Nail Polish Designs

Time for a pedicure! Get those feet out and prepare them for the ultimate in fashion design. Choosing either Left or Right (or both!) you have over 50+ accessory choices between nail color, ankle chain, foot shoe and more. Come up with the best design to show off to all your friends, or just make it for you to see. With endless possibilities, you'll have to try many combinations for the perfect pedicure!

My Sweet Date Rush Makeover

My Sweet Date Rush Makeover is a dress up game. It unleashes our creativity and allows our imagination to run wild between blazers and skirts, fancy little dresses and fabulously sparkling shoes. And when you have to decide what to wear for the date you've been dreaming about for ages. A makeover process will enhance your fascinating sweetness, and the glittery pink makeup will make you shine! Your first date... will be the sweetest date ever!

My Mirror Friend

Who are you, really? Is the face in the mirror as clear as it used to be? Are you beginning to see yourself for what you really are?

My Love Space Fashion

My Love Space Fashion is a girls dress up game. You can choose from 12 outfits from outer space to dress the model. To select the outfit you 'd like to try on, simply click the outfit as it will show on the model. You can try as many outfits as you feel like to get the look you want. Once you get your outfit right, its time to use the accessories to perfect the look.

My Bright Spring

Spring is here and that means its time to shake off the winter chills and brighten up your life! With over 75 items to choose from (including skin color, makeup, accessories, etc) there's no telling where the combinations will end. Will you go for a more pastel opening of Spring, or will you go towards a more "hidden in the shadows but still pretty" look? The choice is yours!

Movie Star Makeover

It's award night at the Oscars and your expecting to win! Tomorrow you'll be in every headline and your picture will be everywhere. This means it's extra important you look breathtakingly amazing tonight! Have a makeover, do your makeup and choose the latest outfit to make sure your ready for the spotlight with Movie Star Makeover!

Mothers Day Slacking

It's Mother's Day and Sarah is spending the day with her amazing mom! Every mom deserves a special day and so Sarah plans to spoil her mother with lots of presents and treats, including baking her a delicious cake and designing a colorful card. But will Sarah be able to pamper her mother or will she slack?

Mother Daughter Dress Up

In Mother Daughter Dress Up, you get to help dress up this trendy super cool mother and her cute little daughter for a day of shopping and fun! Choose from an amazing selection of tops, skirts, shoes, and much, much more! Can you make this pair the most trendy duo in the mall? Let's all get creative!

Moonlight Party Dress Up

Mandy was invited to a special and very elegant moonlight party. She wants to look amazing there, so she is going to need a talented stylist. Do you think you are the person she needs? Well, show it in this great dress up game for girls! Check out those stylish gowns, jeweleries and hairstyles and pick up the most gorgeous ones to dress Mandy up for the party!

Monster Care

Boo! Halloween is here and it's your first day at the cute monster castle. Your job is to look after these growing monsters so that they will stay healthy and become great scarers. They may look cute and cuddly but these young monsters have sharp horns and claws and try their best to look super scary.

Monkey Care

Welcome to the jungle! It's your first day at the monkey-grooming studio, and the monkeys need a lot of love and attention. Your job is to groom these playful monkeys so that they will stay healthy and clean. Wash them, brush them and make sure they are well fed! Then, dress them up in cute outfits.

Military Style Dress Up

Military Style Dress Up is a dress-up game in which you have a choice of alot of different items of clothing. All of the clothes are based on military clothes, but it's not just clothes. You can give our model military hats and belts. After you have the outfit sorted, why not give your model a hairstyle to match.

Miley Cyrus Hannah Montana Make Up

Miley Cyrus Hannah Montana Make Up is a cool interactive game in which you can put make up on your favourite singer and actress, Miley Cyrus aka Hannah Montana. Choose from tonnes of styles, hair colors, accessories and much much more! Be creative and have fun! You can even print out your best designs to show all your friends! So cool!

Miami Wedding

Miami Wedding is a dress-up style game in which you have to dress up the bride ready for her wedding in Miami. There is a large choice of wedding dresses, short and long. After you have the perfect dress , you need to decide on a hairstyle you want the bride to have. After that it's accessories like tiaras, shoes and jewellery. make sure you give the bride the perfect outfit for the perfect day.

Mia Cooking Lasagna

Help Mia in the kitchen to make a homemade lasagna from scratch. Cook the filling, layer the lasagna, top with cheese. Beautiful.

Mia Cooking Tomato Soup

Help Mia in the kitchen to make homemade tomato soup from scratch. Chop up the ingredients, mix together with sauces and spices, boil at a steady temperature, and serve. Beautiful.

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