Run Run

Timing is key in Run Run. You have a very limited arsenal of moves: small jump with the UP arrow, and a big jump with the SPACEBAR. Touching any object on screen will reduce your life count. Even though you have a lot, and there are only 25 levels, you will be tested to get out of the warehouse with no damage. Have you got what it takes to Run Run?

Run Lil Broccoli

This poor little broccoli is on the cook's recipe list and you have to help it escape the terrible fate set out for it. Pick up the bananas as you run and throw them behind you so that the cook will step on them and fall over. Be careful, if he gets too close he will chop you up. Run as far as you can to score more points.


Boost your adrenalin and play Rollball. A game where the aim is to get a ball from the starting point to the end point as fast as you possible can. You will get a better score the faster you are so use the arrows to move and Space bar to jump. The game is automatically saved at the beginning of each level so there is no worry about starting again.


Rocketeer is a fun, frantic flying game in which you help the penguin reach the moon, bouncing on clouds to propel you into the skies, and collecting as many coins, diamonds and other collectables as you can along the way! The more coins you collect the more equipment you can upgrade to help bring this eager penguin closer to his dreams!

Rocket Man

In Rocketman you take control of a rocket man that needs your help guiding him to the end of each world. Have the small astronaut jump from platform to platform to collect points. With your mouse you can adjust the angle and force of each rocket jump. But watch out that he is not falling down! This little game with nifty physics is quite a blast!

Robin the Mercenary

Robin Hood takes up a new mantle, and becomes a mercenary. With over 10 levels to explore, you'll be given a task for each level. It must be completed in order to leave! Each shot will take away 10 points from your score. You have 5 hits before you die, and must redo the level. With shop upgrades in between each level, you'll have a ton of replay value. You are Robin!

Robin the Archer

In Robin the Archer, your goal is to jump and manoeuvre your way through taxing platforms, taking out hordes of menacing enemies with your trusty bow and arrow, and destroy their bases to succeed! Pick up coins for extra points! Reminiscent of the early console era, this retro game is great fun and not to be missed.


Roadies is a puzzle game where you have to get a certain number of roadies to the exit before the time runs out. Drag and place the various items in the game area for the roadies to use. These items allow the roadies to jump, bounce, stop, climb, reverse direction etc., Avoid the guards, the musicians and high falls. You will need to use the RESET button many times before you finally finish each level.

Rescue Mission

This is a Gun Fighting Game. Plough through enemy forces and rescue as many hostages as you can in your Rescue Mission. You start with a pistol but then can pick up other guns to help you through your mission. Be careful of pitfalls and snipers. As the game progresses, there will be tougher enemies and obstacles. Shoot the cages to break them open and rescue the hostages. Also, keep in mind that there is a time limit. Move fast, kill quick and win!

Red Beard

Red Beard is an adventure game where you need to collect all the gold in every level by activating different colored lifts and platforms. To complete every stage, you need to collect the colored balls corresponding to each platform or lifts color, this will get them working. After collecting the gold successfully, reach the exit point to proceed to the next level.

Red Ball 4 Volume 3

Take control of the Red Ball character and roll and jump your way through a deadly factory, defeating enemies and avoiding deadly laser beams in the process. Have you got what it takes to save the world from turning square in the final installment to the hit physics-platformer series, Red Ball 4? Enjoy!

Red Ball 4 Volume 2

Roll and jump your way through a deep forest as you embark on a mission to save the world from evil squares! Will you be able to save the world from turning square? Skillfully use items on the playfield to help you progress through each level, and be sure to dodge (or jump on) enemies along the way.

Red Warrior

Hey, warrior! Do you expect to free up your friends! Use your skill with mirrors to complete levels. Make crazy jumps, climbing walls, solve puzzles and more! One of the best platform games and Puzzle of the year! with lots of fun guaranteed through 20 awesome levels. Controls: arrow keys or wasd short Description Hey, warrior! Letís free your friends! Use your flippin ability to complete levels. Make crazy jumps, climb on the walls, solve the puzzles and many other!


A Reaper is a black ops agent of death. A Killer. His stealth is incredible because he can use portals to move faster than light. A Reaper can traverse dimensions, move into position, and reappear to eliminate a target. But one team of Reapers has gone rogue...you will hunt them. WASD to move. Mouse to aim and shoot.

Ray Ardent Science Ninja

Ray Ardent: Science Ninja is a high-speed platformer where you battle through dangers that only a man who is a scientist and a ninja can survive. Dr. Ray Ardent is a man of adventure, a man of the world, but most importantly, a man of SCIENCE!


RamuhShmoo, the demon of lightening, has been trapped in a tricky electric dungeon. You have to complete his puzzles and re-establish the electrical currents with the use of the available wires in this side scrolling action game. You have to allocate the various wires correctly in order to solve the puzzles, activate switches and power generators. Finish the puzzles and get out of the computer! Good Luck!

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