Side By Side

A genuine and inventive platform puzzle with a cute story and great music. Two mammoths from different worlds want to meet each other, so they must travel through the portals in their lands to find the portal that connects their worlds. Story : On a cold day, a lonely mammoth walks to a lake, to find a image of a mammoth from another world. As soon as they see each other, the wish to meet appears within. Remembering stories from their ancestors, saying that the worlds are connected by portals, they begin their journey across the worlds.

Short Circuit Pinball

Welcome to the inside of a computer! Use those crazy flipping fingers to flip the switches and get the charge flowing through this motherboard and restore the power. With multipliers, ball holds for extra points, and multiple lanes to shoot through you'll have quite the challenge ahead, but don't lose any balls in the process!


Collect apples and stomp on cows to collect money and buy bling.

Shameless Clone

Pick a hero and destroy cutest imaginative worlds. Burn them out whith fire and adrenaline rush. Insane gameplay. Polished oldschool graphics. Swarms of enemies and tons of bonuses. Upgrade your hero. Unlock new upgrades.

Shameless Clone 2 player

Pick heroes and destroy imaginative worlds. Insane gameplay. Polished oldschool graphics. Swarms of enemies and tons of bonuses. Upgrade your heroes.

Rush,n attack

Rush,n attack is a side scrolling action game where you play a commando and the aim of the game is to kill as many enemies to rack up a high score while pushing to the right of the screen to move on in the game. power ups are around the map all so traps. as you progress though the game the enemies become stronger and have different attacks.

Rush Hour

Rush Hour is a collecting game. The aim of the game is to collect as many stars as you can before the time runs out. The faster you collect the stars, the higher your score becomes. You need to be careful, if you get hit by cars or any other dangerous obstacles, you will lose time on the clock. If you run out of time, you will lose, so move as fast as you can.

Runes Of Shalak

Runes Of Shalak is an Old Style Platform Adventure Game. The game has simple graphics and controls. The aim is to run and jump from platform to platform collecting coins. Once you have colleced all the coins on one level, a magic door will open to take you to the next level. After a few levels, different kind of dangers will start to appear but dont worry you have unlimited lives.

Run Fausto Run

Control up to 6 characters at the same time in this short fast typing game. Use your keyboard to jump or attack obstacles. The aim of the game is to score the most points by controlling all the characters and getting them all as far as possible. There is 3 different difficulties, Normal, Hard and Custom.

Rumble Ball

A futuristic, physics-based billiards-type game with a hint of brick! Guide your rumble ball through intricate and challenging levels. Collecting gold nuggets plays various sounds, creating unique music as you play. The bricks that are broken play techno drum sounds. Each level offers a new puzzle and an endless challenge.

Rumble Ball 4

Rumble Ball 4 is like a cross between mini golf,pool and breakout, you have to hit a white ball around the field, and destroy the colorful blocks and collect the golden balls. Avoid falling into the traps and hitting the explosives or you will lose a life. Try to hit as many blocks and golden balls in one shot, to gain the maximum points. Collect the extra bonus points to improve your overall score.

Rumble Ball 3

The aim of this strategy game is to score the maximum points by hitting a large ball around a field and break the colorful blocks in the least possible shots, in order to proceed to the next level. But be careful as there are many land mines around and if you touch them you will lose health. The more blocks or balls you hit in one single shot, the more points you will score. Also avoid falling into the dark holes.


Rocketeer is a fun, frantic flying game in which you help the penguin reach the moon, bouncing on clouds to propel you into the skies, and collecting as many coins, diamonds and other collectables as you can along the way! The more coins you collect the more equipment you can upgrade to help bring this eager penguin closer to his dreams!

Robo Blast

Robo Blast is up and running. Use your robot to blast, dodge and obliterate each wave of enemies. Collect the cogs from the scraps of your enemy's remains to upgrade your own arsenal. Gain enough points and you can upgrade your weapons, shield and much more. Feel confident? Draw more waves at the same time for bonus points and bonus action. How long can you stand?


Rescue little green men in Rescufo, an exciting space game. Control your spaceship through various obstacles, picking up keys and your aliens friends. To clear a stage, you need to collect all the coins and keys to open the trap doors and pick the little green men. Once you collect everything and rescue everyone, you need to reach the base and land your ship successfully to advance in the next level.

Remove Everything

try to make blocks of the same type collide to remove them. The indicators are on the left side. The larger circle (green) shows the block that will come out of block cannon next when you press fire (SPACE) and the smaller circle (yellow) shows the type of the block that will become next

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