Jungle Assassin

Jungle Assassin where you destroy everyone that stands in your way. Stealth is the key to becoming a true Jungle Assassin. Kill all the hostile enemies while remaining hidden. Use the terrain to your advantage and always try to stab them in the back so your presence will not be felt. You can grip ledges and climb walls, make sure you time it right as you will be killed yourself, if they spot you.

Joes Last Stand

You are Joe and you make your last stand in front of the invading flock that is trying to destroy your crop. The objective of the game is to shoot zombie sheep through the night until the sun comes up. Do your best to keep them at bay with your guns. You can buy more guns and stronger ammunition as you earn points. As the days pass the invading flock is much stronger and faster so be careful and shoot quick. Always watch out for your ammo count and don`t start the next level without buying ammo.

Jackhammer Rampage

Jackhammer Rampage is a brutal animal game where you hunt down cute little rabbits/bunnies. Riding on your jackhammer, you get points for mowing down escaping bunnies. Be careful to avoid obstacles like tree and bushes that will block you. Balance is key to continue your march forward to bunny mayhem, so keep yourself steady to avoid falling flat on your back. You have to kill enough to fill the meter in order to move onto the next level.


Several missions awaits you in iWar. The gameplay is a real time tactical combat simulator from plane view. The story line is great, you can feel the responsibility at each mission. In order to finish the game, you need to control a group of soldiers trough the levels from several types, like grenade man and sniper elite.

Iron Snail

When mankind loses hope and terror reigns freely, a hero, Iron Snail will emerge from the darkness! You're Iron Snail, mankind's one and only hope, a terrorist worst nightmare. A Terrorist group by the name of Dead Source has taken hostages and you are assigned to rescue them. This is a priority one mission so you must follow your missions briefings and kill how instructed, action games have never been so tense.

Hog Hunter

The rules are simple: shoot as many hogs as possible in 60 seconds. faster you click the hogs the more will spawn and gain more points you only have 60 seconds to play each level so play fast if you miss the hog you lose points so be careful to not miss the hogs. To play this game Click your mouse to shoot

Highway of the Dead

Highway Of The Dead is a driving game. The aim of the game is to drive as fast as you can through a zombie-filled wasteland to the safety zone before the government launches a nuke to finish off the undead menace! Hitting zombies with your car will earn you money, which you can use to upgrade your car with better features, to help you get to the safe zone faster! Be careful though, hitting various other obstacles could slow you down!

Heli Attack 3

Heli Attack 3 is an action packed shooting game. You are an elite commando who has landed behind enemy lines, on a mission to destroy the enemy forces. As you continue to clear the different zones, more powerful weapons will be unlocked. You will constantly be attacked by helicopters in the sky. Try to survive for as long as you can, maximising damage inflicted on the enemy.

Guns n Angel

In Guns n Angel, your objective is to shoot monsters, ghouls, ghosts etc., and anything else that comes your way. As you make progress in the game, you will be given upgraded weapons, grenades etc, so use them wisely. This game is all raw shooting action! Pick up Med Kits and weapons along the way to increase your chances. Use WASD or your arrow controls to move, and your mouse to aim.

Gangster Granny

In this 3D game you will be helping grandma to rob a bank. Do not be fooled by her looks, though she looks like a sweet grandmother, she is an old known thief. Your task is to help her in committing crimes, so you must destroy anyone in her way.

Forest Fight 2

Forest Fight 2 is a tribute to Lord Of The Rings, this first person shooter puts you behind the bow of Legolas Greenleaf. You have to pan across the forest and shoot down all the evil orcs with your arrows.The enemies also shoot back at you, but you can dodge them by double tapping the A and D keys. Collect the gold dropped by the orcs to buy items at the shop, like health, upgrade your arrows or buy magical armor and rings.

Flash Crisis

In Flash Crisis, accuracy is the name of the game. You have three guns to choose from to kill a hostile per shot to gain a maximum bonus, there are certain numbers of hostiles per level. There is also a timer that you have to be aware of and a choice of three difficulty settings to choose from. Kill your enemies in one shot for extra points by getting a head-shot but when you need to reload make sure you remember to press space bar to take cover behind a rock while you reload! Load your gun and take on them hostiles.

Fireman Incoming Storm

Fireman Incoming Storm is a classic arcade game, where you must fight, run and jump your way through multiple platform levels. There are multiple enemies to destroy using your cannon, all of which have different abilities and speeds, just to keep you busy. Destroy all the enemies and proceed further to the exit door of the level, to advance to the next level.

Final Fight

In Final Fight you need to battle your way through each level, beating all of the enemies put before you using your martial art skills. The flying kick is your friend. Try to grab the enemies and throw them together. Only use your special attack when necessary. Have fun with this highly addictive fighting game.

Field Command 2

Choose Your Own Adventure in Field Command 2! Pitting you with a team of soldiers inside enemy lines, you will be tasked with the future and fate of your comrades. Will you take a stealth approach or an ambush? Will you use your snipers or send in your ground units? First person or Third Person action? Are you prepared for these choices of life or death?

Fat Ninja

Fat Ninja is a Ninja Game about Stealth. Using your ninja skills try not to get spotted by the security guards, as you make your way through the building. Use your judgement whether you should hide, or use one of your attack moves to kill the guards. You can hide behind objects or jump up and hang onto the ceiling. You can attack with your sword or using your secret weapon, your FARTS. Every time you are spotted the alarm bar will get higher, and if it reaches the end it's game over.

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