Metal Slug Stick

Metal Slug Stick is a side-scrolling Shooting Game. Try to survive as long as you can and complete the levels as your stick-men enemies shoot bullets, mortars, flame throwers and other deadly stuff at you. There are health packs and various weapon to pickup along the way, to help you get further in your mission.

Metal Slug Rampage 3

Based on the classic Metal Slug series, guide your hero as he takes on the vast United Nations' military, armed with nothing more than a pistol and 3.5 grenades! After progressing through the first two levels, you'll get to use a metal slug of your own--but that won't make things any easier! A side-scrolling action-adventure platformer.

Mass Mayhem 3

Massive Mayhem 3 features a new environment with plenty of new vehicles and buildings to wreck and combo killings to collect. You will also have secret areas to explore and some fun bonus material to unlock. Massive Mayhem 3 has been pushed to the limits and should be even more addicting than the two first games. Unleash your fury and have fun playing this little violent gem.

Mad Monday

Go mad behind the wheel and go on a shooting rampage in this insane Driving Game! You are a criminal, whose sole mission is to shoot innocent motorists to gain points. Moreover, run over pedestrians to gain extra points. Shoot at cops and destroy their vehicles but note they do shoot back and try to kill you.

M1 Car Racing

In M1 Car Racing, you don't have the hassle of being gridlocked and stuck in traffic jams. Pick up some sweets from the service station, and get burning some rubber! Do you have what it takes to be the fastest car racer? Good luck drivers and gain the highest score as possible. Now start your engines and get them fingers at the ready!

Lost In The Jungle

Help your brave soldier, Lost In The Jungle to find a way out from this enemy infested place. Shoot and kill militants in every level to progress to the next. To complete your mission successfully, you need to be very quick in attack as they will not give you much opportunity if you wasted a single second. Keep an eye on the bullet status and wait for a while during auto reload. Also grab extra power ups such as health kits for your survival.

Little Tao Si

Take "KungFu" from the arcades, replace the sprites, update the graphics and gameplay, and you have Little Tao Si! A wonderful game with complexity in completion, you will be tempered to get your skills up to the highest level. Attack and defeat every enemy you come across to travel your way to the end. Focus your thoughts and channel your inner mantra to achieve completion!

LA Rex

An angry Tyrannosaurus Rex is tearing apart Los Angeles. You get to play the part of the T-Rex! Smash cars, buildings and eat humans. The police will try to shoot you down but you can eat them too. Lean down and grab the humans. Then chew them up as you lean back to speed up the feeding process. Each level has its own goal;. Be sure to focus on that goal or you might fail a level. Use the A,W,D keys to walk and jump. Then use the mouse to move the T-Rex's head and click the left mouse button to bite.


Stickman is pitted alone, fighting off multiple stick people for his own life to be spared. Armed with a knife, you can stab your opponents in melee style or throw an unlimited supply of knifes to appease the ranged fighter in you. With two modes of game play, how high can your kill count be before your stamina runs out?

Kings Island

An awesome RPG! Hack, slash, and explore your way through King's Island. If you're familiar with action-rpg hack n'slash games , launch the game, and crush everything in your path. Just pay careful attention to the “nature” of the attacks that you will carry out with your weapons

King of Fighters Wing

If you like fighting games you should try out King of Fighter Wing. This game is a classic fighting game with special moves, combos and power attacks. You can choose to play against the computer or against a friend to really feel the pressure. The fighters are few but the importance of the game is to learn every move to become the ultimate champion. Can you do this? You can always chose a greater difficulty to make the game more challenging. Fight!

Kimblis The Blue

Top Down view of a medieval like adventure featuring RPG elements. As you get stronger, you can level your attack or your magic. Your focus is to protect the little girl you find shortly after beginning the game. She must stay alive at all costs, and its up to you as Kimblis the Blue to protect her and save your realm. An old-school feeling of navigation and exploration make this a must play game!

Killing Machine

Killing Machine a High Flying Missile Shooting Game. The universal organization ESP wants to rule the world. They have trained a team of cold-blood robot killers and attacked every where. The planet defense force has sent out a team of robots to fight back. Controll your Robot with the arrow keys. You can get better weapons by collecting the upgrades. Every Weapon can be upgraded. Use the space key to shoot a cluster bomb.


Survive as long as possible! Simple arcade game, made in an hour. Have fun! You control the blue square and all that needs to be done is kill the other Killbots but watch out they start to build up. Before you know it they can be getting bigger and harder to kill. Score the most points by surviving as long as possible and killing the most Killbots.


The story begins as "The Bride" who was once part of a group of world class female assassins, until the group leader, "Bill" and the other assassins turned against her. Five years later "The Bride" awakened from the coma the assassins left her in and heads out to seek bloody revenge. This is the scene where she battles out one on one with the henchmen by chopping off their arms and legs. The Game is in the Czech Language, So press the far left button of the three buttons known as "Hrat" to begin playing.

Kill Grey Dots

Kill Grey Dots is an action game where there is loads of different sized grey and white dots. All the dots move around and change order all the time. The goal is to kill or pop as many grey dots as possible before the time runs out. clicking on any of the white dots will bring your score down so watch you don't click them whilst they are moving.

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