Another slice game to give you more puzzle addicting fun! Each level will prompt you with the opportunity to take the smiley face and guide him to the circle. You'll need to get there in only the amount of cuts given. There are 25 levels, and imagination is the limit to achieve victory. Can you surpass all 25 stages of difficulty?

Space Traffic Chief

With the emergence of new technology, humans have left Earth to explore other galaxies. In doing so, many orbital stations were created to control which crafts would navigate back and forth. Your duty is to become the traffic controller and make sure peace is upheld. Direct the cargo ships to the proper bay, the passenger ships, etc. Be on the look out for the special carriers, as you need to make sure no one hits them. Keep crashes to a minimum, and draw in as many ships as you can!

Rocket Colouring Game

The Rocket Colouring Game is a picture of a rocket which you colour in yourself with the paint pallet at the side. On the paint pallet there are 48 different colours and shades of paints you can use on the rocket. There is know wrong way to colour the rocket in so you can take your time and make it as fancy as you want.

Painting Animals

Painting Animals is an animal colouring game. It's a picture of some animals in the desert. There are over thirty different colours and shades of paint to choose from just use your mouse to choose the right colour and start colouring. Once you have coloured it all in press finish and you can even print a copy of your picture out.


The shortest distance from A to B is a straight line. Well, maybe not so much in onLine-2! Sometimes, the best line will have zigzags, may go in loops, and may take the scenic route. That's for you to decide in 20 exciting stages of line creation. You'll have to use some forward thinking, and a lot of erasing to get that line just right. But hey, for perfection, it's worth it!

Monster Trucker 3D

Nothing puts on a show like a stampede of Monster Trucks tearing up the terrain! Bash your opponents into submission as you race towards the finishing line, flattening cars, flying over insane ramps, and navigating rough tracks! It's every man for himself, so watch your back if you want any chance of coming out on top!

Monster Truck Jumper

Hello all you racing fans our latest exclusive game Monster Truck Jumper its released. So if you are up for some jumping and smashing with a monster truck then you can enjoy our game.

Magic Touch

Do you have the Magic Touch? If so, help the little wizard to defend his castle from the evil knights that fall down from the sky. In order to kill them you must pop their balloons by casting spells. Using your magic wand you must draw the shapes that you see on the balloons to cast successful spells so the knights fall to their death. If a knight manages to land you lose the castle so be quick.

Magic Pen

From circles, to rectangles, to triangles. Use all of theseshapes to guide the ball to the goal using your magic pen to draw shapes, hinges and pins to aid it's way while you gaze at the beautifully drawn background. Use your magic pen wisely, because it has limited ink. If you run out of ink, just delete the useless shapes.

Magic Pen 2

Focus and a steady hand is needed to complete this game of Magic Pen 2! You'll need to make sure the red circle gets to the flag. You can do this by drawing any number of shapes. No matter what the situation is, there is a solution. Use your imagination to draw contraptions that move, swing, and push the circle to the flag. Hint: view the tutorial to get the best understanding. Go Magic Pen, go!

Jack Russell

Jack Russell is a Puzzle Game where you have to draw a path between the start point and the food bowl so that Jack can walk on it! Draw the paths such that you make Jack collect the bones to gain points and avoid the mines and other threats. Don't draw a steep line or the puppy will fall through. Draw a vertical line to change Jack's direction.

Ice Breaker

Over 35 levels of intense puzzle action in Ice Breaker! Create lines to cut the ice and free all your vikings! Be careful to have your boat underneath where they fall. The captain can free the vikings, but only if the ice is small enough. You are limited to the amount of slices you get, so make them count. Can you finish all levels?

Ice Breaker Gathering

True vikings stick together! Free your viking brethren from the chilling confines of their icy prisons. Use your mouse to slice away the ice and guide the vikings to their ship. Help everyone make it and you will be rewarded with eternal happiness in Valhalla. But watch out for traps as they might injure or even kill your brethren.

Gravity Master

You don't have to be an Einstein to play this game. What you need is a little creativity and some basic knowledge about physics. Have fun while drawing different shapes and let physics do her thing, while you try to get the ball to the end of the level. Be careful though, physics is fun but it can get tricky sometimes.

Fresh Fruits in the Basket

Fresh Fruits in the Basket is a colouring game in which there is a picture of a basket full of fresh fruit and it needs colouring in. You control the paintbrush and there are 48 different colours and shades of paint to choose from, so let your imagination run wild. All you need to do is click on the colour of paint you want to use then click on the part of the picture you want that colour.

Fat Slice

Slice & Dice to get to the right mark! By picking a level from the menu, you'll get a graphical representation of the shape you'll be cutting. Each shape has a ball or multiple balls that need to stay in each of your slices. Complete each slice and using the bar above the shape, cut it down to the right size!

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