is an interactive RPG game that lets you decide the fate of a music band where not a single person is talented. The game features real voice acting and quality animation. Watch how the story progresses and choose your options wisely. Get to know the characters and enjoy their adventures!

Madness Monster

Have you ever dream of driving your own truck as extreme game? Let’s drive a real “monster” truck, hit, crush and destroy all challenges on the way to reach the highest score ever. Have fun with your game right now. In this game, you could choose your favourite truck with three different kind of trucks we have and start your thriller game now.

Lucky Tower 2

The second installment in the Lucky Tower series is finally here! The game tells the story about what happened to our hero Von Wanst before he ended up in the malevolent tower of the original game. If you ever wanted to take control of an attractive fat man, this is the perfect game for you, homefry! Woob-woob!

Lord Of The Rings Battle

Play as Gandalf in this fun and beautiful RPG. Battle futuristic enemies with only the powers of magic and brute force. A wide range of spells coupled with exciting animations and an epic soundtrack set the stage for hours of game play. Spells like Bomb, Cure, and Doom are at your disposal. Modify your stats and change your weapons as you advance in the game. Strategy and tactics are key.

Little Protector Planes

The Lower Planes are being invaded! If this keeps up we'll start seeing ascended monsters and that simply won't do. As an omnipotent being it's up to you to bring order to infinity, one plane at a time. Each time you play Little Protector Planes a whole new plane is created for your party of ascended souls to adventure in. Recover the Astral treasures, Ascend new classes of hero, stockpile Astral Equipment and earn Astral energy every game you play. As you grow in power so do the challenges the planes present.

Leon And Magic Sturgeon

A point-and-click, graphic adventure RPG similar to games like Myst. The story focuses on Leon's ailing sister and his search for the mysterious cure which was revealed to him in a strange phone call. Using Leon's various senses such as sight, smell, and touch, navigate your way to the cure as you travel throughout various environments.

Legend Of Zelda The Lampshade

Link, in a non-canon journey, stars in this quirky trading RPG adventure. With simple controls, hand-drawn sprites, and cameo appearances (Dante from Devil May Cry and Snake from Metal Gear Solid, to name a few!) this little gem brings a surprisingly large amount of entertainment. Help Link complete his quest and become the hero once again!


In Kindergarten, your goal is to run a day care center. A fun-filled, colorful and interactive management game were you play Mila, the day care center owner, who has to make sure that all of the babies are happy and taken care of! It's up to you to make sure that the business runs properly, efficiently and prosperously.

Kidnapped By Aliens

In Kidnapped by Aliens, you wonder to yourself how you ended up in this 'space'? The bright lights… The strange voices….. It all feels like something is awfully wrong….. It's time to figure out what in hell is going on!! Do you have what it takes to solve this mysterious mystery and get to the truth?

Kelly's Summer Jobs

Cute girl game Kelly's summer jobs includes baking loaves of bread, making ice cream, grooming pets and cutting hair, so this game is a mix between a cooking game, dress up game and pet game. In order to please the customers and save up more bucks, you need to make a good arrangement and work quickly.

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