The Despicable's Vs Aliens

Aliens are invading your planet in The Despicable's Vs Aliens and only you stand between them and total destruction. You don't have any bullets, but you do have hooligan children. Shoot the teens from your cannon to destroy the flying saucers and don't let any of them reach the end of the screen of it's game over!


Swoopa is an underwater based game, drag the little seal around with your mouse and eat the required number of fish in every level before the time runs out, you must avoid the red mines emerging from the bottom of the game screen. However, you can collect the green power ups falling from above to gain extra speed and power.

Swing World

In Swing World, your goal is to have a fun adventure with a baby rabbit based on the awesome physics of swinging! Swing from cloud to cloud at increasingly insane speeds and grab as much fruit as possible on the way to reach new high scores! Grab as much as you can before the time runs out or risk failing to feed the baby rabbit!

Swamp Treck

Swamp Treck is Calculating Game in which you must reach the end of the swamp by using the natural hummocks as a path. Use the spacebar to power up your jump and release to perform the jump. If you miss the hummock you fall into the water and drown, resetting you to your last safe position. You have a limited amount of lives but be warned, if you stay on a hummock too long without making a jump, it will sink!

Survive Popo

Collect coins while doing 60 in total missions, upgrading your character, using powerups and powerdowns, and have some serious fun.

Superhero Racer

Select the car of your favorite superhero and race against the other superhero cars. Get ready for some hard races on difficult tracks.

Super Trail

There are plenty of physics-based dirt bike challenges, but few of them come with this many perils! A true balancing challenge, you'll fly overhead on awesome new stages built of rickety wood. Customize your rider with various different bikes and upgrades for nitro, wheels, and even a cool bike jacket! Save up the money you earn from your challenges to unlock new stages and upgrades.

Super Monkey Poop Fight

Super Monkey Poop Fight is a retro style platform game. You're an escaped monkey. trying to get home, but you will encounter numerous enemies along the way, including gorillas, hunters, tribal people and other monkeys. Use the A key to throw your poop and the S key to jump. Eat the bananas to fill your poop meter and climb the vines to avoid the enemies. Shoot all the enemies to proceed further and avoid getting hit at all cost or you will die.

Super Cop

Play as a Super Cop and catch the bank robbers by running on cars and jumping over the gaps between them. This is not as simple as it sounds. If you misjudge a jump or take one step too far, then you will fall onto the road. Make sure you watch out for flying craft and even birds as you progress up the line of cars. Be sure to jump or duck when you see them coming.

Super Cars Hidden Letters

"Super cars hidden letters" game is always to be played together with the enable of a mouse. Click "select image" and click on an image of your selection. When you have selected the image, it's going to appear in your screen. Analyze the image carefully and you will see compact alphabets hidden at different locations. Click on individuals alphabets with the aid of mouse to create them seem. Discover all the 26 alphabets and you will win the game. You're provided with 5 odds of mistake. When each of the probabilities are gone, you are going to lose the game. Select a different image to play again. The game "Super Cars Hidden Letters" can be a quite superior time pass to suit your needs if you are bored and like to play games that permit you to discover objects which might be hidden mysteriously within the scene. This game also aids in speeding up your mind's operating. Finding all of the hidden letters is often a lot fun!

Street Hooligans

In Street Hooligans, kill horde after horde of thugs and hooligans in every level of this nice flash game and score as many points as you can. Earn points and cash to buy health potions and armour. You can even upgrade your weapons! Be careful though, there are even more bad guys as the difficulty increases! If the swarm is too much for you to take, you can always use a special move thatíll disperse them all, given you a momentary reprieve to prepare yourself for the next hurdle! Good luck!

Street Fighter

This is a remake of the legendary classic fighting game street fighter and includes the deadly combat between Ryu and Sagat. Both players have their own special moves and powers that can be performed by pressing different key sequences. These include fireballs, special kicks and many more. Hadouken!

Steel Jack

Cartoon style level-based runner game. Run along the trail of stolen treasures controlling the brave knight to find the kidnapped king and the princess. Features: - level-based runner game; - 50 levels; - achievements; - simple and addictive gameplay; - one-click controls; - catchy cartoon graphics;

Star Ship Deluxe

The future seems bright for all those involved...except for the lack of peace, and unending events of warfare! Your pilot is sent on mission after mission to thwart the enemy threat. Upgrade your weapons, your ship and equip some essential skills to survive every encounter. Raiden meets Space Invaders!

Star Runner

Star Runner is a platform game, you must guide the little yellow character around and collect all the red stars to complete each level. plan your route carefully and use the ladders to avoid the baddies, because if you come into contact with one you will have to restart that level. There are also bonus stars that gain you extra points.

Star Ball

Star Ball is a remake of the classic Breakout Platform Game. In the game, there are a few layers of bricks lined up at the top of the screen. You have to break the bricks by hitting them with a ball. You have a movable paddle to bounce the ball upwards, keeping it in play. There are lots of power-ups to collect to make the game more interesting. When all the bricks are destroyed you move onto a new level.

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