Jump is an Adventure Games with retro style graphics that remind you of the compuet games from the 1980's. The game still has loads of adventure to offer. The aim of this game is to explore all the levels collecting the golden squares along the way and reach the exit door to proceed to the next level. You will encounter many enemies and traps during your exploration, Use the spacebar the shoot the nasty creatures and proceed further.


Juggler is a Skill Game that is surprisingly fun due to its simplicity of design. The game has all the fun of Breakout - but without the bricks! So, just to make it a bit more interesting, there are 3 balls, and you have to keep them all off the ground at the same time. You get to take a short break every 1000 points and if you can get that far, you'll need it.

Jewel Dive

Jewel Dive is a gorgeous deep-sea puzzle game! Make matches of 3 jewels or more and boost your score to the max! Discover the powerful gems that let you clear lines and areas of jewels at once, and multiply your score with Jewel Multipliers! Don't forget to check out its mobile version, with even more features!

Jewel Digger

In Jewel Digger you are in a quest for well hidden gorgeous diamonds. Although it gets really funny and captivating when you have such a cute little companion joining you and all the things you need are at a mouse click’s distance. To help you along your way in the game you need to collect all the jewels to complete a target gold and then click on the bomb to destroy the specific item you have in the wand. Inbetween levels when progressing on to the next level you can visit the shop where items can be bought.

Jet Pac

Jet Pac is a Space based collection game. You are a rocket ship pilot. Your are stuck on an alien planet. Your mission control is sending you the rocket in pieces. To escape the planet you must first assemble your rocket and then fill it with fuel. You have a jet pack and can fly around to pickup the various rocket parts and jet fuel. Make sure you avoid and shoot the various comets flying around with your lazer gun. Once the rocket is fully asembled, board it to fly to the next level.


Like the real Jenga game, your aim is to try and make the tallest tower using the blocks. Remove blocks from lower down the tower and place them on the top. Make sure you keep the tower balanced and be careful not to remove too many blocks on one side which will cause it to topple. Use the left mouse button to remove blocks. Good Luck!

Jade Wolf

Jade the white wolf is on an adventure! Defeat all the enemies, find secret areas and show the pack who is the alpha male around here! Use the keyboard to guide your wolf friend, collect all the jade statues and bonuses in this massive high quality graphic, adventure platform game, that will surely waste hours of your time.

Ivan Drago

Ivan Drago is the world's most powerful boxer. Now, he has to save America from corruption and demise! In this side-scrolling arcade-style fighting adventure game, it's your job to rid America of the criminals and savy businessmen on Segways plaguing the streets. Use a variety of moves to take out foes as you explore the city. Get power-ups such as the Ushanka for more health!

Insane Orbex

Bounce the ball past your opponent to earn as many points as possible in Insane Orbex. To complete this game make sure you get a total of 32 points. Watch out for negative and positive gravity wells, it will affect the ball's trajectory. There are also blocks and mini bosses so be alert and bounce the ball carefully. Good luck.

Impossible Rush Game

The Impossible Rush Game in your Android Market.A kind of Copter Classic Game and very addictive game.Go through The Impossible Rush with no gravity.The Impossible Rush with simple,classic and addictive on Android Market.Escape copter otherwise you hit obstacles .We hope you enjoy The Impossible Game having Unlimited challenges. Go Crazy with classic copter game and enjoy.Guy flying against gravity.Get your fun run here. Game Features -This is Extremely addictive gameplay -Game Musics are aweosome. -Game have 3 modes:-Easy,Medium and Hard. -Collect the Blue and Yellow rings to get score. -3 Scoreboards for Easy,Medium and Hard Mode. -Very Easy control

Hybrid Fighter

Hybrid Fighter is a modern version of a classic arcade space shooting game. Where it differs though is some of the alien invaders drop power-ups. Shoot down the Alien fleet formations in order to proceed to the next level. You get different points for destroying different types of aliens. Shoot the alien UFO to gain bonus points.


This is a classic top-down view shoot-em-up game. The aim is to fly over the enemy territory and destroy their military base. As you carry on the destruction, the enemy will try to retaliate strongly. Protect yourself from their fighter jets and also the missile launchers. You will find many power-ups along the way to enhance your shield and weapons.


A puzzle game of color and movement.

Hit Logic

In Hit Logicyour goal is to shoot red checkers! Do you have the eagle eye of a military-trained sniper? Then take on Hit Logic and knock out all of the red checkers in the least amount of moves as is humanly possible! Left click the checker then drag to adjust the angle and power then let go to shoot.

Herm The Germ

Collect the red blood cells to replicate. Clones of yourself can jump in mid-air while spawning! Treat this like a double jump! If you get stuck restart with the R button. Reach the human's brain to infect him!


Guardian is a remake of the classic ping pong game combining the features of pong and adventure. Pong has captured the attention of thousands and is still popular today. The story begins as an explorer has been captured during his research in the jungles of the Amazon. The aim of this game is to protect him from the tribes throwing rocks at him. Use the arrow keys to fend them off. Don't let the explorer die!

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