Star Island

Roll and jump through fun levels and collect all the stars from Star Island.

Stair Fall 2

How much damage can you do to a stickman with a set of stairs? Not much? How about with 20+ stairs and full control of which body parts hit the stairs first!? In this second installment of stair fall, your inner destructoid needs to be called to duty and inflict as much damage as possible to your stickman. Increase that damage count!

Stage Out Escape

Escape from the stage by finding all the clues and objects carefully hidden in room. Look in every place and make sure that you don't miss anything. There are all kind of clues in the room, make sure you'll find them.Match all the objects, find the correctly combinations and solve the puzzles with the clues. Finally, Escape from the Stage.

Squirrel Care

Autumn is here and soon the squirrels of the forest will need help to gather nuts and hibernate for the winter. It's your first day at the woodland animal studio. Your job is to look after these small young squirrels so that they will stay healthy and clean. Take care of them and dress them in forest clothing.


Wish games were just like the good old days? Well this is the game for you! Relive the days when you played the sixteen bit Super Mario Classic game on your Nintendo. Play as Squario as you jump, duck and clobber your way through sixteen treacherous levels of traditional platforming,quality graphics fun.

Square Jump

Mr. Red has a date...an intergalactic date! He has some aliens to play games with, but they're so far up in the sky, he's not sure how he'll get there! Use your mouse to control the speed, and angle, at which Mr. Red launches into the sky. When he comes down, keep your mouse underneath him to get a good boost! Collect the stars he drops behind to unleash a special action...


Puny mortals think they can run past your spikiness? Prove them wrong! Drop your bloody, spiked hammer onto humans foolish enough to pass beneath.

Spider Stickman

A physics based stickman, that throws web to go to different obstacles. Use your web to swing the stickman from platform to platform. Stay above the line or you will lose. How many meters can you travel over various obstacles including basketballs and baseballs. Help this ragdoll swing through it all and try to beat your personal high score.

Spartans vs Goblins

It's inspired by a classic chess game called Pawn Duel. There are three spartans on the left side and three goblins on the right side. The first turn belongs to the spartans. You can go forward or backward. The goal of the game is to leave no moves to the goblins.

Spank The Monkey

Simplicity has never been so fun in Spank The Monkey. Grab hold of the mega sized hand and spank that monkey but can you beat a record or more importantly can you beat your friends or even your own score spank faster than two hundred miles per hour and claim your just reward for spanking the monkey as best as you can.

Spa Slacking

Every girl loves to treat themselves to a luxury spa and amazing beauty treatments! But working at a spa isn't as much fun. Sarah's new job at her local spa is not giving her the chance to relax as much as she hoped and all she wants to do is sneak to the sauna and slack off. Can Sarah handle the heat and keep her boss happy?

Snowman Care

Winter is here and it is your job to spread a little magic and bring a whole group of snowmen to life. Start by building your own snowman and then with a wish, your snowman will come alive and need you to keep it happy and healthy. Play a game of snowball throwing and then dress up your snowman with festive accessories.


Sneeze is a Fun Skill Game. The aim is to infect a certain amout of the population with a virus just by sneezing. You can move your character around and choose your moment to sneeze, but you can only sneeze once in each level. When you have sneezed on somebody it will infect them, if they sneeze on other people then the virus will spread more. You can infect children, adults and the elderly for different infection rates.


A unique and robust twist on the classical snake gaming experience. Hunt or be hunted!! Controls Mouse ââ

Smiley Showdown 2

This is Smiley Showdown Two, a game in which you get to blow up those annoying smileys found around the internet. Move the smiley into position and then simply click your mouse to make it explode! Try and make the biggest chain reaction to score higher points and kill the required amount of smileys each level to advance.


How far can you survive with this ninja through a maze full of traps? Swing through randomly generated laboratories for higher scores, unlock achievements and beat the highscore. There are 3 different modes. Avoid red walls and while being chased by giant spike. Do not touch any walls to earn combo points. Gain enough momentum to smash through dotted walls.

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