Joke On Teacher

Have you ever been scolded by your teacher? You can take revenge to them here!

Joes Last Stand

You are Joe and you make your last stand in front of the invading flock that is trying to destroy your crop. The objective of the game is to shoot zombie sheep through the night until the sun comes up. Do your best to keep them at bay with your guns. You can buy more guns and stronger ammunition as you earn points. As the days pass the invading flock is much stronger and faster so be careful and shoot quick. Always watch out for your ammo count and don`t start the next level without buying ammo.

Jingle Balls

In Jingle Balls you play as Dennis, a real brat, he just cannot enjoy Christmas fairs and is extremely bored. To make him cheer up, you need to help him, stir up trouble all over the fair. Try to snowball as many people as possible and to get all the gifts you can. You have to hurry as the time is limited and also avoid getting caught or you will be bashed up. Hit the people carrying gifts, with snowballs to gain points and also collect the gifts kept under the Christmas tree in this jolly festive game.

Jigsaw: Red Flowers

Jigsaw: Red Flowers is a jigsaw puzzle of a bunch of red flowers. This puzzle has three different sizes to choose from between 9, 100 and 144 pieces. There is also a choice between challenge mode and relaxed mode. Challenge mode has a timer so you can try and beat the clock or you could just chill out and do it at your own pace with relaxed mode.

Jigsaw: Ready For Barbeque

The good thing about a barbeque is that there is something for everyone. This is a puzzle of a barbeque You have six different modes challenge mode and relaxed which has 9 pieces, 100 pieces and 144 pieces to a puzzle Finish the puzzle To see a great bareque picture To play this puzzle game all you need is your mouse.

Jigsaw: Lighthouse

Helps seamen find their way back home. This jigsaw puzzle is of a light house you are able to play in 6 different modes 9, 100 , 144 pieces in challenge mode or relaxed mode in challenge mode you are timed for how long it take you to finish the puzzle and given a highscore at the end to go up on a leader board. use you mouse to click and drag the pieces of the puzzle.

Jigsaw: Aqueduct Sheep

An aqueduct across country lands. You can play this jigsaw puzzle in a few modes relaxed or hard mode, hard mode is where you are timed and given a score on how fast on finish the puzzle, where as relaxed mode you finish the puzzle when you can. To play this jigsaw puzzle use your mouse to click on the pieces and drag to move them.

Jigsaw 3D Cube

Jigsaw 3D Cube is a relaxing and challenging 3D jigsaw game. With beautiful images and relaxing music, it is suitable for all ages.

Jewels Hero

Jewels Hero is an addictive matching puzzle game! Choose a hero, then take advantage of your wit and special skills as you take turns against the enemy, matching groups of jewels to attack, defend, heal, power up your rage bar, and perform magic attacks. Take advantage of your rage bar; once you've filled it, you'll be able to unleash a powerful rage attack, dealing massive damage to your enemy! Don't be afraid to spend your jewels for helpful assists, which can turn the battle in your favour!

Jewelry Memory Game

Do you like jewellery? You will find all sorts of treasures in this sparkling memory game. The one downside to wearing so much sparkle though is managing to keep it tidy and untangled. In this memory game, you can pair up rings, earrings, watches and much more! See how quickly you can unjumble all of the glittering bling.

Jewel Thief

In this maze game you will have to steal the requested item (usually blinking) and escape unnoticed by the guards and security cameras. Be careful, though, as even the easiest level may be filled with safe looking spots that really are not! That original spot where you were unnoticed may now be the main spot to get busted. How many items can you steal successfully?

Jewel Dive

Jewel Dive is a gorgeous deep-sea puzzle game! Make matches of 3 jewels or more and boost your score to the max! Discover the powerful gems that let you clear lines and areas of jewels at once, and multiply your score with Jewel Multipliers! Don't forget to check out its mobile version, with even more features!

Jewel Digger

In Jewel Digger you are in a quest for well hidden gorgeous diamonds. Although it gets really funny and captivating when you have such a cute little companion joining you and all the things you need are at a mouse click’s distance. To help you along your way in the game you need to collect all the jewels to complete a target gold and then click on the bomb to destroy the specific item you have in the wand. Inbetween levels when progressing on to the next level you can visit the shop where items can be bought.

Jetpack Jane

A distance / launch game, with a lot of polish and speed!

Jetix 3D Soccer

The aim of Jetix 3D Soccer is to get the ball in your opponent's goal in the given time limit but try not to let the other team do the same to you. Using the arrow keys dribble the ball in the opponents half, get past the defenders along with your team mates and score goals. The player you have control of is marked by a small circle around him. The game has a wonderful option to select four players and even a team shirt. Use space bar to slide and score as many goals as you can to achieve a high score.

Jet Velocity 3D

Jet Velocity is a 3D racing game. You go up against three other opponents The aim of the game is come first, buy winning more races you can unlock better ships to use in the races. There are ten races in the campaign and by doing them you can unlock another 5 ships to use. Each ship has its own specs, so they have their advantages and disadvantages.

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