Monkey Island

In Monkey Island, the objective of the game is to jump from island to island and collect all the delicious bananas to finish the round. Try to correctly estimate the distance in between the islands so you don't fall short or overshoot the mark. Good luck and have fun in this cool puzzle game! Oh, and go bananas!

Lunch Time

In Lunch Time, you must fix the contraption so that one move will start a chain reaction to serve up lunch. There are 13 different parts to this machine and each has a different job to do to make it work right. Experiment and try to tweak the parts accordingly to make sure you get the right combination.

Little Erde

Little Erse is an awesome skill game in which you must toss the sausage around the globe as many times as you can but you also must make sure that you catch it before it hits the ground. Press space-bar to power up your throw and press it a second time to release the sausage at your preferred angle. If you are skillful enough with your aim then the sausage will hit the mushroom and it will bounce once more, giving you more time to catch it before it hits the ground. If you cannot catch it then your score shall not be counted.

Le Patisserie

Your restuarant is ready to go and you'll be the driver behind this "Waiter Simulation" game. Your mice customers will show up at the door and you'll need to show them to their table. They'll ask for a menu, which you will give them and then they will order their food. Give them what they want and make the money from the sale. Reach the goal set every day and achieve massive profits! Hint: Le Patisserie = Pastry Maker

Kukoo Machines

Your shop is now open for business. Serve your customers burgers, fries, drinks and more. Make sure the order is right so the leave happy.

Kookin Kidz

In Kookin Kids you are a wicked witch who eats children, but she needs to cook them in her cauldron first. Guide her around with the arrow keys and use the Ctrl key to pick the children up and to drop them. She can carry only one kid at a time so let her fly close to a kid's head and grab him, then carry the kid and drop him into the pot. Avoid hitting the ground and the pot or you will lose health.

Jungle Adventure

Jungle Adventure is an adventure game. You control Waffle Boy across the jungle terrain, you can climb and swing on ropes, drive vehicles and throw stuff at the baddies.Jump on the big insects to disable them for a while, avoid touching them though as they will hurt you. Use the 'D' key to throw an object or get out of a vehicle. Be careful not to fall from a great height as it will hurt. Also do not fall into the water or you will drown.

Jumping Troll

Jumping Troll is an arcade game where you help a little troll bounce on the mushroom to collect the fruits above. Control the mushroom with your mouse, and as the troll lands on it he will bounce. Collect all the fruits and then guide the troll through the hoop to open the tree door and move onto the next level. Watch out for the owl!

Jumping Bananas

Jumping for bananas has never been this challenging! You are a hungry monkey looking for bananas. You have several enemies in the area that might prevent you from getting your precious bananas. Ranging from snakes to hedgehogs, even superman is trying to block your way! Good Luck! Don't let anything stand between a monkey and his banana!

Jigsaw: Ready For Barbeque

The good thing about a barbeque is that there is something for everyone. This is a puzzle of a barbeque You have six different modes challenge mode and relaxed which has 9 pieces, 100 pieces and 144 pieces to a puzzle Finish the puzzle To see a great bareque picture To play this puzzle game all you need is your mouse.

Jamal And The Wasp Bunker

As Jamal, you must venture through the jungle collect vegetarian food for your family. Creatures and traps are there to stop you but with your web slingers and cunning skills these can be passed, Watch out for the elder wasps scattered through the levels as they are full of useful knowledge and play tips. Try to collect all the fruits in every level.

Ice Cream Pig

Ice Cream Pig is a match making puzzle game. You play the role of an ice-cream vendor. Orders are shown on the right hand side chart. There are scoops of ice-cream in various different flavours falling from the sky and your job is to collect it in cones in such a way that it matches the patterns/orders shown. As the game progresses, the puzzle get more complex.

Ice Cream Maker

Summer is best spent in ice cream shops! That's why your little cafe is full of customers at every hour! Do you need a hand? I'm here to help you! Let's prepare the most delicious ice creams ever! I'll take the orders and you make the ice creams! Together we will provide the best service in this restaurant and it will carry our success to the top!

Ice Cream Games

Everyone loves to make ice cream and eat it! Choose over 20 different combinations of ice cream, dishes, toppings and more. Place your toppings when you're finished (increase their size, add more than one, etc.) Find your favorite and go to town. After your ice cream is shown to be the best, you can print it for all to see!

Hungry Piranha

In Hungry Piranha, you are a small piranha, and you must eat smaller fish than you to grow. You have to eat constantly to sustain power, so always be on the lookout. Always dodge larger fish so you won't become their prey. Do you have what it takes to be the most feared predator in the fresh water food chain?

House Of Chocolates

You have to line up the chocolates in order to get them to disappear in House Of Chocolates. A successful match will fill up the milk jar, make sure you clear the whole board to move on to the next puzzle. With a variety of stages and hundreds of thousands of ways to solve each one, this is a tasty puzzle challenge.

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