Splatman is similar to Pac-Man, but with beautiful 3D animations and best of all... coffee! Work your way through the maze, avoid the ghosts and drink coffee to power up. There's even a level editor for a unique and original challenge every time. Clear the stage to progress to new and interesting environments!


Sonny is a new take on a classic Pac Man sytle game. You must help Sonny collect all his bones while avoiding the dog catchers. Remember, if sonny eats a jalapeno chilly he can put the chomp on the dogcatchers by walking over them. Biting a dog catcher will send them packing back to the pound. Clear the city of all food to move on to the next level. Put some teeth on those dog catchers in this awesome arcade game!


Pacxon is an addictive Strategy Based Arcade Game where your aim is to clear various levels by filling the empty area. To fill the empty area, build a wall between any two sides. Avoid the ghosts at all times, especially whilst building a wall, because if the ghosts touch the wall, you will die of electric shock. To clear a level, you must fill at least 80% or more empty space. The number of enemies and difficulty will keep on increasing as you progress in the game. Do remember to pickup various power-ups as they give you super powers and make the game easier.

Pacs Jungle Trip

Pacs Jungle Trip is a bit different from normal Pacman game. This game has an adventure element to it. During Pacs quest, collect different items to help repair his car. Move close to the different items in the game to get a description about them, but don't forget to avoid those Ghosts...There are many hidden surprises to look out for.


Pacman is the classic game with the big yellow smiley everyone played growing up in the 1980's, the aim of the game is to eat all of the white dots & avoid getting caught by the ghosts. You can eat the big magic pills and get super powers, at which point you can also eat the ghosts. You have 3 lives and unlimited levels.


This is a arcade game, where you control a yellow colored character with a big mouth. The aim of the game is to eat all of the orange bits of food and collect the green colored mines. At the same time making sure you dont get killed by the zombie monsters on each level (note: some can even shoot fireballs at you). There are 35 levels to complete and to help you, you can click the mouse button to lay the mines in the path of the monsters to kill them

Burger Man

The tastier version of Pac-Man. Guide Burger Man throughout the traditional puzzle, and beware of the demonic clowns! Eat the occasional carrot to transform the clowns into their edible counterparts. Enjoy the beautifully cartoonish graphics and humorous sound effects as you navigate your way to victory.

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