Princess Bedroom Decor

Princess Bedroom Decor is a dress-up type game but instead of dressing up a person you have a whole room to decorate. There is alot of furniture and decorations to choose from. You can even move the stairs and the carpets. Decorate the entire room however you want it to be. Just make sure its fun for the little girl to play in.

Pretty Pet Care

You're helping out at the local pet shelter and have been asked to take care of these gorgeous animals. Can you keep up with what they need?

Pretty Lady Fashion

Pretty Lady Fashion is a dress-up style game in which you have a female model to try different dresses on for you. There is over 10 different dresses for you to try. After you have picked a dress, you have to decide on a pair of shoes for the model to wear, after that it is just the hairstyle to pick.

Pretty Evening Dress Elf

Night has fallen and the little elf is in need of your help in Pretty Evening Dress Elf. She is invited to a ball and can not decide what to wear but luckily you are there to help her out. The little elf has lots of dresses, shoes, jewelry and other accessories to put on. Choose the items from one of the ten flower wardrobes. You can dress the little elf by dragging the items with your mouse on to her.

President Slacking

Sarah has landed the biggest job of them all.To be President of the United States of America! It's a big job with a lot of responsibility and the whole country is depending on her to spread love and joy across the world. But spreading love and joy is a lot of work and it's no fun being the one at the top if you're stuck in the Oval Office and your bodyguard won't let you go out of the White House. Sarah wants to enjoy being President... She can't slack when she's in charge of the whole country, can she?

Popstar Slacking

Sarah's musical talents have been recognized! All of those times singing on the job have lead to her entering a competition to become a famous popstar. Will Sarah be able to out-sing her rivals and show off her vocal skills, or will she get distracted by the music and slack? Complete the mini-games and avoid the burly DJ to find out.

Poodle Care

There are many beautiful dog breeds in the world, but none need as much physical care and attention as the poodle. Today is your first day at the poodle-grooming studio and your job is to groom these luxurious poodles so that they will stay healthy and clean. Pick your favourite and treat them well.

Pony Slacking

Sarah left her last job and fortunately found work helping clean the local stables in pony slacking. the problem with this though is she can't get any work done with all these pretty ponies around. Help Sarah slack once more, but don't get caught by your boss of there will be trouble! Simply press "x" to get back to work.

Polar Bear Care

Deep in the arctic circle you'll find many unique animals that need your help to survive. It's your first day at the Arctic polar bear studio and your job is to look after these cute baby polar bears so that they will stay healthy and clean. Make them happy by building snow bear and dressing them up in warm clothes.

Pisa Girl

Start playing the Pisa Girl Dress up game, choose carefully from all those hot alluring dresses and accessories, and you’ll be all set for going out looking like a star. Let your imagination run wild and become the ultimate fashion star! Do you have what it takes? Good luck and enjoy Pisa Girl and make her look good.

Pirate Slacking

Arr matey! Sarah be taking to the high seas as a pirate! She can't wait to visit tropical desert islands to find buried treasure with her trusty parrot friend. But will her pirate captain let her go on an adventure, or will she be forced to swab the deck? Complete the mini-games and avoid her cap'n! Yaar!

Pippas Pizzas

Pippa just opened a brand new travelling pizza shop! Help her serve customers at all the coolest landmarks while she tours America. Make sure to give the customers what they ask for or they won't come back and we want Pippa's Pizza shop to be a huge success!

Pink world

Pink World is a girls dress up game. You get to choose hair colour and style, eye and lip colour as well as ear rings and necklace. There's loads of options for you to style and dress. There is also two different styles and colour sun glasses to finish off the look. The vast amount of options will have you deciding what to wear for hours.

Pink Bachelorette Party

Play this lovely dress up game and dress our beautiful girl in a stylish dress or in a chic two pieces outfit, pair the chosen one with high-heeled shoes, glittering jewelries and a candy-pink veil to have her ready for her surprise bachelorette party!

Picnic Slacking

What a lovely day! The sun is shining and Sarah is aching to leave the office and hit the park for a summer picnic with her family. The BBQ is set up and Sarah can't wait to explore and play with nature. But her miserable aunt is joining them, and she doesn't approve of Sarah's energetic exploits around the park! Can Sarah sneak away or will her aunt spoil her fun?

Phoenix Care

In a magical floating land you come across a magnificent legendary phoenix and its friends. In return for a wish, you will need to look after these creatures to help them stay healthy and clean. Use magic wands to keep their flaming feathers healthy and help them catch magical falling stars from the sky.

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