Rolling Ghosts

Ghosts arenít scary once you bring them back to life. Make sure the revived ghosts do not overlap and do not fall, or they will explode! Beward of evil ghosts that must be kicked away! It starts simple, but you will soon discover that it is hard to fit all the ghosts on the screen without overlapping!

Rolling Football Version 2

The "Rolling Football" series continue with 24 brand new levels and also with some improvements. Have fun and solve the puzzles!

Roll Me

The Little Purple is trap inside the ground. The only way for him to escape is to get himself to the warp. On each platform, there is going to have obstacle that can kill the purple monster. use your click skill to help the monster get to the warp without being kill. Collect as much stars as possible to earn more points.

Rodent Tree Jump

Rodent Tree Jump is a Jumping Game. You play as a squirrel competing against three other squirrels in a jumping contest. Land as close to the target as possible to score the most points, but also try to aim for the bonus stars for extra points. Aim to have the best score after every three rounds. Use the spacebar to look ahead and find the target.

Rocky Rider

A perfect game for passionate drivers is Rocky Rider. Use the arrow keys and drive your jeep through different stages and levels in this exciting game, if you need to jump then use the space bar to do so. Once you collect the boosters you can use them by pressing Z, if you collect the letters of the word bonus you will then gain extra lives. You can also speed through levels changing your car over time to a small tiny car or a big monster truck.

Risky Rider

In Risky Rider, your objective is to jump off a ramp and land safely. Furthermore, try not to crash or you'll lose money. This is a simple stunt game, which is a lot of fun to play. After each mission, you have the possibility of assigning a point to improving different aspects of your bike on the tuning panel!

Risky Rider 6

Risky Rider 6 is a flash game for all those fans of awesome stunts out there! Pick your motorbike from three different kinds and perform some awesome stunts on the ground and in the air! Perform tricks in the air, do wheelies and reach awesome scores! You can combine your tricks for extra points! The more complex the combo, the more points you'll get!

Remove The Dinosaurs

Fun casual physics puzzle game featuring Dinosaurs!

Referee S

Instead of playing a ordinary soccer game, you are the player which is perhaps mad and disappointed from the referee and so your goal will be to kick the ball precisely and make an effort to hit the referee precisely. Use your mouse to control the kick, aim and shoot the ball, so we'll see how precise can you be in your goal. Start and in short time, you'll understand how it goes for yourself. By hitting the referee, you'll move to the next level and so we'll see how far you can get.

Redstar Fall Pro

You wanted more levels? You got them! New 20 harder levels for original Redstar Fall game. Your goal is to put red star on a platform as fast and as less clicks as you can. Have fun!

Red Star Fall

The Red Star, it's not just a decoration, it's an item wanted by many. Only the careful clicks can acquire the Red Star. Each platform shows up with its own surprises and own physics. You can click one box at a time, and wait for the reaction. This is more about timing and control of position. How many clicks will it take?

Red Star Fall Pro

Time to get professional! In this version of Red Star, with it's increased difficulty, only the most precise clicks can acquire the Red Star. Each platform shows inhabits its own surprises and physics. You click one box at a time and wait for the reaction. This is a game of timing and control of position. How many clicks will it take you?

Red Ball 4 Volume 3

Take control of the Red Ball character and roll and jump your way through a deadly factory, defeating enemies and avoiding deadly laser beams in the process. Have you got what it takes to save the world from turning square in the final installment to the hit physics-platformer series, Red Ball 4? Enjoy!

Red Ball 4 Volume 2

Roll and jump your way through a deep forest as you embark on a mission to save the world from evil squares! Will you be able to save the world from turning square? Skillfully use items on the playfield to help you progress through each level, and be sure to dodge (or jump on) enemies along the way.

Rave Rider

Drive your buggy over fun and trap-filled terrain with who knows what whilst you hunt for coins for later use! Be sure to upgrade your buggy to become faster and stronger as you progress through this fast paced, two-dimensional, side scrolling game! Complete levels and show the world your amazing buggy.

Rapunzels Escape

Rapunzels Escape is a Shockwave platform game, so you will need the Shockwave plugin for your browser, Flick Rapunzels hair around with the arrow keys to kill the baddies, you will have to flick them multiple times. Use the X key to magically grow her hair and the C key to cut it short again, collect all the jewels and potions on every level and try and escape the witches tower.

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