Note Match

Connect a line of three or more identical figures to reduce them. Use bonuses to increase the points, gained from reducing of lines or for getting the extra time. There are two game modes appearing of new figures.

Neon Rider

In Neon Rider you must race as fast as you can along the glowing neon tracks. Using the keyboard with WASD for movement, you'll need to navigate from the starting point to the finish. Some added bonuses to help increase your chances are the inclusion of a mini-map, and the ability to change colors. Color changing may change the route you can take...


Monbuster is a puzzle game. In this game you have to match monster cards of the same kind as fast as possible using your mouse. It gets harder and harder at every level, because there will be a lot more monster types. Be on the lookout for special power-up cards that will help you greatly in finishing a level. The goal here is to be quick!

Maxwells Demon

Maxwells Demon is a tricky puzzle game, The aim is to filter out red and blue color balls into two different sides of a box in the fastest possible time to set the record. Let the blue balls onto the left side and the red onto the right. Be careful as the balls are moving in random direction from both the sides.

Match The Bugz

Match the Bugz is a Puzzle Game where you have to swap the different bugs and try to match 3 or more of the similar bugs in a row to make them disappear. You must eliminate the required number of bugs from the grid, before the time runs out in order to proceed to the next level. The more bugs you eliminate the more points you'll get. But watch out for the bombs, because of you match 3 bombs in a row then you'll lose points.

Market Match

A fun puzzle game in which you have to match all the pairs before the time runs out. Use the shop for useful upgrades to help you along the way! This is a puzzle game which is a good for "play inbetween work" game for when need a little distraction or you could play it at home to tease your brain a little.


Makos is a Matching Arcade Game where you have to remove the makos by sliding and grouping three similar shapes in a row or column. There is a time limit on each level. The shapes of makos look almost similar to make the game tricky but they are different in colors. After a few sucessful matches, certain rows and columns will be locked again to make the game more difficuilt.

Make Up Memory Game

If this beauty cupboard isn't tidied up soon, you're not going to be able to practise any new make up techniques! Can you remember where everything is? All you have to do is match up the pairs. The faster you do it, the more points you’ll get! Get through all the levels in this game, and you'll be a make up pro!


Mahjong is a very popular Chinese Game. To complete a game you must clear the board of stones and not bring down the pyramid. To clear the stones you need to match 2 stones of the same design. They pyramid consist of 234, 164, 114, 64 and 40 stones. Try not to make a mistake as you can only use the "back" button to undo one move at a time, and you will loose the points you earned for that move!

Lucky Balls

Lucky Balls is a colorful Puzzle Game. The aim is to eliminate all the colorful balls rolling down the spiral tube, before they reach the skull. You can eliminate them by shooting a ball from the center and group 3 or more balls of the same color. The degree of difficulty rises as you proceed further.

Lt Fly

The fly army is striking back at the spiders! In this unique action-based puzzle game, you'll have to help collect the ammunition that Lieutenant Fly needs to take out the invading Spider Army. Click on a block to change its color. Matching four or more blocks of the same color eliminates them and brings the weapons closer. Collect bullets, grenades, and nuclear bombs!

Lolly Balls Crush

Try to connect as many lolly balls of the same color and type as you can but also be aware that you have only 60 seconds. After you score some points, new different lolly balls appear for you to match. At the end you may receive a nice Final Bonus depending on the score, the number of chains created and lolly balls connected.

Lipstick Switch

Lipstick switch is a very addictive puzzle game, in which you must put all of the scattered makeup items in pairs in order to clear the level, before the time runs out. The more you clear the board, the easier it becomes to link two items together! The quicker you accomplish your task the more points you will get!

Last Defence

Defend your factory from the attacking robots by firing the right coloured missiles! Drag your mouse in the direction of the colour indicated to launch a particular colour of missile. Example: Drag your mouse from left to right and downwards to launch a red missile and from right to left and downwards to launch a yellow missile. Have fun!

Jungle Shooter

Shoot down a fruity bounty with a little help from your pets!

Jungle Crash

Jungle Crash is a Puzzle Game where you have to try to eliminate the blocks before they reach the top of the screen. To elimintate colors you need to click groups of 3 or more of the same color blocks. New blocks are contsantly adding from the bottom of the game. If any one of the stacks of blocks touches the top then it's game over. You have 10 lives and if you click a group of tiles that is less than 3, you lose one. As the levels progress the game gets harder because the speed of incoming blocks starts to increase.

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