Stella Bride

Stella Bride is a dress up fantasy wedding game where you need to choose the perfect wedding outfit for Stella. There is alot of options to choose from including loads of different dresses, shoes bouquets, necklaces and tiaras. Once you have the perfect wedding outfit press show and Stella will turn up at her wedding.

Spring Party Prep

Our girl is so excited because she is going to participate at a spring party. So much fun. Help our model get ready for the party there's lots of different outfits and accessories to choose from. Once you have the right outfit and accessories, why not give our model the right hairstyle to go with it.

Splendid Summer

It's time for a makeover! Splendid Summer fulfills the fantasy of playing dress up without the hassle of purchasing all the clothes. With over 50 articles of clothing & accessories, there are endless combinations to place on the doll to make her into the beauty she was born to be. Expect hours to be spent finding the best outfits!

Sorority Sisters

Hey Ho, lets go! These sorority sisters know how to party with the best of them. When they aren't studying for whatever classes they're taking they are acting like weirdo's in the quad!

So Cute Little Girl

So Cute Little Girl is a fun game in which you can mix and match different types of accessories and experiment with different styles. This game is like a virtual doll which you can play for hours and hours on end! This game is simple yet entertaining, use your mouse and create something which appeals to you.

Shopping Spree

Celina, Amaris and Angelina are all fashionable girls. They arranged to go shopping this weekend and all of them want to buy some suitable clothes that would make them cool this summer. In order to match them well, they need you to help them choose some dresses, shoes, hats and bags, etc. Use your eye for fashion and kit the girls out in the best stuff.

Sharp Woman Makeup

Sharp Woman Makeup is a dress up game where you choose the make-up for a model. Click and drag the make-up you want to try on and place it in the suitable place, you can even change the colour of the models eyes if you want. after you've done the make-up why don't you try out the accessories. There's earrings, necklaces and scarves.

Save The Christmas

Christmas is here, and it looks like Santa has some kind of trouble getting all the presents ready in time for Christmas. Choose the character you like the most, choose the right combination of clothes that gives them the most energy, so that they can go and help the Elves prepare all the presents in time to Save The Christmas! Enjoy!

Save Nanda

This is a race game that we have to save princess Nanda from the bad guys. To make that, we need to win a hard race. This game uses Top and Down arrows to move car and right and left arrows to accelerate and break. To up your life, just get Nanda hearts. And you can crash other cars to boost your score, but pay attention on your life.

Sarah Makeover

One of your favorite host from cooking class series, Sarah, needs a little help with her makeover. She needs to look fashionable on her show where she is going to present a special recipe. Let's dress her up and give her a new makeover so she can impress her fans not only with her cooking skills but with her new beautiful appearance.

Santa New Dress

Santa New Dress is a dress-up game in which you can choose from between two male models. After picking your model let's have some fun, there is over five completely different Santa outfits that you can try on. After you choose your favourite Santa outfit it's time to give him a big white beard just like Santa.

Runaway Princess

Sometimes being a princess can be very boring. Our Runaway Princess decides to run away from her home and go for an adventure! You can help her in this adventure. Customize her skin tone, hair style and facial expression. Also, you can embellish her with different jewelry. And you can change and customize the landscape behind her. Enjoy your time with Runaway Princess.

Ruby Baby Dress Up

The second exclusive friend of girlgames.cd and rival of Cherry Darling, meet Ruby Baby the most beautiful and fashion girl in the web. Now its your turn to help her and create the must fabulous outfit in the world. cool music playing in the background while you make ruby look at good as you can. Use your mouse to choose a cool outfit for Ruby Baby.

Romantic Summer Dating

An interesting game for everyone is Romantic Summer Dating. There is a cute couple on their first date in the summer, your job is to help the couple match with the right clothes as this game is a dress up game. They want to look great on the first date as do us all. Make the couple look their best and enjoy their first date together.

Romantic Spring Trip

In Romantic Spring Trip, an interactive game, you can choose between different types of apparel for a boy or a girl. Mix and match apparel and find the perfect combination of you! Choose between shoes, trousers, and tops! When you're ready, you can centre the frame and print your creation to keep for later.

Rihanna Makeover

In Rihanna Makeover, this cool interactive game, you can experiment with different styles and looks, and see what suits her the best. Dress Rihanna up with different clothes, make up and more! See the result with a really cool background and print it out to show your friends! can you make a better design than all your friends?

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