Pacxon is an addictive Strategy Based Arcade Game where your aim is to clear various levels by filling the empty area. To fill the empty area, build a wall between any two sides. Avoid the ghosts at all times, especially whilst building a wall, because if the ghosts touch the wall, you will die of electric shock. To clear a level, you must fill at least 80% or more empty space. The number of enemies and difficulty will keep on increasing as you progress in the game. Do remember to pickup various power-ups as they give you super powers and make the game easier.

Pacs Jungle Trip

Pacs Jungle Trip is a bit different from normal Pacman game. This game has an adventure element to it. During Pacs quest, collect different items to help repair his car. Move close to the different items in the game to get a description about them, but don't forget to avoid those Ghosts...There are many hidden surprises to look out for.


Pacman is the classic game with the big yellow smiley everyone played growing up in the 1980's, the aim of the game is to eat all of the white dots & avoid getting caught by the ghosts. You can eat the big magic pills and get super powers, at which point you can also eat the ghosts. You have 3 lives and unlimited levels.


This is a arcade game, where you control a yellow colored character with a big mouth. The aim of the game is to eat all of the orange bits of food and collect the green colored mines. At the same time making sure you dont get killed by the zombie monsters on each level (note: some can even shoot fireballs at you). There are 35 levels to complete and to help you, you can click the mouse button to lay the mines in the path of the monsters to kill them

Orbox C

Bounce orbox from block to block to get to the exit or complete other missions. Excellent puzzle game when you want some mind challenge! Move in 4 directions. What's the catch? Orbox will keep move untill it hits the wall. Sounds simple? It starts simple but every level will be more difficult and intresting!

Neon 2

In Neon 2, You are a small traingle shaped fighting ship. You are being attacked by different colored and shaped hostiles. The fighting takes place inside a fixed size arena. The enemy can charge at you, shoot you, avoid your fire, leave mines in your path etc. You on the other hand can pick up lots of different kind of power-ups to counter their attack. A strategy we reccomend is to sit in one corner and fight from there. You can also stop an enemy that is chasing you by quickly dropping a mine.

Nacho Wrestling

In Nacho Wrestling, your objective is to pin down your enemies in order to win the match. You can perform various cool moves to defeat your enemy. This game is like most wrestling games you may have played. The controls are simple but it takes a bit of strategy to win. So put your thinking cap on and get wrestling!

Multiplayer Chinese Checkers

The idea of Multiplayer Chinese Checkers is to beat your opponent by clearing as many pieces as possible from the board. Unlike checkers, where only one move can be made in the forward direction, in this game, successive jumps are permissible wherever they can be made in any direction. The game lets you play head to head against a friend on the same computer or play against six computer controlled players. A move consists of jumping over any other marble into a hole next to it. You can move or jump the marbles in any direction as long as you follow the lines.


Mortanoid is a breakout style game but with skulls and other creepy stuff. Your aim is to clear all of the 33 levels by moving the paddle across the screen and breaking all of the enchanted blocks with the skull ball. Collect the potions that fall down to enhance your paddle with different kinds of super powers. The difficulty will keep on increasing as you progress. You must defeat the 3 guardians on each level, these are in the form on evil spirits, spiders etc.


Monochrome is a Shooting Game set in outer space. You take control of your spacecraft and fight your way through 70 levels of action. Each level has multiple waves of enemies looking to gun you down, but you can use your skill to avoid their fire and destroy them using your weapons. Each enemy killed will reward you with money which you can use to upgrade your ship with a choice of up to 21 weapons. Conserve your lives though as there will be a boss fight every 10 levels!

Money Miner

In Money Miner your goal is to help the Miner earn as much money as he can! Grab coins, gems, and rocks to earn as much money as you can within the time limit on each level. Buy upgrades to help you on your quest to fortune and to increase your haul. Do you have what it takes to become the ultimate miner? Good luck.


Take a trip down memory lane with an old school favorite , its minesweeper and a whole lot more. minesweeper the classic old school game with a pick of a twist for new players and old a like. Gain a high score to beat your friends or others online. You can reset the game when ever you like and there is four different modes you can play.

Megaman Zero Alpha

Megaman Zero Alpha is a fast paced Arcade Game, Megaman is a man with a very advance robotic suit on. His suite can make him run very fast using the "Dash" button in the game. His suit also is able to shoot balls of fire. He can also jump a lot high than normally possible. You have to help him find his way to the end of each stage by destroying all the machines trying to stop him. These machines can attack from the ground and from the air.

Megaman X Virus Mission

The objective of the game is to kill Magma Dragoon before he converts Megaman to scrap metal. The game is turn based so be careful which skills you choose to use. Using hypermode greatly increases Megaman's abilities. Hint: let the boss hit you enough so you can activate your ultimate attack! Have Fun!

Megaman Vs Ghosts n Goblins

Play as Megaman in this unique combination of two classics--Megaman and Ghosts n Goblins! Megaman has a new bizarre challenge as he faces unfamiliar ghosts. Work your way through various levels with creative new bosses in this side-scrolling classic with a twist! NES style graphics and customizable controls make this a fun and easy game to pick up with a diverse set of challenges familiar to Megaman fans.

Megaman Project X Time Trial

Play as Megaman, Zero, or Bass in this original platform adventure. Utilize the varying powers of each character, such as Bass's extra jump, Megaman's charging Buster shot, and Zero's lethal sword, to complete the unique challenges of every level in a race against time. A new twist on a classic favorite.

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