Strong Bow

Defend your castle and attack your opponent's lands in Strong Bow. Every time you hit an enemy unit, you gain gold which you can spend on your own troops, building defenses and catapults, or upgrading your hero. A tip would be to try to send your troops in tightly packed waves so they can dish out the maximum damage.

Straw Hat Samurai 2

This new Straw Hat Samurai sequel is even better than the first: for platform sword killing, there can be only one!

Stoneage Assassin

Stoneage Assassin is a shooting game where you take on the role of a father who's daughter was kidnapped in the middle of the night by hunters. After being left for dead by the hunters, the father is full of grief and obsessed with revenge. Years later he receives a mysterious message on his cave wall in the forms of drawings. Once deciphered it appears that someone wishes to help him and has left him a makeshift stone age sniper rifle to aid him in his quest for revenge. Complete a series of missions that will each get you closer to the one responsible for the kidnapping of your daughter and may still know her whereabouts.

Stickman Sam

Stickman Sam is a Action packed Shooting Adventure Game. You are an elite spy and you begin the game with basic training levels and goes on further as more and more weapons and enemies are added to the game. Before every level you get a briefing about your mission but you can skip that if you know already. Remember the passwords for the levels and enter them on the main screen to play the level directly.

Stickman Sam 4

in Stickman Sam 4 is a shooting game where you have to first complete various training sessions and take on a range of challenging missions from shooting the enemy to climing and jumping. In each stage, you will be given instruction on how to utilize your skills and tackle various situations. The training missions teach you how to play Sam to his full potential and then go release hell in the missions.

Stickman Sam 3

Very addictive third mission for Stickman Sam. In this title, “Where's the cheese?”, you control sam on his way out to return to the base. Your basic controls are the standard platform with the mouse to control your aiming. All isn't as easy as it seems, when nuclear bombs make an appearance in Stage 2...and you're the target!

Stickman Sam 2

Stickman Sam 2 is a shooting game with simple graphics and addictive gameplay. You'll encounter numerous zombies and poisonous creatures along the journey. Shoot them down as you proceed deep into the darkness and find your way to the exit. At the end of every level you'll encounter a boss and you've to defeat him to proceed to the next level. If you press space at a doorway, Sam will enter and find goodies like ammo and extra health.

Stickman Madness 2

In Stickman Madness, the objective of the game is to try and shoot the enemy as fast as you can. If you give them too much time then you'll get damaged so reflexes and reactions are key in this game. A tip would be to reload while moving. Try to memorize the enemy positions. Good luck and enjoy this action packed shooting game

Stick Shootout

Stick Shootout is a shooting game based on the classic PC game, 'Virtual Cop'. In this game you have to travel through a 3D stick world. The aim of the game is to avoid getting killed, by shooting your enemies and the objects thrown towards you. The game can be played in easy, medium and hard mode. The ending of this game is worth reaching and watching.

Stick Combat

Stick Combat is a top down stick-man fighting game. You have a baseball bat in hand and you've been left in a closed arena with a lot of other stick men around. You have the freedom and power to beat up all the other stick men to your heart's content. Move close to the stick figures and hit with your bat to kill them. You can earn combo bonus points if you hit more than one stick man in a single swing of the bat.

Stealth Hunter

Stealth Hunter is an awesome espionage game where your aim is to utilize the stealth techniques and accomplish various missions through different challenging levels. In order to clear a level, you need to stay alive without being detected by enemy soldiers and carry out various different tasks such as finding hints to pass through various obstacles, sliently killing enemy guards by breaking their necks etc. Also you have limited lives so be careful while initiating any move. Good Luck!


Stande is a Shooting Game, where you have to fight as a soldier who has been sent in to enemy territory. Your mission is to kill your enemies in every level to destroy them completely. To clear a level you need to survive the entire allotted time limit. Remember! As you progress through the levels, the amount of time as well as the strength of enemies will increase.

Staggy 2

Staggy the Boy Scout Slayer! The object of the game is simple, you hunt down as many boy scouts as you can. You get to buy evil weapons ranging from battle axes to light sabers that could be used to mutilate the pesky boy scouts. Try picking up power-ups that you can get from slain victims. Move on to the next level and get your hands on Orcish weaponry, a lawnmower, and much, much more! Enjoy!


In Spartacus, you play as Spartacus, and as the legend says, your goal as a true warrior to fight for freedom! Break out of the gladiator arena and into the streets of Rome to fight the mighty Empire! Fight through eight challenging levels, against unique boss enemies, then go and destroy your enemies with style in the cinematic mode.

Space shooter

Protect Earht! For as long as you can Earth has built a huge laser for you to use to shoot all the aliens flying to earth so be ready and aim the laser to shoot the aliens before they get to earn and the aliens get stronger and faster as the game goes on you earn more points for the stronger the alien is.

Soul Of The Katana

The objective of Soul of Katana is to survive and take out all enemy units and bosses. Collect gold coins, for each 100 coins collected you gain an additional life. Unleash the soul of the katana and destroy all your opponents. Use deadly martial art and sword moves but during all that try not to get killed. If you like sword fight games then you will enjoy this game.

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