Youda Legend: The Golden Bird of Paradise

Are you ready for a new adventure and give up your holiday to search for mysteries and reveal another Legend? After your city trip to Amsterdam, this time you have chosen for a relaxing holiday. A trip to tropical paradise. No way anything will come in between that can disturb this! It all seems peaceful, but again the journey will be nothing you expected it to be. The tropical environments will bring you more than relaxing and cocktails at the beach….. if only you knew. The jungle hides secrets you don’t know of, locals do know more, but do not reveal all…. Questions rise, irreversible decisions have to be made to finally reveal the mystery of the golden bird in Paradise. The only thing you can be sure of…. The Golden Bird has special powers that go beyond every imagination.

The Main Clue

In our game there has been a robbery in Jenifer's apartment and now the police are there to investigate the case. Jenifer lives alone and it has been determined that some things are missing from there – the biggest part of her precious jewelry. She doesn't have a clue about it, but still she has some suspicion.

The Lost Script

In the following game you will see one actor's apartment. He is a famous Hollywood actor and he is on set, filming his newest movie, but he realizes that he doesn't have the screenplay with the dialogues. He sends his assistant to go to his apartment and look for the screenplay and bring it on the set because he can't work without it.

Straight To The Exit 3

Straight To The Exit 3 action, puzzle and thinking game about little monster. The little green monster wants to escape from labyrinth shaped castle. It is not easy, because there are lots of traps in the castle. In 30 levels of the game you will help one eyed little green monster to exit from the castle and survive.

Stage Out Escape

Escape from the stage by finding all the clues and objects carefully hidden in room. Look in every place and make sure that you don't miss anything. There are all kind of clues in the room, make sure you'll find them.Match all the objects, find the correctly combinations and solve the puzzles with the clues. Finally, Escape from the Stage.

Shadow Match

Shadow Match is a pair finding game with shadows. The gameplay is about to find the correct shadow for the object on the picture. Be aware of the little changes and differences, because there is the disparity what you need to solve each level. In order to finish the game totally, you have to pick the right shasow trouhg 10 stages.

Safes Rooms Escape

Safes Rooms Escape is a point and click/room escape game in which you need to try and escape from the house. Investigate many rooms with lots of clues and items to pick up. The clues will help you to open safes and more doors. so make sure you have a good look around each room and don't leave anything unturned.

Roco Land Photo Hunt

Spot the difference of Broco Land photo and have fun!

New Thanksgiving Escape 2013

New Thanksgiving Escape 2013 is a type of point and click new escape game. Last night you were gone to the Thanksgiving party in your friend's house. But now it's morning and no one in the house and the door is locked. It means what? Yes friend, you are again trapped. You want to escape from there by finding the useful object. Find the right way to escape from the house. Good Luck Have Fun!

Kids Bed Room

Kids Bed Room is a hidden objects game. You have to find all of the letters of the alphabet in the room before the timer runs out. If click on a letter you will score +100, but if you get it wrong and miss clicking on a letter you will receive a -25 score. Every letter of the alphabet is in the picture there just hidden quite well.

Kids Bed Room Hidden Alphabets

Kids Bed Room Hidden Alphabets is a seek and find game where you have to find the letters of the alphabet. You start by finding any letter, then you have to find a specific letter for bonus points. Some letters are easy to find while others will have you searching for a while. Make sure you look everywhere for those last letters.

Hidden Objects Nature

Try a new challenge in this Hidden Object Game. This time the theme is Nature and Water. Your mission in this game is to find a series of carefully hidden objects in each scene. To unlock the other stages you must earn a number of stars required for each level. Keep an eye on the clock because you have to find all 10 items in time for each scene.

Happy Valentines Day HS

Happy Valentines Day HS is a point and click hidden objects game. Stars are hidden everywhere in the valentine related pictures. Find them and hit it. Unwanted clicks will reduce target time. Your goal is to hit all the stars before the timer runs out each time you miss it will take 20 seconds of your time.

Football Hidden Numbers

In this game your duty is to find all the numbers hidden on the image. Finding the Numbers is going to be much tougher than it sounds, mostly because they blend in nearly perfectly with the background. In Football Hidden Numbers the controls are about as simple as they get really, as you are required to use your mouse in order to find the hidden footballs in every picture. There are 15 numbers from 1-15 for you to find.

Escape Witch House

Escape from the Witch House by finding all the clues and objects carefully hidden in the forest. Match all the objects, find the correctly combinations and solve the puzzles with the clues. You have to be very shrewd and careful because many puzzles are solved with easy solution but these ones are hard to find. Finally, Escape from Witch House. Good Luck!

Escape To The Temple

Welcome to an interesting escape game where you'll have to do your best! First take a look around places and try to find any object that could help you escape outside. Always remember that there is a way out and you just have to find it! Escape to the Temple by finding all the clues and objects carefully hidden in the forest. Match all the objects, find the correctly combinations and solve the puzzles with the clues. Finally, Escape to the Temple.

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