Tanya the Tailor

Tanya the Tailor is creating exciting and unique dress combinations. Everyone can enjoy Tanya's designs!

Sweetheart Hannah Montana

In Sweetheart Hannah Montana, Hannah Montana has won the popularity with her sweet smile. She just had the best of both worlds: concert tours and the love of her fans. Now make her up and let her become the sweetheart of your imagination. Do you have what it takes? Good luck, and above all, have fun!! Pick out awesome gear for her!

Sweet Wedding

In Sweet Wedding, you have to dress up this sweet bride for the most important day of her life. Dress her up with different clothes, hairstyles and accessories and get her ready for her special day! Choose the perfect dress and attire! You can even print out your designs to show and compare with your friends!

Sweet Spring Wedding

In Sweet Spring Wedding, getting married is the happiest moment in one's life, so the princess and prince must look their best for this occasion. Dress them up with different clothes, hairstyles and accessories and get them ready for this epic day! You can even print out your designs to show your friends! Have Fun!

Sweet Girl Make-up

In Sweet Girl Make-up, Candy has a mirror, a magic mirror. Whenever she looks in the mirror, she has different hair style, wearing and make-up. In fact you controlled the mirror and do these things for her. Now she is coming here, hurry up and dress her up. Have fun in making Candy stunning in our free game for you.

Summer Fun Dressup

The hot summer has finally arrived! Help the girl pick her summer outfit in this fun dress-up game, Summer Fun Dressup! There are a variety of clothes, hairstyles, accessories and more to choose from. Pick the most fashionable and fitting outfit, when you’re happy with her outfit you can print out your result to keep.

Summer Fun Dress up

It's a beautiful summer day so this girl is getting ready for a relaxing time at the beach. She wants to look good all the time and shine like the sun in the sky. Can you help her out? Choose between trendy bikinis and bathing suits. And don't forget a colorful beach ball to play with!

Summer Days

Summer is such a fun time of year! In Summer Days, you can dress up this cute girl so that she can feel great under the sun. Choose from a multitude of accessories and attributes, from bathing suits to pearl necklaces! Explore her wardrobe by opening her drawers! Be creative and above all, have fun!

Style You Like

Style You Like is a dress-up style game in which you have a model to try lots of different outfits. There is a large range of different outfits, tops, bottoms and shoes to choose from just drag and drop them onto the model. After you have decided on an outfit, why not give your model some accessories, like a handbag or necklaces.

Stella Bride

Stella Bride is a dress up fantasy wedding game where you need to choose the perfect wedding outfit for Stella. There is alot of options to choose from including loads of different dresses, shoes bouquets, necklaces and tiaras. Once you have the perfect wedding outfit press show and Stella will turn up at her wedding.

Spring Party Prep

Our girl is so excited because she is going to participate at a spring party. So much fun. Help our model get ready for the party there's lots of different outfits and accessories to choose from. Once you have the right outfit and accessories, why not give our model the right hairstyle to go with it.

Splendid Summer

It's time for a makeover! Splendid Summer fulfills the fantasy of playing dress up without the hassle of purchasing all the clothes. With over 50 articles of clothing & accessories, there are endless combinations to place on the doll to make her into the beauty she was born to be. Expect hours to be spent finding the best outfits!

Sorority Sisters

Hey Ho, lets go! These sorority sisters know how to party with the best of them. When they aren't studying for whatever classes they're taking they are acting like weirdo's in the quad!

So Cute Little Girl

So Cute Little Girl is a fun game in which you can mix and match different types of accessories and experiment with different styles. This game is like a virtual doll which you can play for hours and hours on end! This game is simple yet entertaining, use your mouse and create something which appeals to you.

Shopping Spree

Celina, Amaris and Angelina are all fashionable girls. They arranged to go shopping this weekend and all of them want to buy some suitable clothes that would make them cool this summer. In order to match them well, they need you to help them choose some dresses, shoes, hats and bags, etc. Use your eye for fashion and kit the girls out in the best stuff.

Sharp Woman Makeup

Sharp Woman Makeup is a dress up game where you choose the make-up for a model. Click and drag the make-up you want to try on and place it in the suitable place, you can even change the colour of the models eyes if you want. after you've done the make-up why don't you try out the accessories. There's earrings, necklaces and scarves.

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