Maze 4

28 Levels of awesomely addictive fun as you battle to the top of the leaderboards by navigating the pinball to the finish whilst avoiding gun-turrets, spinning blades, moving platforms and much, much more..

Harry Potter And Marauders Map

Hogwarts is under attack! Navigate Harry Potter through mazes within the Marauders Map to collect the pieces he needs to repair the damages. Grab the cloak of invisibility to keep yourself safe! Dodge the opposing wizards as they fly through the corridors and try to stop Harry. The levels themselves are changing form as a result of sorcery.

Lucky Ladybug

In Lucky Ladybug you are in control of a lady bug and start the game on a new maze on every level. Get the ladybug from start to the finish in the least possible time. Be careful of the obstacles along the way, if you touch them, you've to restart all over again! You gain the maximum number of points, try to reach the goal in the least number of clicks.

Lost Your Marbles

Go and find your marbles before it's too late and find as many as you can. The more you retrieve the further you go. Watch out - it's a maze out there, with lots of obstacles. The walls move and can be a real knockout if you bump into them. Make sure you put your cursor in a space where you can avoid walls and where you can hover over the marbles!

Kingdom Of Gold

The objective of the game is to try to find the hidden treasure. There are a lot of obstacles, spikes and spear traps in the cave to ward off robbers so be careful! A tip would be to watch out for glyphs as they may provide clues. Check what every switch does and see how they should be used. Do you have what it takes to finish?

Kax 2003

This Skill Game will test your reflexes. The green arrow is constantly rotating, to move it you have to move it when it is pointing in your desired direction. Get the arrow to the star to proceed to the next level, but remember to avoid crashing into the walls and blocks. Use the arrow keys to move. Good Luck!


Live the thrilling life of a Boar as you roam the lands following your instincts and feeding your needs. Discover new items that can boost your stamina, scare away the farmers so they can open some of the doors, but don't let them get to the pitchforks! But mostly try to get to the objective before time runs out.


Isoball is a fun Puzzle Building Game. The aim is to use the various objects given at the bottom of the game to build a route for the red ball to reach the hole. You can click on the various objects to turn their angel. The game start with easy puzzles but very soon becomes diffiuilt. There is also a time limit on each level

Isoball 2

Isoball 2 is a isometric 3D game where you have to guide the ball to the finish which is a hole in the bottom of the floor. You have to guide the ball with the help of blocks, ramps and other elements that can be rotated and freely placed. The difficulty rises with each level and you will have to think of more elaborate ways to solve the puzzles.

Iso Infected

This is a challenging 3D Puzzle Game where you have to control a metallic ball and roll it through the different rooms in search of gems. Explore all the rooms and collect all the gems before the time runs out! Sometimes you have to move over narrow ramps and dangerous surfaces, so be careful and avoid falling down or you will lose health. If the health meter reaches its minimum, you will lose a life. Collect the health packs to enhance the health level and view the map to know your location.


This Skill Game is a test of how much control you have over your mouse cursor. Except here, you can't see the mouse cursor at all. Sure, you can cheat, but that's not the point. The object of the game is to pass your invisible mouse cursor through a series of mazes without bumping into any walls. You must start from go and arrive at where it says stop with your mouse, sounds easy yeah?

Indiana Jones Lost Treasure

Indiana Jones Lost Treasure is a Treasure Quest Game set in pyramids of Egypt. You are looking for the lost fortune of Pharoah. To win, you need to complete each stage by reaching the open door. You will need to move from platform to platform, turn levers, complete mazes and solve puzzles to do so. Avoid enemies, spikes and pits or you will die and go back to the start of the level.

Indiana Jones

Based on the popular Movie Character, Indiana Jones is an exciting Adventure game set in the ancient pyramids of Egypt. Guide Indiana through a series of increasingly difficult levels simply filled with deadly traps and other crawling nasties in search of the lost treasure of the pharoah. A tricky platformer, Indiana Jones will require timing, patience, and puzzle solving, And remember, he hates snakes!

In Eldorado Deadly Trip

In Eldorado Deadly Trip you must help a guy to find the exit of the maze. Collect treasures to buy upgrades in the shop. Improve your walking speed and buy upgrades to widen your view. Help him get out of the ancient labyrinth in Mexico and gather as much treasure as possible. But watch out for the enemies.

Hyper Cube

The objective of the game is to find the exit to each stage. Every stage is like a puzzle. There are all sorts of contraptions that can mutilate you instantly so be careful! Try not to touch any of the traps.Fun brain-teasing game that will keep you concentrated for hours. Hope you will be able to find the exits!

Haunted House

Haunted House is an Escaping Puzzle Game. You are trapped inside a haunted house with ghosts and ghouls inside. You have to get out but you can only do that by searching the whole house for certain items. Items like keys to locked doors etc. Pick up the candy bars to replenish your health. Avoid bumping into the ghosts, cats and other creepy things as they damage your health.

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