Jumping Jack

Jack be nimble. Jack be quick! Jack jumped over a...barn?! In this fun little side scrolling game, you'll have to jump over every obstacle in your path, and attempt to get points while doing so. A small jump will come in handy on many positions, but don't be too fooled by the depth of the jump. Hint: If you're not sure, jump it!

Jumping Bananas

Jumping for bananas has never been this challenging! You are a hungry monkey looking for bananas. You have several enemies in the area that might prevent you from getting your precious bananas. Ranging from snakes to hedgehogs, even superman is trying to block your way! Good Luck! Don't let anything stand between a monkey and his banana!


In Jumpball, the goal of the game is to keep your ball bouncing and keep it from falling off the bouncy platforms. Go with the flow and try to get power-ups that will help you control your ball better and avoid the downgrades that will impede your progress! Try and keep your ball in the centre of the screen to avoid the electricity on the sides!


Jump is an Adventure Games with retro style graphics that remind you of the compuet games from the 1980's. The game still has loads of adventure to offer. The aim of this game is to explore all the levels collecting the golden squares along the way and reach the exit door to proceed to the next level. You will encounter many enemies and traps during your exploration, Use the spacebar the shoot the nasty creatures and proceed further.

Jump to SKY

Crazy robot wants to reach sky. It can't fly but it can jump through to sky. Be careful of angry birds and don't forget to collect metals. Because you will buy upgrades with the metals which you collect during game play. You will be able to jump higher and control your robot better jump higher. You can control robot by arrow keys.

Jump The Gorge

This fun sports game is for those who dare to do some extreme snow boarding! The aim is to slide down a hill on your snow board, gain enough acceleration and jump over deep gorges, houses and trees. You can set the power by adjusting the power bar at the bottom right. Left click on the green button above the meter to set the desired power that will land you safely on the target area.

Jump 'n Gun - Full Version

A challenging platformer with oldschool pixelart and music. You are able to double jump and collect coins and gems though out the game and ammo for your gun to kill your foes. Earn a highscore at the end. Jump ââ

Jump n Glide

Jump 'n Glide is a great flying game which puts you into the shoes of a glider pilot. Have you ever done air gliding before? The object of the game is to collect all the yellow balloons as you glide through the air. Try to jump and glide towards them, but be careful not to disturb the balloons with bombs in them or you shall soon go BANG.

Jump n Rolla

Getting down a mountain isn't that easy! Tog decides he's just going to jump and roll all the way down! Help protect Tog so he doesn't bump his head. He has a limited amount of energy to control his rolls, so use it cautiously. If he hits his head, he'll lose a lot of energy! How far down the mountain can you go?

Jumbo Run

Jump over the gaps and keep walking as long as you can. You will start with 20 energy points, each jump will cost 1 energy point. Collect bones to gain energy. Catch the wings bubble to fly, Dodge the fire and other things that cant hurt you as you have a health bar and energy points, collect stars for points.

Jumbo Jet Parking

At the end of the each flight, every pilot needs to park his plane. Through several challenging stages, park the big Jumbo Jet plane on designated position and collect tokens along the way for more points. As you go, stages get bigger and thus challenge greater. Great game for kids in which you can test your plane parking skills.


Juggler is a Skill Game that is surprisingly fun due to its simplicity of design. The game has all the fun of Breakout - but without the bricks! So, just to make it a bit more interesting, there are 3 balls, and you have to keep them all off the ground at the same time. You get to take a short break every 1000 points and if you can get that far, you'll need it.

Juggle King

Prevent the yellow balls from falling into the ground. Bounce them back into the air for as long as you can. Collect stars to increase your score.

Journey to the East

Jump into battle in Journey to the East. try to survive by killing enemies from all over the globe. Visit countries around the world and fight with their warriors until you reach your destination. You gain experience and gold every time you fight so use them to buy new equipment to better battle your foes. It gets harder every time so always keep your equipment in top shape, you never know how the fight will do so best be prepared.

Jonas Brothers Dress Up

Following suite in many dress up attire games, the Jonas Brothers now need your help. Pick from a variety of clothes, accessories, and hairstyles to prepare them for their next show. Will they dress as rock 'n roll stars from the 80's, or will they get a more modern pop-rock look? Only you decide! Channel your inner designer!


Keeping control of where children are can be pretty crazy! In this adventure, you'll need to put your puzzle solving skills to test! Each kid for the Jolls' needs to match with their same color parent. Only a red ball can collect another red child ball. There are 30 levels to play and you can start from 1 of 3 starting points. Can you have them all reach the center point together?

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