Twilight Robert Pattinson Makeover

If you like Twilight then you will probably like this game too. The objective of this game is to make up and dress up Robert Pattinson for a filming day as Edward Cullen from Twilight. You can chose his hair cut and color, if he should have eyebrows or not, his eye color, if he would put on some lipstick or make up. It is a fun game to play for the ladies but quite troubling for guys.!

Travel Memory Game

Join us on a journey around the world in this fun memory game! See how many different landmarks you can recognise, have you been to any of them before? Click all the icons to match up the travelling pairs. You can play this game alone or with friends, just see who can get the highest score! Bon voyage!

Toy Room Dressup

Toy Room Dreesup is Dress up game for Girls where it's play time! Despite not having any brothers or sisters to play with, this cute little girl is never lonely as she has an army of toys to keep her company, including Panda Sweety, the Pac Brothers, Happy Turtle and the Energized Cow. Can you help her get dressed for a fun day of playing with her friends?

Theme Park Slacking

Sarah is on a date with her husband Tim at the theme Park! She can't wait to try all the exciting rides, but which first? The Roller-coaster? The Ferris Wheel? Sarah is distracted and just can't decide! Will Sarah be able to keep her fairground attraction with Tim, or will the thrill of the fair carry her away?

The Vision Of Love

The Vision of Love is a dress-up style game in which you have alot of different options to try on your model. There is a huge range of outfits, tops, bottoms, shoes and accessories. You can on an outfit or mix and match different items of clothing. You are in control you just choose what you want the model to wear and she will put it on.

The Venice Carnival

Ever wanted to be someone else for the day? Now's your chance! We're heading to Venice, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Hop on a gondola and rummage through the costume box. You'll find lots of beautiful clothes to dress up in, and cool masks to wear. Style your hair to match and you're good to go. All together now...'when the moon hits your eye, like a big pizza pie, that's amore...'

The Scared Groom

In the Scared Groom, the name of the game is that you are the bride, it's your Wedding Day and your Groom is scared! Find him and bring him back to the Church before the stress gets to you and you pass out from it all. Avoid the bushes as you won't be able to get married if your dress is dirty! Also, after each round, you can spend your points increasing the amount of horseshoes you own, which will in turn allow you to earn even more points the following round!

The Lost Script

In the following game you will see one actor's apartment. He is a famous Hollywood actor and he is on set, filming his newest movie, but he realizes that he doesn't have the screenplay with the dialogues. He sends his assistant to go to his apartment and look for the screenplay and bring it on the set because he can't work without it.

The Dark Queen

Black, the charming and mysterious colour, dark queen's night trip, choose what kind of black dress? Use your mouse to decide on which dress, shoes and accessories The Dark Queen should wear. You can even choose which style earrings and socks she can try on. Once you have decided on an outfit all that's left to do is choose a hairstyle, after that she's ready for her trip.

The Best Pink Chef

The Best Pink Chef is a room decorating game. Click and drag any of the furniture with the mouse. You can put them anywhere you like and there is alot to do. So make sure you have a good look through everything in case your kitchen is missing anything. If you press the ? button it will show you how the kitchen can look like when its done.

The Best Love Tester Ever

When it comes to matters of the heart, we have to rely on fate. Or you can use this awesome love tester! These beautiful swallows really can look into your future and tell you what will happen with your crush! Simply enter your names and find out if he or she is your perfect match. If you canít make your mind up between several guys or girls, you can even compare them with each other! Did you get the result you expected?

That's so raven dress up game

In That's So Raven Dress Up Game, dress up Raven Symone for her new role in her upcoming movie and shows. If you are a Raven Symone fan, this game will give you a look and feel. Choose from a variety of clothes and accessories to make her the prettiest girl in the world! Do you have what it takes to make Raven look good?

Thanksgiving Slacking

Today we give thanks for everything wonderful in our lives. Sarah has to help prepare for her thanksgiving dinner, but can she behave or will she be caught by her mom?

Thanksgiving Slacking 2013

Happy Thanksgiving! Sarah is spending Thanksgiving with her parents this year and can't wait to tuck into some amazing home cooked turkey and pumpkin pie. Although she's thankful for her parents, spending time with them can get a little boring... And we all know that Sarah can't sit still for long without needing to have some fun!

Thanksgiving Dinner Decor

Can you take the role as interior designer for this thanksgiving day? Take your pick in decorating this dinner table. Show your decorating skills in this dinner room. Place it in the perfect place for all these items and create your own. If you need some inspiration, scroll over Hint. Have fun!

Tea Party Slacking

Sarah's been invited to a fancy tea party with her mother, but it's a little bit duller than expected. She thinks she might be able to spice things up a little bit but her mother wouldn't approve. Can you help Sarah make this a real party, or will she be left with soggy biscuits? Complete the mini-games to slack.

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