Triple Rotate

Rotate the connected gems to make triangles of 3. Fill in the entire background on the levels.

Toy Tales

In the world of toys, unknown to their owners, they battle to see who is the greatest! In this jewel matching game, you can draw a line to the matching tiles to create a line of 3. Any more than a line of 3 will deal "damage" to your opponent, and give you points to use any learn abilities you learn.

The Treasures of Montezuma 2

This is one of those high quality match-three games. You need to switch positions of adjacent items to form lines of 3 or more identical ones. Your goal is each level is to eliminate all items that have a gem inside. You can shop for upgrades between levels.

Summer Marble

Summer time! You are in the beach and want to play with marble. Match them three in a row to win this game. To win fill the colour bars then clear the rest of the marbles of the level and more levels you play more colours will be added to the game to make the levels harder. Match marble per 3 to win this game.


Shoot colored balls next to others of the same color. Don't let any reach the end hole.


Stackopolis is a colorful Puzzle Game. It is simple to play, all you have to do is to just click on a block to make it dissappear then click where you want to place it. There are 20 unique levels. A 3D view is provided as well as a top-down blueprint that identifies the number of each block that is required for each cell of the play field grid. If you fail to match the target picture within the time limit, the game ends, and you will have to start the whole game again!

Stackopolis MC

In this highly original and unique isometric puzzle-architecture game, your job is to stack blocks to create various buildings and monuments in accordance with the city blueprint specifications. Race against time as you watch beautiful architectural wonders comes to life. Stack the metropolis of your dreams!

Speedy Shooter

Speedy Shooter is a Puzzle Game where you have to pop all the bubbles in the game play area. You do this by shooting your own bubble into the wall with the aim to match 3 or more same color bubbles. When you make a successful match the bubbles pop and vanish from the screen. You have to pop all the bubbles in order to win the game.

Sobics School

Sobics School is a block matching puzzle game, the aim is to group together 4 or more same colored blocks so that they disappear. But you have to be quick or the blocks will continue to pile up and reach the ground. Achieve the minimum points for each level to proceed to the next. Try to group as many blocks as you can to score combo bonus points. Use the dynamite blocks to blow up any pile of blocks.

Sobics School 2

Sobics School 2 is a cute puzzle game where the aim is to eliminate all the colored tiles as soon as possible to complete the level and score points. The number of tiles increases as you proceed further to the higher levels. The level is complete when there are no groups of tiles left. You can rotate the entire block to rearrange the tiles and form similar groups.

Shoe Memory Game

Don't you hate it when your shoe cupboard is in such a mess that you have to leave the house wearing odd shoes? Hmm, maybe you never let it get so bad. In that case, can you help us sort this mess out? Everything is muddled up. Click the icons to see what's on the other side, and see if you can match the pairs before time runs out. Come on, best foot forward!


A simple yet fun matching game where the goal is to move the rows or columns around to match up three or more balls of the same color. Each time you move a row or column you'll lose energy so think before you act. Also time is ticking so you'll need to decide quickly. Make sure you collect bonus points and gain extra time by creating combo sequences.

Sapphire Clix

Match 2 or more to collapse it. On Sapphire Clix Game, you will need to do longest combo in order to gain higher score on this game, but beware when blocks will hit the upper line, you must be quick on collapsing it and do not let the blocks hit the upper line, you will getting lose if the blocks hit the upper line.

Rotation Key

Rotation key is a Puzzle Game. You will be given a formation of balls on the right side of the screen; your aim is to recreate the same ball formation on the main board. There is a limited number of moves allowed per level. There are over 20 different levels to complete. Click on the balls to rotate them. Good Luck.

Rotate Mania

Rotate Mania is a puzzle game where you have to bring a tower of shapes down one by one using your left mouse click. There are several game modes and skill levels included in the game. The different game modes will suit players of both quick and calm temper. You will be hard pressed to win the game, as new blocks will appear while you are thinking on the next move. Remember the quicker you are the easier the game will be.

Ring Mania

Ring mania is a matching puzzle game, the aim is to rotate the wheel located inside the center of a circle using the arrow keys, and try to group together the colorful rings as they appear, based on their color. If you join 3 or more similar colored rings then they will disappear. Once all the rings have gone, you win that level and move on. If the small rings touch the outer circle, you lose.

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