Ray Part 2

Ray Part 2 plays like an interactive movie, you make the decisions on how the story plays out, with a number of mini-games along the way. Choose your weaponry as you progress, but be careful, the cash you have left at the end affects your score! With several choices to make, you won't see the entire game with only one playthrough, and your final score will award you one of several ranks, try to see them all! Don't worry about dying, if you make a fatal mistake, you get your chance to try that part again without going back to the start.

Randys Jailbreak

Randys Jailbreak is a text based Role Playing Game (RPG). Randy's double-crossing boss left him to get arrested after a job went wrong, but has since taken Randy's wife hostage. You need to help Randy escape from jail and track down Big Ben by choosing how he should go about his escape. At each point you will be given multiple options to choose from, be wise as one wrong decision will mean the end of the jailbreak and death for Randy's wife.

Railway Valley

In Railway Valley you are the manager of the railroad who is responsible for a whole railroad network full of crossings and junctions which are connected to all the stations and industries of the Railway Valley. Your job in this flash game is to build a system of railroads using your mouse and help the trains reach their destination points without any problems occurring. Along your way you need to collect as much money as you can to demolish obstacles, build your railways and pay fines if you get any. You need to remember in this game that balance plays a very important part of you because if this turns negative then the game will soon be over.

Qazs Quest Silver Edition

For this RPG, you'll find yourself immersed in a world of questions that need answers, and a purple haze that mysteriously disappeared. You'll be forced to use your imagination and mind to solve the puzzles that appear before you. Not everything is as it appears, and you may be forced into decisions you don't want to make...


Can you make Pupzzle the cute little puzzle pup happy? Help Pupzzle complete all his little tasks in this fun point and click puzzle game! There are six bones in each puzzle. Try to collect all of them if possible for a bonus timer score at the end of the game. NOTE you are allowed to click anywhere and on anything you like to help you solve each puzzle.

Puppy Center

Puppy Centre is a puzzle game where you can take care of pets with just a click of the mouse. This is a good training game for people that like to have pets in their home, make sure you cater to your pet's needs indicated by the bubble above their head. Click on the pets to take them to where you want to bathe them or groom them. Make sure you keep the pets happy and you will progress.

Protector IV

Protector IV is a Medieval Tower Defence Game where you work as a mercenary for 11 different factions with the ability to use 46 unique units. Hire your entourage from a selection of 100 heroes and use them to slay monsters. Earn rewards and collect powerful treasure from across the entire kingdom of Arkandia! Finish your Protectomon collection and uncover ancient artifacts for your heroes with the help of Arkandia Jones the explorer.

Pokemon NXT

Web player version of Pokemon NXT. This is a fan made game with no affiliation with Nintendo. Our goal is recreate the pokemon feel in a large open world RPG style game. This is a very early build and will be updated over time. if you would like to get involved in further development please visit: http://pokemonnxt.boards.net/

Perfect Summit

You are Ralph, a detective that takes questionable cases. In a game with a ton of voice-acting (rare in a free game) you'll be tasked to take the role of Ralph and think like he does. Your choices will determine how far you get in this Choose Your Own Adventure style of play. Will you find yourself, or find the answer with Justice?

Perfect Pizza

Perfect pizza is a game where you get to run your own pizza restaurant. This game has 2 modes, In "Career Mode" Your customers will place a custom order and your have to place all the ingredients in specific places in order to make the perfect pizza. The more perfect the pizza, the more money you make. Throughout the game keep an eye on your Money Bank and the clock. You only have 12 hours of opening time each day. In the "Speed Mode", you have 12 hours to make all the cash you can.

Penguin Diner

Penguin Diner is a business management game. As Penny The Penguin you need to run the diner and serve as many Penguins as you can to earn more cash. Remember to keep all the customers happy or you may lose their money! The more happy customers you serve, the more money you get, allowing you to buy upgrades to help you along. Serve customers quickly, making them happy and keep them coming back for more.

One Soldier

One Soldier is a top down Shooting Game, The aim is to help the hero to infiltrate the enemy base and shoot down all the soldiers to avenge his brother's death. This game isn't just about shooting randomly, as there is a constant hail of bullets directed at you. Be patient and take shelter before attacking the enemy. Shoot all the enemies in a level and move towards the exit to proceed to the next stage.

Obama versus Aliens

Obama Versus Aliens is a Point and Click Adventure Game. The evil aliens have abducted the last panda bear family of the Earth and have taken them to their planet. If the pandas aren't recovered our weak ecological balance will collapse and life on the Earth will be seriously affected. Help Obama to recover the panda family and defeat the evil aliens!

Obama Saw Game

Obama Saw Game is Point and Cclick Adventure Game. You play as President Obama, and your goal is to save your family from the bad guy by finishing a group of puzzles. Use the mouse to click on different objects to explore and look at different items for clues. Use these clues to find your family as fast as you can. You only have ten minutes to do it, or they will be killed!

Obama Rat Face Game

In Obama Rat Face Game your goal is to help Obama find and capture the dangerous criminal Rat Face who has escaped from prison and is believed to be hiding near the FBI building. Interact with objects and people and do some sleuthing and use your brain in this mystery point and click game. Click the ground to move and click an enemy to attack them then equip items by dragging them to their appropriate slot in the inventory screen.

Obama Presidential Escape

Obama Presidential Escape is a Point and Click Game. You play as presidant Obama after he has been kidnapped and imprisoned. Your goal is to help him escape from the base where he is being held. Use the mouse to click on different objects to inspect and use them to solve the puzzles and escape from your prison.

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