Staggy 2

Staggy the Boy Scout Slayer! The object of the game is simple, you hunt down as many boy scouts as you can. You get to buy evil weapons ranging from battle axes to light sabers that could be used to mutilate the pesky boy scouts. Try picking up power-ups that you can get from slain victims. Move on to the next level and get your hands on Orcish weaponry, a lawnmower, and much, much more! Enjoy!

Squares and Blades

Squares and Blades is a turn-based isometric strategy game similar to Final Fantasy: Tactics and many role-playing board games. Strategically move your character on the board and defeat the enemy beasts. Choose from four classes, from Amazon to Spy. Play in a story mode or take on special missions such as Kill the Captain and Run with the Lady! Hours of unique game-play and hundreds of options.


In Spartacus, you play as Spartacus, and as the legend says, your goal as a true warrior to fight for freedom! Break out of the gladiator arena and into the streets of Rome to fight the mighty Empire! Fight through eight challenging levels, against unique boss enemies, then go and destroy your enemies with style in the cinematic mode.

Sparks and Dust

In Sparks and Dust, your goal is to scour the icy lands, smashing through the snow and earth to uncover all sorts of long forgot secrets. Getting to the end isnít so tough, but you may find the hidden bosses and mysterious red shards along your journey whilst attacking any hostiles along your way in Sparks and Dust?

Soulmech Shinobu

A gang of wooku ninjas have been terrorising the villagers for a long time. Play a Shinobu to defend the village from the invading ninjas. Use a broad range of combo moves in this side-scrolling hack-n-slash game rich with Anime-style graphics. Special moves like Haste and Kage Slash add to the intricate combat system.

Soul Of The Katana

The objective of Soul of Katana is to survive and take out all enemy units and bosses. Collect gold coins, for each 100 coins collected you gain an additional life. Unleash the soul of the katana and destroy all your opponents. Use deadly martial art and sword moves but during all that try not to get killed. If you like sword fight games then you will enjoy this game.


Humiliate your enemies by taking part in a round of Soakamon! In this profane, but seriously hilarious shooting game, you must humiliate your opponent by soaking them in the face with as many dubiously-filled balloons before they get to you first! Be warned, your enemies won't hold back, and neither should you!

Snowball Fight

This is a Snowball Fighting Game. There are 2 teams. Each team has 3 members. Your aim is to hit and knockout the other team members in order to move onto other levels. There are lots of objects to hide behind. To throw a snowball, aim at an enemy and hold down your mouse button to adjust power. Release mouse button to throw. As you progress into further levels, the opposing team will get bigger and bigger.

Snow Blitz

The goal of this game is to throw snow balls and shoot them at everyone around you and have fun. But, watch out for the bullies as they will bash you in retaliation. Avoid the snowballs thrown at you or you will lose health! Use the arrow keys to move and the WASD keys to jump, throw left, right and to duck.

Sky Knight

Great pixel-art scrolling shooter. Player control the steampunk plane and fights with waves of enemies flying at him. After gathering enough money, player can upgrade the plane.

Sky Fire

Sky Fire is a top down Fighter Jet Shooting Game, select your pilot, each has a different jet, you control the jet by dragging the mouse around. In order to complete a level, you need to destroy the number of planes shown in the bottom right corner. Weave in and out of enemy missiles and pick up health and weapons power-ups. The new weapons only last for a limited time so make full use of them when you have them..

Skies of War

In Skies at War, you can become the most important pilot in the rebel army. There is a new plan to overcome the enemy armies, a strategy to attack from the skies! Manoeuvre your aircraft and deliver devastating blows to the enemy. Pick from a vast selection of awesome historic aircraft, swift planes during a mission for better efficiency, and bomb the hell out of the bad guys! You also have an incredible choice of bombs and missiles, all the way up to nukes! Locate the enemy, and take Ďem out without getting shot down!

Sketchbook Samurai

Fans of the famous Karateka prepare for the next assault! Play as Hitomi, the aforementioned samurai, to stop an evil institution from carrying out its deadly plans. Fight against guards, nurses and more. With 4 basic attacks & flips, slay your foes with ease. Each attack consumes a level of stamina that is used for blocking and attacking. Run out of stamina, and it could be the end. Become a legend in Sketchbook Samurai!

Sinjids Battle Arena

Sinjids Battle Arena is an RPG and Fighting game where your aim is to fight your way through battles to become a great Ninja Warrior. You will receive money and experience from defeated enemies, which will allow you to buy and upgrade your fighter with weaponry, health, speed and skills. Each enemy gradually gets harder with every battle and with up to 25 enemies through 5 difficulties, you must prove yourself the hard way!

Sinjid Shadow Of The Warrior

Sinjid Shadow Of The Warrior is a (RPG) Role Playing Game. You have been training for 20 years in the ways of the shadow. Now this is your last assignment before setting off to avenge your father's death and defeat the evil forces. To complete the game, finish all the challenging 20 levels and walk out of the front door.

Siegius Arena

In Siegius Arena, your goal is to upgrade your gladiator and fight to the death in a series of awesome blood-thirsty arena battles. Grab health point boosts, upgrade your weapons and decapitate the bad guys! Do you have what it takes to become the utlimate roman warrior? Those who are about to die, we salute you!

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