Ramparts is a strategy defense game in which you have to defend your lines from the hordes of monsters that attack you. You must build a perfect defense for every type of monster that will attack you, so chose careful from the defense units you have. You can build ground defense, ice defense towers, poison and air defense units but also upgrades for those units and gold. Every stage of the game has a number of enemy units that will attack but you will earn gold by killing them, gold that you will use for upgrades. Try to stay alive!

Rainbow Blitz

In Rainbow Blitz you have to stop any bombs reaching the house. Try to shoot power-ups to gain more firepower or to get shields for the house. A good strategy is to just keep shooting. Try to keep the bombs at the top of the screen so they cant stack up. Be careful with your ammo as you have to let your cannons reload! Blitz this game.

Rail Of War

Rail Of War is a World War 2 based Game. You are in charge of a train that is carrying weapons and you must get to the end of each track while eradicating all of the enemies attempting to stop you. Your can choose from up to 7 trains with different combinations of 7 wagons and 9 weapons. Each mission has multiple routes to the end of the track, but be sure to clear the track of enemies too as they'll try and derail you. You can upgrade your weapons and you can pick up power-ups. The enemy will attack from the land and the air.

Quest Defense

Ready to defend your kingdom? Place defensive towers at strategic locations in order to stop the enemy attack waves. Fight alongside warriors, archers, and mages to protect the continent from the forces of the evil dragon!

Purplenum Survival 3

Purplenum Survival 3 is a defense game in which small stick men are looking to ambush your base, only you alone can stop them! Aim with your mouse and click the left mouse button to fire. Between rounds you can score points which can be used to purchase and upgrade your ammo, health and weapons. To hit fast moving targets, aim very slightly ahead of your target so that they run into your shot.

Pump Head Bam

Enemy Para troopers are coming towards pumpkin land. Sergeant Pumpkin is only soldier left there, and he will do whatever it takes to defend his land. Use your mouse to control Sergeant Pumpkin and make sure none of the enemies hit the ground. The more enemies you hit the higher your score will be.

Pokémon Tower Defense

Got to catch them all, Pokemon!!!!

Planet Juicer

Planet Juicer is a fun, quirky strategy game in which you take the role of an alien race's secretary of defense. Your mission is simple; protect the drilling machine with defense units while it extracts the planets' resources, to aid you on your way to galactic domination. Better watch out though, the natives aren't too pleased, and desperate to run your operation into the ground! Worse still, the president is watching your every move, so don't disappoint him, or he'll have your head! Be sure to be as careful as you can with your unit placement, otherwise you'll miss enemies, or run out of money!

Planet Escape

The researchers spacecraft landed on another planet, there are many dangerous monsters here. They have been threatening the life of the researcher. To be able to escape from the planet, the researcher must repair spaceship, Assemble the parts and prevent the monster attacks by shooting the heck out of them with your guns.

Pirates: Gold Hunters

Pirates have landed on your shore, and there's only one thing they're interested in...your gold! Don't let them take the wealth of your land. Defend yourself! In this Tower Defense-ish game, you'll plant your towers in a way to keep those pirates from attacking your castle. Ahh, the twist? They'll have to come back through your gauntlet to their ship! But, which path will they take...?

Penguins Attack 4

Those "Pesky Penguins" have returned yet again in a vein attempt to take over the world. Help restore peace to the land with an array of awesome weapons.

Pawn Wars

Pawn Wars is a action packed strategy game. Fight the pawns of other kingdoms and capture their buildings. Build and upgrade your base and defense. Attack the enemy pawns and defeat them all. It will keep you playing for a long time. Make sure you keep upgrading your base and your troops. If you upgrade your base you can send more Pawns at the same time. Also use the extra troops that can assist you, see the icon at the right side.


Paratroopers is an action packed base defense game where the goal of the game is simple, destroy the enemies aircraft's and paratroopers. Remember, stop the paratroopers from stacking up or they will demolish your turret once they reach the ground. This is achieved by shooting the troopers directly on their parachutes. Have fun!


Your a paladin dog fighting zombies. A defense game where you control the main hero. Loads of upgrades and sidekicks to help you in your journey.


Defend the beaches in Onslaught! Shoot down every last troop, aircraft and tank before they reach the beach. You are a lone warrior with a heavy machine gun and unlimited ammo. It's you or them, one must die. Shoot down the required number of enemy troops in each level to proceed to the next level. If you start shooting the enemy transports as soon as you see them coming on screen, you can blow then up before they reach the beach. Look out for enemy aircraft and try to pin down groups of units as they exit the landing crafts.

Nuke Defense

Nuke Defence is a Tower Defence type of Game. Use different skills to kill the oncoming monsters. When they are destroyed you can collect the gold they drop and improve your three primary skills or learn brand new ones from one of the four major areas. Be it passive, fire, cold or earth. You can only have three of the non-passive abilities in use at any one time if those abilities are not enough, buy artefacts which will aid you in battle from dwarven boots to an arcane tome plus many more.

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