Jungle Adventure

Jungle Adventure is an adventure game. You control Waffle Boy across the jungle terrain, you can climb and swing on ropes, drive vehicles and throw stuff at the baddies.Jump on the big insects to disable them for a while, avoid touching them though as they will hurt you. Use the 'D' key to throw an object or get out of a vehicle. Be careful not to fall from a great height as it will hurt. Also do not fall into the water or you will drown.


Juggler is a Skill Game that is surprisingly fun due to its simplicity of design. The game has all the fun of Breakout - but without the bricks! So, just to make it a bit more interesting, there are 3 balls, and you have to keep them all off the ground at the same time. You get to take a short break every 1000 points and if you can get that far, you'll need it.


Keeping control of where children are can be pretty crazy! In this adventure, you'll need to put your puzzle solving skills to test! Each kid for the Jolls' needs to match with their same color parent. Only a red ball can collect another red child ball. There are 30 levels to play and you can start from 1 of 3 starting points. Can you have them all reach the center point together?

Iso Infected

This is a challenging 3D Puzzle Game where you have to control a metallic ball and roll it through the different rooms in search of gems. Explore all the rooms and collect all the gems before the time runs out! Sometimes you have to move over narrow ramps and dangerous surfaces, so be careful and avoid falling down or you will lose health. If the health meter reaches its minimum, you will lose a life. Collect the health packs to enhance the health level and view the map to know your location.


In Intrusion, you play as a soldier who has crash landed in hostile territory. Your mission is simple. Survive and kill all hostile enemies. Shoot your enemies and avoid being shot yourself. do you have the shooting skills to beat the game and rid the hostile planet of creatures which threaten your survival?

Inflate The Frog

Inflate your frog holding the mouse over it, but do not collide with other animals, while the mouse is over a frog! The larger the frog, the stronger it is! Goal of the game to win all the animals at the level, turning them into frogs.

Ice Breaker Gathering

True vikings stick together! Free your viking brethren from the chilling confines of their icy prisons. Use your mouse to slice away the ice and guide the vikings to their ship. Help everyone make it and you will be rewarded with eternal happiness in Valhalla. But watch out for traps as they might injure or even kill your brethren.

Hungry Shapes 3

Feed the hungry shapes in this addictive logic physics puzzle game. Red shapes need 2 hamburgers, yellow - 2, and green want none. Avoid or use mines as needed - they explode and push you far. Carefully designed varying in solution approach 30 levels. There is even a level editor and custom levels to play from users.

Huje Tower

This tower building game comes in a new variety: small sewage-like organisms called Hujos. With over 35 levels to play, you need to get them of the platform and into the sky. Each level has a set height to reach, and some levels require different mechanics than others. You might need to use some as bungees to wake up sleeping critters, and others are used to drag them along the ground. Can you help the little red bacteria reach their goal of skydom?

Huje Adventure

Chlos decided to wander into a cave, after reaching an asteroid from Huje Tower. In this cave, he finds a mysterious entity that seems to merge with Chlos. Taking a break from tower climbing, Huje Adventure takes a leap into a platforming milestone. With the ability to slow down time, and take a few hits from enemies, you'll need to find out who this entity is and what really happened to Chlos.

Hot Air

The Objective of the game is to guide the balloon to the end of the level. Try to collect as many stars possible on the way to your goal. Keys unlock the gates. Watch out for spikes and always be on the lookout for stars. Try to go to the end of the level as fast as possible. Do you have what it takes?

Home Sheep Home

the aim of the game is to transfer the sheep to the sign. Each sheep can push items according to how big the sheep is. there are three sheep, and you can control them by choosing 1, 2, or 3, respectively. Timing is important, the shorter time you need to finish the task, the more points you will earn.

Home Sheep Home 2: Lost Underground

Shaun the Sheep is back for an all new adventure! Help the three sheep make their way through underground mines so that they can safely return home. Utilise their unique abilities to solve puzzles and get past obstacles in this physics-based puzzle.

Hit The Jackpot

Test your archery skils by trying to Hit The Jackpot! The objective of the game is to hit the exact center of the target by placing and timing your shots as close as possible to the target. Try to go for perfect scores! To do this, you must make sure your aim is spot on by the time you shoot the arrow. Watch out for distance and wind factors that will affect your shot.

Hit Logic Level Pack

Hit Logic is back with even more fiendish checker puzzles for you to solve! Get all the red pieces out of the board in the smallest amount of moves, and be careful not to dispose of the other colors! Can you solve all the puzzles or will you give up? Your logic skills will be put to the test in this difficult puzzle game!

Hide Caesar!

Hide Caesar! is a Physics Based Puzzle Game set in a classical Roman theme. You have to drop a series of objects into the playing field so that they cover the Roman coin. Your attempt to shield the coin will then be tested by a scattering of stones. If the stones touch the coin, or if at any time the coin falls to the floor, the level is lost.

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