Tuer Tuer Tuer

Tuer Tuer Tuer is a true shooting game. The object is quite simple, kill as many people as possible in the time you have. You have a choice of weapons to help you; a handgun, a double barrelled shotgun and an assault rifle. You get more points and instant kills for head shots. You have a time limit, but this can be extended with combo shots.

Trucking Zombies

The world as we know is under attack by infected humans. In a world where scientists were looking for the immortality secret, they came across a way to keep humans alive for a long time, however there were extreme consequences! The birth of the Trucking Zombies!! The worlds safety now lies in the hands of 3 men who's mission it is to eliminate this threat and see peace on earth once more!

Tower of Kanthor

The evil Kanthor lives on top of the tower. Fight your way up to destroy him!

Total Mission

You are a soldier of the elite anti-terrorist squad and your mission is to eliminate all terrorist in the region.

Thing Thing

Thing Thing is a Shooting Game. You need to help the hero, who is held captive in a prison, to break out and free himself. But this mission isn't that easy, as there are numerous armed guards all around the place. Collect all the weapons and health packs that you find along the way. You can switch between the weapons whenever you like. Open door and proceed further to the higher levels. Unfortunately this game is short but has a lot of action.

Thing Thing Arena

Thing Thing Arena is a shooting game where you need to survive for as long as you can. Surrounded by numerous enemies, you are armed with lethal weapons to defend yourself. You will encounter different types of enemies, from armed killers to zombies and also stinky beans! Collect the weapons dropped by the enemies and grab the health packs to keep you going.

Thing Thing Arena Classic

Thin Thing Arena Classic is a fun to play shooting and surviving game. The game play is just fun and a never ending story. Normal way you just can not win the game, but you can fight for a really huge score, trough different gaming mods. Try out the weapons and mix them into a deadly fighting force at your side.

Thing Thing Arena 2

Thing Thing Arena 2 is here! This is the action-packed sequel to the very successful series of Thing Thing Arena. This one just got a lot better and nastier, driven by our awesome and merciless hero. Explore many levels with loads of evil robots and bad guys! Use loads of different guns at your disposal! Game on!

Thing Thing 4

Thing Thing 4 is the perfect killing game in which you can customize every part of your character to become the ultimate killing machine. You are a lab experiment character that manages to escape but after seeing that the corporation that created you will not stop following your every move you decided to end this once and for all. You are returning at the place where it all started, with one thought only to kill them all. The game is violent full of enemy brains but fun. You can pick weapons and ammo from the dead enemies but try to make every shoot count instead of going rampage.

Thing Thing 3

Thing Thing 3 is an action packed Shooting Game. Your aim is to achieve different missions according to the storyline dialogs through various stages. Throughout the game you will find strong resistance from your enemies, so shoot them as much as you can for your survival. Also keep an eye on your health and bullet status; however you can pick health aids and additional bullets side by side.

Thing Thing 2

Thing Thing 2 is another Shooting Game. You can play the Survival Mode, which we think is boring. Or you can play the "Story Mode" as its better. You are a small robot soldier. You have to go from one end the level to the other. Kill all the other robots that are attacking you. You start off with a pistol and as you play through the game you get more and more powerful guns. You have to pickup the dropped ammo or else you will run out of bullets. You must kill a minimum set number of bad guys per level in order for the exit door to open.

The Treasure Cave

Steal the treasure of the Zoltan god, by exploring the different caves until you find him. Buy new weapons, upgrade your skills, and avoid being destroyed by powerful explosives, strange creatures, and mortal traps in this fun action game. This game has three difficulty modes, 15 achievements, over 15 different enemies, lots of explosions, a final boss, and much more.

The Sniper

You like killing games? If so The Sniper is the game for you. You act like a sniper and try to take down as many enemies as possible in the time given. Each mission has a time in which you must finish killing all your enemies. You must start with the other snipers first because when you make your first shot they will see you. Try to not get killed and eliminate all targets. Make head shots to get more points and finish the missions like a hero. Take arms soldier.

The Shepard

The Shepherd is an Archery based Fighting Game. The romans have taken your father and you must go rescue him. You must get to the end of each level by killing all the enemy archers. A strategy is to just keep firing your arrows until your find the right angle and power to hit the target. Every time your run out of arrows a bird will drop arrows to restock you up. The enemy archers do fire back with some accuracy so do keep moving and hide behind objects to avoid incoming arrows.

The Professionals II

In The Professionals 2, you are playing a smartly dressed hitman. You are to infiltrate the bad guys building. You have a pistol and have to very quietly explore every level and room in their building. Look out for enemy units, you must shoot them on the spot or else they might shoot you. Also reload your gun before you leave each zone to avoid running out of ammo during a gun battle.

The Professionals 3

There has been some hacker who has messed with the wrong guy and stole from him in The Professionals 3. It is now payback time! You can use various tricks at your disposal to accomplish your dastardly goals. You can shoot the lights, break the guy's neck, throw knives and much more! Good luck now catch that hacker.

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