Hot Dog Wars

Enjoy this wonderful game of parking and shooting and get yourself involved in this interesting plot! There is a war in town and itís all about hot dogs! You have to find your competitionís hot dog stands, shoot them and then eat all their hot dogs so you can steal their recipe. You have a great mini-game for eating the hot dogs, a cool driving part where you have to make sure you do not crash and a shooting part where you have to take out your enemies before they get the chance to do the same to you. Complete each level before the time runs out in order to win. Have fun!

Hopy Hamburgeria

Hopy Hamburgeria is a food management game. You play a tiny dragon called Hopy who owns a hamburger shop. Take orders off the customers and try and make the food perfect for each customer. There is alot of things to be done and you can unlock more things to make your hamburgers the best in the land.

H.K. Cafe

H.K. Cafe is a busy coffee shop management game that puts you on the role of the cook. The cafe is filled with impatient customers! Learn several different recipes and make every order just as it's requested. If you make a mistake or you're too slow. The cost of the Ingredients will come out of your paycheck!

Harvest Day

Harvest Day is a fast paced elimination game. Find 2 or more fruits of the same kind next to each other, and click them to remove them from the board before time runs out. When there are no more similar fruits adjacent to each other, you have completed the level. If the timer runs out and there is still an available move, that you have not spotted the game will end.

Happy Pancake

In this tasty treat of a game, you need to match up your pancake with the pancake on the right. Simple, huh?! Did we mention there are no guidelines to follow, and you need to eye it up the best you can? Oh, and we'll judge you on miss, bad, good, excellent, or perfect! So try to place the pancake decoration as accurate a possible!

H K Cafe

Fun, beautiful, and challenging! You are the cook of a busy cafe, filled with impatient customers! Learn several different recipes and make every order just as it's requested. If you make a mistake or you're too slow, it'll come out of your paycheck! It's easy to pass the time trying to be the chef of your dreams, but good luck satisfying all the customers!

Green Tea Cookie

Green Tea Cookie is a cooking game. The girl gives you a recipe for some cookies and you have to make them. Add all the correct ingredients to the mixing bowl in the right order and you will progress to the next recipe. There are three recipes to make and you will get more points for finishing them faster.

Goki Dash

In Goki Dash you play as a little insect that must collect all of the little balls around the map. The little insect will follow your mouse clicks, and the map is larger than the game window, so the screen is always moving. However there is a large suprise inhibiting your efforts to collect the balls, and that is a Geko. The Geko will chase you around the map and attempt to eat you, unfortunately you cannot see him at all times, but there is a small arrow to alert you as to his whereabouts. So pay attention and be sure not to walk directly into him!

Fruit Smoothie

Franktown Fitness Center has chosen you to make some fruit smoothies, and that's what you'll do! You'll get a tutorial on the basics of making a smoothie, and all you start with is placing the items in the smoothie cup (per the order on the screen), and presto! Once they see you can handle that, it's time for the blender. Perfect for resource management, and time management practice. Earn some play bucks!!

Fruit Fall

This is a simple and interesting flash game, where you have to clear various exciting levels by adjoining three or more similar pieces of fruit to make them disappear before the time runs out and score maximum points! Be fast and expect more difficulty as you proceed to the advanced levels. Have Fun!

Fresh Fruits in the Basket

Fresh Fruits in the Basket is a colouring game in which there is a picture of a basket full of fresh fruit and it needs colouring in. You control the paintbrush and there are 48 different colours and shades of paint to choose from, so let your imagination run wild. All you need to do is click on the colour of paint you want to use then click on the part of the picture you want that colour.

Franky The Fish 2

In this game the little fish, Franky has set out in the deep sea on a feeding trip. You have to help Franky to eat the smaller fishes and avoid the bigger ones, as they will kill him. As Franky eats more and more fish, he will become bigger and bigger and thus able to eat bigger and bigger fish. Avoid hitting the coral walls and make it to the end of the game. You have 3 lives in total.

Food Shoot

Feed starving animals and people in this awesome physics based puzzle game! The gameplay revolves around aiming, figuring out puzzles and where to shoot, and knowing what food each creature will like to eat; humans like cake, cats like mice, etc etc. It's a really fun time and great for both boy and girl, so I'm sure you will enjoy it!

Fly Eating

This is a very addictive and funny fly eating game. The idea of the game is to feed the toad as many flies as you can in a single round. The toad looks kind of over eaten in this game. I think, he already had his lunch, it's a shame this isn't a cooking game or he could have had a warm meal. Hey!.... Don't lose your appetite...

Fly Catcher

This is a very addictive and fun fly eating game. The object of the game is to feed the spider as many flies as you can before the time expires. But remember it's not that easy to catch the flies as they are continuously moving here and there. Make the spider fat and don't lose your appetite (or your lunch) ...Enjoy the game!


Floats is a simple Maths Game. The floats are flying around the game and they have numbers on them. Click on all the floats in an ascending order (from 1, 2, 3 etc etc) to make them disappear, before the time runs out. Dont click on the bombs, as they will reduce your time by 10 seconds. But do however click the sun to gain hundreds of extra points.

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