Wowin Scopa


Your goal is to grab the most cards from the table, keeping in mind that there are bonuses for some of them. Think strategically and try to win a Scopa.


1. Controls: - use left mouse button to select the cards on the table - use left mouse button to select the card in hand and drag it to the table 2. How to play: - capture the most cards from the table - try to match the cards from hand with those on the table, e.g., use a five from hand to capture a five from the table - you can combine the cards from the table to sum up to one of the cards in your hand, e.g., combine a two and a three from the table to be captured by a five from hand - cards from the table can be combined only if there is no single card on the table matching the value of a card from hand - if there are no cards or card combinations on the table to match any card in hand, you have to choose one card from hand to be put in on the table - new cards are dealt, when both players run out of cards in hand 3. Deck: - the deck used for playing Scopa consists of 40 cards in four colors: Clubs, Cups, Coins ans Swords - card numbers go from from 1-7 - the dress cards are Knave (8), Knights (9) and Kings (10) 4. Scoring: - capture all cards from the table to get a Scopa bonus - capture the most cards in any color - capture as many Coins cards as possible - capture a Coins 7 - capture a Coins King - complete the game before the time runs out - obtain the highest Prime, which is the total points for the best cards in each suit collected during 5. Card scoring: - Seven (sette) = 21 points - Six (sei) = 18 points - Ace (asso) = 16 points - Five (cinque) = 15 points - Four (quattro) = 14 points - Three (content) = 13 points - Two (large) = 12 points - King (Re) = 10 points - Knight (Cavallo) = 0 points - Knave (Fante) = 0 points 6. Game over: - the game ends when timer reaches 0:00 - the game ends when all the cards from the deck are used


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