Road Blocks

The aim of Road blocks is to get the ball into the goal by any way possible. The ball will continue in it's path until it is stopped by a wall. If the ball hits a portal it will appear out of the matching portal traveling in the same direction as when it entered the first portal. This challenge will need all your skill and determination. Good Luck!


Rebound is a Puzzle Game where need to control the direction the ball is going, in order to reach the exit in every level. You do this by clicking the long red bars and diverting the ball in the required direction. Collect all the gems in the least number of moves to gain extra points. There are over 25 levels in this game.

Rapidz 3D

In Rapidz 3D you are piloting a missile through a tunnel, all through the tunnel there are rotating obstacles flying towards you, try to guide your way through the holes that are cut out of the obstacles by quickly moving the mouse. The position of your mouse is the position of the missile in the tunnel. There are 9 levels in total.


Be one of the fearless Puzzlenauts. Seek a new adventure in places full of mysteries and puzzles. But to be as great as them means to prove yourself worthy. Think smart, be witty and move the blocks around to figure a way to the next level. Be careful for traps as they can be very tricky. Don't worry if you can't figure it out at first. Try hard enough and you will become the best Puzzlenaut there is.

Push It

Push It is a fun Sokoban clone with nice graphics and challenging puzzles. The object of the game is to push the boxes into the designated colored areas. Although you are not able to push two or more boxes at once. If you ever make a wrong move or get stuck you always have the option to restart the level. Have fun playing the game and good luck!

Polar Express

In Polar Express you must manoeuvre the train through a maze of crossing train tracks. Gather as many of the small balls, wagons and passengers that are on the track as you can. Don't forget your main duties though, if you do not manage the tracks correctly you will be unable to keep the train safe. Enjoy scenery from towns, forests and the arctic.


This is an adventure game where your goal is to gather all the balls spread over the maze and find your way out. Hidden surprises lurk throughout the levels and put your life at risk! Enjoy the simple yet inviting ambiance of this challenging puzzler. Ploop combines the top-down puzzle-adventure fun of games like the old Legend of Zelda titles with a fresh set of challenges.

Pharaohs Tomb

In Pharaohs Tomb your task is to collect all of the hidden treasure and then escape the tomb whilst avoiding all of the dangers and traps. Humans built a lot of traps to discourage grave robbers, but that is not the only danger you face. The sorcerers of Egypt were very skilled at their craft, and they used their power to make sure that their masters would never be disturbed.

Ninja Girl 2

Ninja Girl 2 is a cool shockwave-based adventure puzzle game. The objective is to guide your ninja through each stage to collect all of the cartons and reach the exit. To do that you need to create a path by breaking blocks, but beware falling rocks. Each level gets harder as you go, requiring a lot of forward thinking to keep the path back to the exit clear. Beware the enemies too as they're out to get you.

Mystery IQ Test

You wake up in a mysterious place without a clue how you got there. Were you abducted, or are you stuck in a twisted mind game? You starting to find out that the only way for you to get out of this maze, is by solving tricky questions. Can you survive the test and get the highest score? Find out in this peculiar game!

My Green Clay Tree

The Green Fairy needs your help to reach her clay tree but she cannot touch the ground, use your ingenuity to topple the buildings and create a safe path for her in this magnificent clay themed puzzle game. Use caution, buildings must touch each other for the fairy to cross from one to the other, if you get stuck there's a helpful Undo button to take back your last move, and camera rotation buttons to view the conundrum from all angles.

Metaphysik 2

Metaphysik 2 is a Puzzle Game that will require a high amount of dexterity and perfect timing. you must guide a multi-colored ball to the goal in order to complete each level. Your score is counted in seconds, and the lowest score is the best score. With a varying levels of difficulty, devices, timers, switches and other objects that aim to destroy your chances at wining, you will be thoroughly challenged.


In Mesmemarble, your goal is to guide your marble through a series of mazes to try and get it to the exit portal. You can bounce it off walls only and can transport it through portals of the same color. Watch out for holes (the striped portals) because if you fall into one, you will have to start all over again. Have fun!

Mesmemarble 2

In this great and utterly addictive puzzle game, your objective is quite simply to find the way out without dropping the ball down a hole, hitting a mine, or touching walls that might make you explode. Try to pick up all the stars as you go for more points and a higher score! Check out the power-ups and avoid the bad ones. Survey the maze first to work out the best way of solving it. Move around the red marbles or lose a life! Good Luck!


Race your way through a maze of traps tricks in search for the moon rock aka cheese You play as a mouse and your in a maze and you have to find your cheese and dodge the traps there is four modes for you to try each mode has its own rewards and drawbacks. To play maze runner you use your keyboard and use WASD


Maze is a game in which you control a robot who is trapped inside a maze, try to find the key to the red exit door and escape before the time runs out. You can also break walls with mallets that you can collect on the way. Also grab the map of the maze when you find it to view your location. Good Luck and try to not get lost.

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