Wire Skeleton

We're all skeletons on the inside! In Wire Skeleton, you get to manipulate a realistic skeleton in different ways, including walking, dancing, and more. Drag his joints to control him or set him into automatic movements. View the skeleton in different modes. Try out the incredibly realistic walking mode or the absurd dancing.

Virtual Keyboard

This is an online virtual keyboard game with 61 Keys and 5 different instruments like piano, steel drum, guitar etc. You can play anything you like and there are 6 demos and lessons from your favorite SNES games, built into the game. It has a unique scrolling and zooming keyboard which you can set depending on your choice. Select the instrument from the drop down list at the top left and the demos or lessons from the top right list. Use the sliding bar at the left to zoom in and zoom out of the keyboard. Have Fun!

Video Game Sim

Video Game Sim is a real life simulator where the aim of this game is to become Professional gamer in only 80 days. Your end goal is to win the 'California National Video Game Tournament' which costs $15,000 just to enter! You have will earn money and compete in video game tournaments. Reading books and training at the gym will boost your strength and intelligence.

The Lardener

The lardener is a top down (RPG Game) Role Playing Game, where you play as a fat guy who grew extremely fat during the lounging days. You have to move around in your house and earn money by playing games on your computer or by answering phone calls. To win the game you've to buy all the things from the online store, save a $1000, and finally lose weight. Just walk close to the different objects in the house to gain access to them. Follow the instructions in the game for every particular task you do.

The Dead Case

This is a Point and Click game where you have to do some detecive work. You have to solve the mystery of your own death and those in the town around you. Interact with other people and collect the items that you find, they might be useful later in the game. The items that you possess are shown in the inventory. This game is very big and challenging with an extensive story plot. Use the passwords that you get to continue the game from wherever you like.. Click on the edges of the screen to move around.


Slacker provides a witty combination of point & click with sarcasm added to it. Plenty of puns litter this game with enjoyment. Hand-drawn objects add to the "slacker" feel of the game. Being able to combine items to help your "hero" get to his interview provides depth to the game. There is a help feature, but only use it if you are stuck. Click everywhere and explore everything!

Slacker Adventure

Slacker Adventure is a humerous point and click adventure Game, Slacky is out of work and needs money, He goes for an interview at a supermarket but before he gets the job he must recover a stolen vending machine in order to gain employment, travel to different locations around the town on your quest, each item you collect must be used in a certain place, which is not always obvious. There are also times when you must use your mouse really quickly.

Simpsons Home Interactive

Simpsons Home Interactive is the perfect chance for you to explore the home of everyone's favourite cartoon family, The Simpsons! Not only do you get to explore their home, but you even get to meet the stars of the show themselves! Not only that, but if you look carefully enough, there's all kinds of hidden goodies to find in this fun puzzle game!

Save the Penguin

Help the little penguin to escape and be with the other animals. For this you have to guess in which of the three baskets penguin is. Carefully follow the basket then penguin is and after they were moved indicate the correct basket. Challenge your friends and compete with each other playing this fabulous game. Enjoy!

Run Robo Run!

In Run Robo Run, you play Robo and he is on the run! Keep his strength up and help him to avoid the explosives that are in his way. Use your webcam to slide and jump in this game! Collect the first aid health boosts to keep Robo's strength up and jump over or slide under the explosives! How quick can you be?

Polar Tale

Help our polar bear on his journey to a warmer places, because he is frustrated of the freezing arctic weather.

PC Breakdown

PC Breakdown is a Fun Flash Toy Game. There is no win or lose. This game provides you a chance to take revenge with your computer for all the frustration you have experienced when it suddenly fails when your doing an important task. This is a great stress reliever and we'd definitely recommend you not do this to your own pc. Click on the different parts of the computer to wack them and break them into pieces. Of course when you are satisfied, you can simply click on the repair button to restore it back to the original state. Enjoy the game!

Nice Flower Fairy

Fairies have always been magical beings in our lives, and now you get the chance to sparkle one up! With over 25 accessories to make her pretty, you'll have plenty of opportunities to make her shine. Mix and match bracelets, changing hair to match a dress...it's all in the day and life of a fairy. When finished, show off your creation!

Nail Polish Designs

Time for a pedicure! Get those feet out and prepare them for the ultimate in fashion design. Choosing either Left or Right (or both!) you have over 50+ accessory choices between nail color, ankle chain, foot shoe and more. Come up with the best design to show off to all your friends, or just make it for you to see. With endless possibilities, you'll have to try many combinations for the perfect pedicure!

My Bright Spring

Spring is here and that means its time to shake off the winter chills and brighten up your life! With over 75 items to choose from (including skin color, makeup, accessories, etc) there's no telling where the combinations will end. Will you go for a more pastel opening of Spring, or will you go towards a more "hidden in the shadows but still pretty" look? The choice is yours!

Maximum Band

Maximum Band is an interactive RPG game that lets you decide the fate of a music band where not a single person is talented. The game features real voice acting and quality animation. Watch how the story progresses and choose your options wisely. Get to know the characters and enjoy their adventures!

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