Simpsons Home Interactive

Simpsons Home Interactive is the perfect chance for you to explore the home of everyone's favourite cartoon family, The Simpsons! Not only do you get to explore their home, but you even get to meet the stars of the show themselves! Not only that, but if you look carefully enough, there's all kinds of hidden goodies to find in this fun puzzle game!

Siberian SuperCars Racing

Prove your driving skills in driving some of the fastest car on earth. Drive them and test them in the Siberian territories where are some of the hardest tracks, frozen with big curves and slippery that will make all cars hard to steer and extremely dangerous. So if you're up for some speed adrenalin and even some drifts you can have them all in this new game called Siberian Super Cars Racing. Good luck with all 5 intense levels and the skilled drivers and try to make it in one piece to the finish line!

Shopping Cart Hero

What happens when you combine Ski Jumping and Shopping?! A Shopping Cart Hero, of course! Take it to the hill with your shopping cart, and get some crazy distance to prove you're the best! Based on the time you jump in your cart, to the styles you show on your descent from the sky, you'll get a score that you can be proud of, or frown. Upgrade in between rounds and be the best!


Welcome to Shoot'm the incredible flash game where it is your goal to earn the most money by beating up stickmen with awesome weapons and super cool explosives. Use A, S & D keys to help your interactive buddy. Throughout this game there are 30 different weapons and explosives available, to select which weapon you want to use you can use the weapon tab at the bottom of the game screen or alternatively you can use the keyboard shortcuts A, S & D.


Collect apples and stomp on cows to collect money and buy bling.

Shark Mountain

In Shark Mountain. You play as a shark and the objective of this game is to defend the mountain from the climbers and other enemies who want to conquer your home.Use the left and right arrow keys to guide the shark. Kill enemies and helicopters to earn medals and prevent them from reaching the dynamite at the bottom. Kill as many enemies as you can in a row because the number of enemies will increase, so it is important to jump at a proper angle and take out as much of them as you can in one chomp. Oh, and don't leap over the sides!

Shape Shifter

Is it a mouse? Is it a hare? Or maybe it is an elephant? who knows what is it exactly? The wizard put a spell on the poor creature and now it has to find a way to find the exit and collect the stars in each and every level by using the special abilities of each animal. It is a fun adventure game, try it.

Shape Crush

Shape Crush is a flash puzzle game. Time limited, levels enabled and score enabled. Drop down flash puzzle game. Make a line of at least 3 of the same shape to crush them of the stage. The more shapes of the same in line or group will give you more points. In first level you need to get 500 score to advance to the next level.

Sector 21

An addicting puzzle platformer in pixel style. Complete all 30 challenging levels by jumping, flipping gravity and avoiding obstacles. Change gravity by pressing the space or S button. That way you can walk on the ceiling to avoid the spikes. Set a new fastest time in each level. It will become more difficult each level, can you complete them all with the least amount of tries?

Seal Care

It's your first day at the Arctic seal studio where the young seals are swimming within the Arctic sea for the first time. Your job is to look after these cute baby seals so that they will stay healthy and clean by feeding them, curing them and playing with them. You can dress them up to keep them warm.

School Bus Slacking

Sarah is on her way to another school trip and the teacher doesn't want anyone to have any fun on the way. She's not allowed to even sit next to her friends on the school bus! Instead she has to sit next to an annoying teacher's pet from her class. Can you help Sarah to speed up her journey, or will she end up with a flat tire?

School bus Frenzy

School is out for summer! The school bus is waiting but the roads are full of traffic, help get all the kids across the road safely and onto the bus. Use fart speed boosts and upgrades to improve your chances in two modes of play; Arcade and Survival. In Arcade mode, get a set number of kids to the bus, while Survival Mode sees how many you can get on the bus without any getting hit.

Save the Penguin

Help the little penguin to escape and be with the other animals. For this you have to guess in which of the three baskets penguin is. Carefully follow the basket then penguin is and after they were moved indicate the correct basket. Challenge your friends and compete with each other playing this fabulous game. Enjoy!

Save the Dummy Levels Pack

You loved the first Save the Dummy flash game, so we thought we would reward you for your loyalty with a few more challenges in an extra levels pack with Save the Dummy Levels Pack. Find a way of helping the dummy escape from being tied, hung and trapped. Do you have what it takes to save him? Good luck and enjoy this puzzle game!

Save Penguin

The little penguin got lost. Let's help him find the way and take him home!

Saucer Destruction 3

In Saucer Destruction 3, your goal is to destroy the city and all who inhabit it using your super cool awesome alien flying saucer! Survive as long as you can as you are surrounded by hordes of police, soldiers, tanks, and special forces destroy them all in Sauser Destruction 3 "Take that, puny humans, muahaha"!

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