Jungle Crash

Jungle Crash is a Puzzle Game where you have to try to eliminate the blocks before they reach the top of the screen. To elimintate colors you need to click groups of 3 or more of the same color blocks. New blocks are contsantly adding from the bottom of the game. If any one of the stacks of blocks touches the top then it's game over. You have 10 lives and if you click a group of tiles that is less than 3, you lose one. As the levels progress the game gets harder because the speed of incoming blocks starts to increase.

Jewels Hero

Jewels Hero is an addictive matching puzzle game! Choose a hero, then take advantage of your wit and special skills as you take turns against the enemy, matching groups of jewels to attack, defend, heal, power up your rage bar, and perform magic attacks. Take advantage of your rage bar; once you've filled it, you'll be able to unleash a powerful rage attack, dealing massive damage to your enemy! Don't be afraid to spend your jewels for helpful assists, which can turn the battle in your favour!

Jewelry Memory Game

Do you like jewellery? You will find all sorts of treasures in this sparkling memory game. The one downside to wearing so much sparkle though is managing to keep it tidy and untangled. In this memory game, you can pair up rings, earrings, watches and much more! See how quickly you can unjumble all of the glittering bling.

Jewel Dive

Jewel Dive is a gorgeous deep-sea puzzle game! Make matches of 3 jewels or more and boost your score to the max! Discover the powerful gems that let you clear lines and areas of jewels at once, and multiply your score with Jewel Multipliers! Don't forget to check out its mobile version, with even more features!

IQ Marathon

IQ Marathon is a great little puzzle game from Germany. The idea of the game is simple: on each level, you must maneuver a white cow to reach a fire hydrant. The problem is that the cows like those pesky lemmings, will move only in the direction they are facing. So in order to steer them on the right path, you must place directional arrows on the board using your mouse and drag them on to the grid.

House Of Chocolates

You have to line up the chocolates in order to get them to disappear in House Of Chocolates. A successful match will fill up the milk jar, make sure you clear the whole board to move on to the next puzzle. With a variety of stages and hundreds of thousands of ways to solve each one, this is a tasty puzzle challenge.

Hiring Day

It's your first day on the job as a quality assessor and you have to make a good impression or else it will also be your last. Look carefully for the items that don't fit the criteria and whack them off the conveyor belt as soon as you see them. Watch out not to smack the good ones too or you'll get fired as quick as you were hired.

Harvest Day

Harvest Day is a fast paced elimination game. Find 2 or more fruits of the same kind next to each other, and click them to remove them from the board before time runs out. When there are no more similar fruits adjacent to each other, you have completed the level. If the timer runs out and there is still an available move, that you have not spotted the game will end.

Hand Jibe

Hand Jibe is a game where you need to make color and hand combinations fast enough so that the board doesn't fill up. Try to make the combinations indicated on the lower left corner, if you make specific combinations therefore you can make the blocks stop dropping for a few seconds! Put your combo skills to the test and show people what your made of, have fun!

Halloween Memory Game

October 31 is on its way, and this Halloween is going to be scarier than ever! Black cats, vampires, witch’s cauldrons, zombies, pumpkins, ghosts... all the trick or treaters and their Halloween accessories have been mixed up in this online card game. Sort the costumes, accessories and candy into pairs as fast as you can, because if the stopwatch arrives at 0...you lose!

Greedy Mole

Moles need to eat too, and in this game, you'll prove that by gathering as much fruit as you can. With two exciting game modes, fruit will fall from the tree. Moley can only take the fruit if it is combined in groups of three of the same. Once they are, he claims them for his own. More fruit will continue to fall until all are gone...or the fruit fills up over the top. How greedy a mole can you be?

Goofy Gopher

In this Memory Game you have to match similar flowers in the garden. But hurry up as you have to do this before the sun sets or you will lose. One of the flowers is hiding Goofy Gopher, and if you pick a plant that Goofy is hiding under, then he'll rearrange the garden. So you will have to remember the location of the flowers all over again. The levels get more and more complicated as you progress.


Blobs and friends love to get into places and sit around. The other problem is: they don't know how to get out! You can free them by selecting them with your mouse! Make sure you enforce the buddy system, as one blob can't be cleared by itself. The bigger the blob, the more points you'll score. Each level has a target score reach it and you're free! Can you free them all?

Global Player

You as a Global Player is running a Global Freight company, You will have to use the arrows on the screen to direct the correct containers onto the right method of transport. A tip is to keep an eye on the color of the top of the containers. Make sure to be quick because lost cargo means lost business so make sure you have the containers properly delivered!


Form shards of glass into a colorful mosaic.Select a piece and click to rotate it, placing it where it fits on the mosaic (pieces can only cover one color). Place unusable pieces in the trash, but beware: this costs points!

Glass Works

Glass Works is a puzzle game. You must complete the puzzles by placing glass pieces into empty spaces. Fill all the spaces within the time limit to complete the puzzle. Some pieces contain power-ups to help you complete the puzzle or gain a better score. Larger pieces are worth more points. You can drop unwanted pieces into the trash bin to destroy them, but you will lose points for each piece you throw away.

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