Word Tower

A medieval word-adventure game. Use words as building blocks to climb up and the towers and rescue your Princess! Don't make up silly words or you're prince will fail to get to the love of his life! Use long-enough words which aren't so easy to think of. If you can't think of a word, use shuffle for some help!

Word Spell

Word Spell is a puzzle game where the player needs to clear the blocks of letters by forming words before the screen fills up. spell a word is remove the letters from the level to clear all. - Form words by clicking them with your mouse - Click submit to gain points for the word Controls: - Enter: Submit selected letters - Backspace: clear selected letters

Word Search 65

Classic game of search words, with 15 levels with a total of 120 words. old school type of game where you have to find the words within what you can see no time limit relaxing game for you to play many levels for you to play with many different words you are able to change to quality between high and low.

Word Labyrinth

This game is a great doughnut and coffee puzzle game! It's like the awesome version of Pictionary. You need to find the words that are embedded in the tiles, earn points and put your score on the leader-boards to compete with your Facebook friends and much more, like competing for the high score out of your friends.

Word Groove

Word Groove is an entertaining English Word Game. In the game you must select how many letters you wish to use. Once you do this you click on each letter in order to form a word, if you are successful the first letter of that word will be removed. You must repeat this process with the remaining letters until all letters are removed in order to win the game.

Woolly Bear Jigsaw Puzzle

This is a jigsaw puzzle game. The aim of this game is to put the pieces together to recreate the picture of a wooly bear caterpillar. There are three levels of difficulty, easy, medium and hard. Choose your level and enjoy the game. HINT: start from the corners of the picture,to solve the puzzle faster.

Wooden Path

Use your mouse to play this puzzle game Wooden Path. Its another logic game mainly based on blocks sliding with many extra features such as teleports, switches, special blocks and more. It contains a tutorial and two maps of different difficulty with a total of 52 levels. The latest levels from adventurers map can be really hard to finish. Test your logic!


Woobies is a Match Making Game. A swarm of Wooblies is slowly falling from the sky and your aim is to shoot Wooblies from the bottom to match 3 or more Wooblies of the same color. Every time a match is made, those Wooblies will fall down. If the Wooblies keep on falling and touch the bottom of the game, You Lose. You must clear all the Wooblies in a level to complete it. As you progress more and more colors of Wooblies will be added to make the game more difficuilt for you.

Wolf Spider Jigsaw Puzzle

A simple jigsaw puzzle featuring a wolf spider.


WitchMart is a halloween based Puzzle Game. The aim of this game is to make the potion orders in time for Halloween. Add ingredients to match the potion recipe on the left. Click on each ingredient to add it to the blender. If you run out of ingredients, move your mouse up to the shelves on the top of the screen and click on the ingredient jar that you need to refill. The faster you complete potions, the higher your score!

Wish Totems Level Pack

Wish Totems Level Pack, the cute totems return! Sink the blue totems, save the red totems! Remove all of the totems from play, except the red ones. Wish Totems Level Pack has 24 new levels, a level editor and user levels. Can you sink all of the cute totems to finish in level in this cute physics based puzzle game?

Wild Kite

Wild Kite - Live out a wild kite adventure in this really fun skill flash game. All you have to do is fly your kite as close as you can to the dotted line, without crashing your kite. But, it's not as easy as you think and you only have 5 chances! Can you become the wild kite champion? Play with friends and find out who has the steadiest hand!

Wiki Wiki Tiki

Wiki Wiki Tiki is a match making puzzle game where you have to find groups of identical icons and eliminate 3 or more similar ones before the timer reaches zero. You must eliminate all icons from the grid, before the time runs out, to proceed to the next level. As soon you find a identical icons and eliminate them, an additional seconds will be added to your counter. But watch out! Trying to clear a single un-grouped icon will result in a loss of points and time.

Who Stole My Medicine

Time to find that thief! A wizard, orc, or dwarf has stolen your medicine, and in each level you need to find who did it! You'll be shown the thief before the level starts, and given a short amount of time to find him. Choose wisely, as the correct choice will give you more time, where as an incorrect choice will cost you precious seconds. Find that thief and live!

White Sudoku

Are you a math enthusiast? Then push your IQ to the limits in this fun and very addictive game. Put the numbers where they belong and solve the puzzle as quick as you can. Be careful though, one small mistake and you may have to start all over again. Why not play this fun and classic math puzzle game now.

Where Is Osama

In Where Is Osama, the objective of the game is to locate Osama in the crowd. As you progress through the levels the crowds get bigger and it gets harder to spot him every-time he escapes! Try to capture him before its too late. Use your observational skills to find the most wanted criminal mastermind on the planet?

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