Young Cardinals

In Young Cardinals your goal is to turn the evil old crows into heroic young cardinals! Click on the birds to change them from crows to cardinals and back again. Each level is complete when all the birds are red. Put your thinking cap on and make sure you have your wits about you, this is a tricky game.

Yeti Sport

The aim of Yeti Sports is to throw the Penguin further and further with each new try. You do this by setting the angle and power. The Yeti will then throw the penguin as far as possible with the help of his flamingo friend. The penguin will pass under giraffes, over elephants and acacias, be catapulted high up in to the sky by snakes and carried by vultures. Its hard to master but once your penguin picks up momentum, you just sit back and watch the many entertaining ways it accumulates distance.

Wiggi World Rescue

In Wiggi World Rescue, the objective of the game is to stomp out fires and dodge the bird. Lots of things can happen to distract you so be careful! The world can start to spin round, the grass can spike up, an much more! Be sure to duck when the bird flies over your head! Do you have what it takes?!

Upstream Kayak

kayak battle one trick at a time! Paddle your way to the finish line before time runs out. Pick up fruit and perform tricks for extra points and turbo speed. If you flip the kayak, you'll lose a life. But don't worry: you have 10 lives to live before it's game over!


The aim is to help the commando ant charge against the nasty crow, who has stolen the treasure, and get back all the wealth to the ant kingdom. The crow will send an endless army of newly hatched crows to try and stop you, if you judge their flight pattern you can avoid being hit. Collecting the pick axe will make your ant invincible for a short time. Use the Ctrl key to jump and also to get onto the ladders.

Trapped In A Well

While exploring a desolated island you fell and have become Trapped In A Well. Unfortunately you don't have anything to climb up with, so you have to stay there hoping that somebody will rescue you. But while you are waiting for help you have to eat so that you can survive. The only food you can find are the sea gulls flying over the well. Throw rocks at the sea gulls and get them to fall inside the well so you can have some lunch.


Pyoro is a hungry little bird eating falling seeds, use the space-bar to fire his very long stretchy tongue. But you have to eat every seed and avoid it from hitting the ground. If you miss a seed, it will knock out the floor tile on which it lands, which will limit your movements. If you get hit by a falling seed, green or white, the game is over. The height at which a seed is eaten determines the points you earn, ranging from 10 points near the ground to 300 points at the top of the play field.

Purple Billed Duck Puzzle

Purple Billed duck Puzzle is a slider puzzle game in which you need to slide the puzzle pieces around until they are in the right order, showing the picture. There is a timer to the right of the puzzle so you can time how long it takes to do the puzzle. There is also a picture of the puzzle as it looks like when it is completed to make it a little easier for you.

Pingu Throw

Thrill seeking penguins jump off a rock and the Yeti has to smack them at the right time before they hit the ground. Try to throw the Penguins as far as possible. The little birds are happy about their first flying experience and want to travel as far as possible, but it is up to you how far they will fly!

Owl Care

It's your first day at the bird studio. Your job is to look after these amazing and wise little owls so that they will stay healthy and clean.It's your first day at the bird studio. Your job is to look after these amazing and wise little owls so that they will stay healthy and clean.It's your first day at the bird studio. Your job is to look after these amazing and wise little owls so that they will stay healthy and clean.

Flabby Bat

Help the bat through a sinister cave, and go as far as you can! "Flabby Bat" is a very simple "flying" game where our task is simply to survive as long as possible. -Simple one button controls; spacebar to fly. -Fun and addictive gameplay for all age groups. -Share your score and compete with Facebook friends.

Fishy Flip

Fishy Flip is finally on air and it's up to you to keep it there! Tap the screen to keep it flapping to its freedom, avoiding the obstacles over the sea! Keep it simple! Just one control: TAP THE SCREEN AND WIN! TRY IT and you won't be able to stop !! How far are you going to reach? Click with the mouse or press repeatedly the space bar to pass across the platforms.

Egg House Escape

Help the hen to escape from the garden by finding hidden clues in the garden. Pay attention and look close, many surprises are waiting for you under this perfect garden picture. You can play this funny game with your friends and make a contest...let the best win! Use the clues in the appropriate puzzles to escape.


Test your shooting skills in this Target Practicing Game by firing at the colourful toy ducks as they pass by. You have to be quick and accurate in order to proceed to the next level as both the bullets and time are limited. You can shoot down the red balloons that fly by in order to get more bullets.

Duck Fight

In Duck Fight you play as a Word War ll duck fighter pilot. You are constantly under attack from colorful enemies that are just begging to be shot down. Dodge between them and try to down as many planes as you can, you accumulate greater score the more enemy planes you manage to destroy. Enjoy this Flying Game and keep an eye on your power meter, when it runs empty, it's game over.

Diver Duck

Your duck is broke, flat broke! Instead of complaining, he decides to put on his swim trunks and dive for money. His swimming grounds are a fish bowl, and money is constantly being dropped for him to grab. Depending on how long you want him to dive will determine how much he can get in one go. Help your duck get as much money as he can to eat, sleep, and survive!

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