RamuhShmoo, the demon of lightening, has been trapped in a tricky electric dungeon. You have to complete his puzzles and re-establish the electrical currents with the use of the available wires in this side scrolling action game. You have to allocate the various wires correctly in order to solve the puzzles, activate switches and power generators. Finish the puzzles and get out of the computer! Good Luck!

Rally Car On Rocks Jigsaw

This rally car is blasting thru the course, it's going really fast. This is a cool car jigsaw puzzle, can you solve it? You are able to play three modes easy, medium and hard which is 16 pieces, 49 pieces and 81 pieces, The puzzle is of a rally car that is blasting thru the rally course with easy.!!

Rainbow Roller

In this magical rainbow ride, you're tasked to create a line for your ball to pass through. This isn't just an ordinary ball, as you can poke him to make him move. Create the best line you can and continue the journey to the end. Each level is designed to test your skills of imagination and drawing. Can you make it to victory before all your magic runs out?

Railway Valley

In Railway Valley you are the manager of the railroad who is responsible for a whole railroad network full of crossings and junctions which are connected to all the stations and industries of the Railway Valley. Your job in this flash game is to build a system of railroads using your mouse and help the trains reach their destination points without any problems occurring. Along your way you need to collect as much money as you can to demolish obstacles, build your railways and pay fines if you get any. You need to remember in this game that balance plays a very important part of you because if this turns negative then the game will soon be over.

Railway Line

The object of the game is to build a rail track from pieces available to get the train to the station. These pieces are available on the left side of the screen, all you have to do is drag track sections on to the empty grid area to make a complete rail track. You can use Bombs to remove any unwanted rail sections... Try not to take too long as it may cause a train crash!

Rail Pioneer

Quickly lay down railroad tracks to reach your destination! Build a track that snakes around obstacles and get to the goal line in this 2D puzzle game. Use matches and explosives to clear trees and rocks from your path, but use them wisely as they take time to recharge. If your train goes off the rails it's game over.

Ragdoll Homicide

Are you creative, but in a strange way? Then this is the game for you. Use your mind to figure the puzzle out and blow up Bill the wooden doll, and Teddy the teddy-bear. Make use of the items and place them strategically so that when the action starts you'll just have to lay back and enjoy the fireworks. Enjoy this doll-blasting puzzle game while developing your creativity in the process!

Radical Racing

This is time based Spaceship Racing Game. You must race your way around the track without bumping into the edges or any of the many obstacles laid out to hinder you. You can choose from three spaceships with different strengths and weaknesses. You can apply the brakes by hitting the reverse button.

Rabbit Rustler

Rabbits may not be the smartest creatures, but they sure can be cute! Your rabbit friends have been capture and need to be freed. You are the only one that can save them. Using a new device, you can fly around to any location to save your little hoppers. Place a gravity carrot near the escape pod, and the bunnies will hop to it. Be thoughtful, if too many get lost, you'll have to try again!


You are a robot servant who must bring cake to his master for his joy! Pick up boxes and crates to help you reach higher ground! Use the environment around you to help get past some levels. Play through countless levels of puzzle-platforming fun as you hunt for cake on behalf of your relentlessly hungry master!

Qwerty Warrior

Qwerty Warrior is a Word Game. You are standing in the middle of the game. The enemies are coming from all sides. You have a gun to defend yourself but it only shoots if you type the word written under each attacker. You must type the word into the box on the bottom left corner and hit the ENTER button to fire. If the word is spelled correctly, the enemy will be destroyed. The power-ups can be picked up in the same way, by typing their names. The over all aim is to see how long your can survive their attack. With time the enemies become more and more powerful, which means longer words to type.

Quest Defense

Ready to defend your kingdom? Place defensive towers at strategic locations in order to stop the enemy attack waves. Fight alongside warriors, archers, and mages to protect the continent from the forces of the evil dragon!


Qubilz is a fun, challenging, physics-based puzzle game; in which your goal is to build a structure from a limited number of jello blocks... and then endure a pummeling from those devious black balls! Stack your tower as high as possible for an even better score, just make sure to make it as stable as you can; you might be able to build a tower, but there's no guarantee that it'll survive the rain if it's not structured properly!


If you like to play with words Qube-In is the game you will surely like. The objective of Qube-In is to form long words using the inner tiles to get the maximum points. If you use the tiles in the middle the points you earn are bigger but try to form bonus words to make some extra points as well. It's fun but you must love playing with words to get high-scores.


In Qoosh, play the role of test subject Qoosh at Q-Science Labs and complete the set of test chambers in this fun platform puzzler.

Puzzles of Gemland

In this puzzle game, you'll have a new task with each puzzle to accomplish in order for the level to be complete. You'll have a limited number of shots to take, but will see each shot in the order it will be given. Will you be able to make it through each puzzle, with following all the tasks? It seems like a simple request to fulfill, but if you've done puzzle games before, this would be the biggest challenge!

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